Is Chemotherapy Worth It? Studies Prove That The Chemical Intervention Actually Worsens Quality Of Life And Has No Benefit To Overall Survival

Research published in JAMA Oncology shows that for many patients, chemotherapy isn’t just inconvenient — it’s immensely damaging to quality of life and offers no significant benefits to overall survival.

9 thoughts on “Is Chemotherapy Worth It? Studies Prove That The Chemical Intervention Actually Worsens Quality Of Life And Has No Benefit To Overall Survival

    • Same for me and my sister. Without chemo we would not have lived 20 years longer. Our stage 4 metastatic cancers would have killed us 20 years ago.
      The chemo was the worst possible thing I could have gone through and the fear of cancer does not make my life easy but my kid is glad I am alive
      Thanks Schluter. They push chemo in advanced high stage, metastasized cancers to save lives because cancer is so awful. That is something the dumn-monkeys that write psychopathic shit-propaganda articles like this either ignore, or are too stupid to understand.
      If we could get the evilmonkey bastards to stop contaminating the hell out of everything it would help.


  1. It’s my understanding that certain leukemias are much more responsive to chemotherapy than other cancers. I think it’s really important that chemotherapy patients ask up front about the chances of treatment success – in bowel cancer it’s often as low as 30% – and what constitutes success (usually measured in terms of increased survival for a few months)

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  2. Although I am not a medical doctor, I have seen chemotherapy’s effects on far too many people and with horrific outcomes. The patients don’t even resemble themselves when they are close to death. Not one of my relatives who were treated with chemotherapy lived for any length of time or even had a decent time of it during treatment. It destroys the T- cells that actually aid the immune system. My father had to have transfusions while undergoing chemotherapy for colon, stomach and liver cancer because his white cells were so depleted. The man was eaten alive and then they threw chemo into the mix and he suffered something awful.

    How on earth can they give a body that has cancer, more radiation and carcinogens and expect the patient to get up and live a healthy life? They don’t. It is all for money because hospice care is big business and with every preventative test we take that is supposed to detect cancer early, they are giving us cancer. We are supposed to have our breasts flattened while radiated and then we wonder why in a few years, they do indeed, find cancer.

    I had no bowel problems at all until I had a colonoscopy and now, my colon bothers me no end. And yet, my doctor keeps telling me to get another one while yet another doctor has told me that I don’t have the trait my father had and so I don’t need any more colonoscopies. Regardless, I am not going to have another one because my colon couldn’t stand it. I am just so very sorry that I ever got one to begin with. I almost wish I never had insurance because believe me, if you don’t, you ain’t got to worry about procedures. And that is a fact.


  3. Several of my friends have had similar experiences with chemotherapy, Shelby. One friend’s immunity was so weakened by chemotherapy for breast cancer that she developed bowel cancer – and stopped the chemotherapy they gave her after a month because it made her so unwell. There are several good alternatives now to chemotherapy, including intravenous Vitamin C and cannabidiol oil (made from hemp). Unfortunately neither gets much attention in the mainstream media.

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    • My sister and I are downwinders from Nevada. U r very judgemental. Half my friends and, family are dead from cancer! I worked in oncology.

      People seem so silly.

      Many antibiotics and even some psychiatric drugs are, as harsh on the body and liver as chemo, and in fact are chemo, like flagyl or lithium.

      Chemo sucks.
      This society sucks. It is an industrial-radioactive wasteland. We have all contributed to it.
      I know everything about it! Chemotherapy is awful . A lot of it is torture like arsenical chemotherapy.

      Radiation therapy is insane and should not be practiced in many circumstances, because it has such a narrow therapeutic window.

      I went to a orthomolecular clinic in Mexico and got my body totally chelated . I did iv ascorbate for a week, because I am so afraid of cancer!
      I simply did milder chemo , resection and 5fu for my cancer..

      My sister was not so lucky! She just had a kid 1 month earlier, when diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer stage 4b at, age 36. My sister was a health nut, who did not believe in vaccinations . she was a vegetarian, like Linda McCartney.

      She was given 3 months.
      My rich uncle, paid for her to go to the best cancer hospital in the world!
      She had a mastectomy and half her lymph glands removed! The chemo was very harsh but, she survived. That was in 1998.

      Most people will die of cancer if they live long enough, now.

      I am all for alternative treatment but some situations are different.

      Cancer is the extreme mutation of cells, in our bodies so that they attack us.

      I do not believe chemotherapy is appropriate in many situations

      This is a rotten, blame the victim society, and the responses here reflect that

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  5. My cousin was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, It is in her lungs, liver, kidneys, and intestines. She chose to under go Chemotherapy. All I could think is why would you do that. I told my husband that I would enjoy the time I had left. They just found masses in one of my lungs and in my liver. I just got the results on my liver was 6 cysts. I find out what is going on with my lung on Monday. I hope I do not have to be confronted with this decision.


  6. This is so sad, Puppies. Let me know what they find – my experience with cancer diagnoses is the choice of treatment is far less important than the support you get from your family and treatment providers.


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