Agent Orange, White Phosphorus… Roundup: Monsanto’s Killer History in Full


A Californian court has found chemical giant Monsanto’s weedkiller caused a 46-year-old man’s terminal cancer and ordered the company to pay almost US$290 million in compensation, in a landmark ruling which could open the door to thousands of similar cases being brought the world over. For the company’s critics, the news is a long-time coming.

The jury found the firm failed to warn clients about cancer risks associated with the product’s main ingredient, glyphosate, and Judge Suzanne Ramos Bolanos ruled the company “acted with malice, oppression or fraud and should be punished”.

The 46-year-old plaintiff, DeWayne Johnson, came in contact with the substance for years as a school groundkeeper, using up hundreds of gallons at a time. He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2014, a cancer affecting white blood cells, a year prior to World Health Organization concluding glyphosate was probably carcinogenic. At least 220 other actions are currently ongoing against the company in San Francisco alone, brought by similarly affected individuals.

Influencing Policy

The hazardous potential of glyphosate was well known to Monsanto, but the company went to significant efforts to suppress and/or distort its lethal potential. In 2017, it was revealed the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) finding two years earlier that Roundup, glyphosate’s trade name, was safe to use was based on scientific papers heavily influenced by the company. In one instance, a paper was even written by company staff outright, and published under academics’ names.

The revelation emerged from hundreds of internal Monsanto emails released by a US court. In a February 2015 missive, then-Head of Product Safety at the firm William Heydens proposed in-house scientists write a study, and independent academics “edit and sign their names” to the document without disclosing Monsanto’s involvement, an approach he dubbed “ghostwriting”. Subsequent communications indicate it was not the first time the firm had employed the tactic, saying it was “how we handled Williams Kroes & Munro“. Claiming authorship for work done by others is a serious ethical breach in the academic community, as is not disclosing conflicts of interest.

In another, Monsanto toxicologist Donna Farmer says “you cannot say Roundup does not cause cancer” — and a separate glyphosate study was also “redesigned” with the help of company scientists, in order to create a more favorable outcome.

Both studies were used in 2015 by EFSA when it evaluated the safety of glyphosate as part of the chemical’s licence renewal process — the body concluded there was insufficient evidence glyphosate caused cancer in humans, and the chemical lacked the mechanism capable of damaging DNA in living cells and subsequent cancer in humans.

The email trove indicates the studies influenced by Monsanto deliberately ignored and downplayed glyphosate’s deleterious health implications — even staff were compelled to concede the papers “stretched the limits of credibility”. Despite this, the company paid independent toxicology consultant Dr. David Kirkland to attach his name to one of the papers to boost its legitimacy.

As a result of the disclosure, Monsanto lobbyists were banned from entering European parliament, with company officials precluded from meeting MEPs, attending committee meetings or using digital resources on parliament premises in Brussels or Strasbourg.

Controversial History

In a sense, it’s perhaps unsurprising Monsanto products have such a devastating impact on human health. The company was a leading provider of ‘Agent Orange’ to the US government, a ‘defoliant’ widely used by US forces during the Vietnam war as a highly destructive chemical weapon.

While its primary purpose was theoretically strategic deforestation, the destruction of jungle cover and food resources necessary for the  sustainability of North Vietnamese forces’ guerilla campaigns, Agent Orange’s hazardous implications for human health were well known.

Subsequent scientific research has made clear the agent’s carcinogenic nature, with even passive contact with the chemical producing devastating repercussions not merely for the individual in question, but those they come into subsequent contact with, and their offspring. A 2002 study of dioxin levels in the city of Bien Hoa, a city in southern Vietnam located near an air base used for spray missions, indicated noticeably elevated blood dioxin levels three-decades after hostilities ceased, with Agent Orange specifically found in blood samples — even those sourced from post-war emigrants to the city.

Moreover, Agent Orange is intimately connected to birth defects, with several meta-analyses of contemporary studies concluding there is a statistically significant correlation between an individual being exposed to Agent Orange at any point in their life, and their likelihood of either possessing or acting as a genetic carrier of birth

Monsanto’s prevalence in chemical warfare persists to this day, with the company providing the US — and thus Israel — with white phosphorous. The chemical weapon is extremely lethal, igniting upon contact with skin and burning until it runs out of fuel, or is cut off from oxygen. If inhaled or swallowed it can cause severe damage to mucous membranes with which it comes into contact.

Moreover, absorption through skin means even a 10 percent burn can cause damage to vital organs such as the heart, liver, or kidneys. Even after healing from an initial exposure, victims suffer from long-lasting health problems, such as birth defects and neurological damage. . .

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Italy Bans Mandatory Vaccinations For School Children

This week the upper house of Italy’s parliament passed a government supported amendment removing “the legal obligation to vaccinate children against ten diseases before they can be enrolled for state schools.

Nwo Report

Italy’s Senate have removed “the legal obligation to vaccinate children against ten diseases before they can be enrolled for state schools."A powerful wave of freedom has been generated in Italy after millions of people took part in marches across the country demanding the government roll back a brutal new mandatory vaccination law. Now the government has backed down and listened to the will of the people.

Italy was set to be at forefront of a vaccination experiment conducted by Big Pharma and their government, corrupted with Pharma dollars. However after months of struggle, the people have spoken, and Italy has banned ten mandatory vaccinations of school children.

The new government, elected on a platform of repealing the mandatory vaccination law, claims the 10 vaccinations in question are “useless and often dangerous“, and cites the fact that mandatory vaccinations violate a citizen’s constitutional right to choose their own healthcare.

This week the upper house of Italy’s parliament passed a government supported amendment removing “the legal obligation to vaccinate children…

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Sales of Monsanto’s RoundUp weedkiller reviewed in UK after US ruling on cancer link

Environmentalists have long spoken out against the threats posed by such products that include glyphosate with the UK Soil Association claiming that traces are often found in bread.

Truther's World

People protest the 2017 takeover of Monsanto by German firm Bayer© Yves Herman/Reuters

13 August, 2018

Some of the UK’s top DIY chains have put the popular weedkiller RoundUp under a safety review, after a landmark ruling in the US saw a man with terminal cancer successfully sue its manufacturer Monsanto.

Homebase, which has over 250 stores across the UK, said Saturday that they would review all of their products which contain the herbicide glyphosate. “We have confirmed that we will be reviewing our range of weedkiller products,” a spokesperson for the company said.

Another store, B&Q, said that they have been reviewing its weedkillers regularly since 2017.

“We have a record of acting ahead of legislation where appropriate. We led the way in removing three pesticides in 2013 and neonicotinoids from our flowering plants in 2018.

“We offer alternatives to glyphosates and are currently undertaking a broader review of…

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Based on Bogus Charges of Anti-Semitism, Details Emerge of Plot to Oust Corbyn or Split UK Labour Party

On August 7, the Daily Express reported that senior Labour MPs “have been holding secret away days at a luxury 12-acre holiday estate in Sussex to make plans to oust Jeremy Corbyn.”

Counter Information

Global Research, August 12, 2018
World Socialist Web Site 11 August 2018

Amid a tidal wave of coordinated media hysteria slandering Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters as anti-Semites, details are emerging of the plot to remove him as Labour Party leader or to split the party to prevent him ever leading a government.

On August 7, the Daily Express reported that senior Labour MPs “have been holding secret away days at a luxury 12-acre holiday estate in Sussex to make plans to oust Jeremy Corbyn.”

The meetings have been held for months as “moderate Labour MPs” plan Corbyn’s downfall, led by a core group of 12 and a wider group numbering “more than 20.”

The Express lists former leadership candidate Liz Kendall, former shadow cabinet members Chuka Umunna and Chris Leslie, Stephen Kinnock and Gavin Shuker as present, along with John Woodcock, who has…

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DNC Serves WikiLeaks With A Lawsuit……Via Twitter

The suit, which alleges that the Russian government, the Trump campaign, and WikiLeaks conspired to influence the 2016 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump was filed last April.

Nwo Report

Wikileaks just got served with a tweet.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) decided to take to twitter to officially serve its lawsuit to WikiLeaks.

The suit, which alleges that the Russian government, the Trump campaign, and WikiLeaks conspired to influence the 2016 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump was filed last April. However, lawyers were unable to officially serve the whistleblowing organization.

RT reports: On Friday, the law firm representing the DNC, Cohen Milstein, served the suit in a single tweet. The account, which appears to have been set up specifically for this purpose, links to a number of legal documents related to the case.

Last month, the DNC filed a motion in a federal court in Manhattan requesting permission to serve the lawsuit through Twitter after its attempts to reach WikiLeaks via email failed, reported CBS News.

The Democrats argued that Twitter was an appropriate platform in this…

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Battling for Sovereignty: The Mapuche vs Benetton


Defiance of the Mapuche

Al Jazeera (2018)

Film Review

The Mapuche people are indigenous to the Patagonia region that straddles southern Chile and Argentina. They never recognized either Chilean or Argentinian sovereignty. During the 19th century they were driven off their ancestral lands, which at present are owned by foreign billionaires (the most prominent being Alessandro Benetton, owner of the Benetton fashion empire) and a timber company that is destroying the local ecosystem by farming and clear cutting forests that are unsuited to the Patagonian climate.

Two years ago a group of Mapuche families occupied a small section of Benetton’s land and started farming it. This led to increasing paramilitary violence by both governments, involving house- to-house raids, beatings, extrajudicial assassinations and imprisonment based on trumped up terrorism charges.

A series of peaceful protests against government violence only led to increasing government repression. This, in turn, has led to direct action sabotage in which more than 50 timber trucks have been set on fire.

The Landmark Monsanto Verdict May Not Have Been Possible Without Activism and Alternative Media

(Support Free Thought) – On Friday, a landmark case against Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller concluded in San Francisco in which a jury awarded $289 million in damages to a former school groundskeeper, Dewayne Johnson, concluding that Roundup gave him terminal cancer.

Naturally, Monsanto announced that they are going to appeal this case. However, what this case illustrates is a massive shift in the tide against the chemical behemoth. Had Johnson attempted this lawsuit just three years ago, he would’ve likely been laughed out of the courtroom.

Thanks to the relentless independent investigations and independent media, however, this is all changing.

If you get all of your news from mainstream media and cable TV infotainment, then you’re probably unaware that glyphosate (the active ingredient in RoundUp herbicide) has been linked to cancer. The World Health Organization stated in March of 2015 that glyphosate is a probable carcinogen, and California labels it as such.

However, the mainstream media chose not to heavily report this information. Thanks to those of us in the alternative and independent media, however, this information got out. Groups like March Against Monsanto played a key role in presenting this information to the masses, organizing events and pushing to break through the mainstream narrative.

The MSM addict will also be unaware that long-term exposure to glyphosate—even tiny amounts deemed “safe” by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)—can lead to liver and kidney damage.

This information has been widely disseminated in Europe whose government leaders are less beholden to companies like Roundup.

The “safe” level of glyphosate for U.S. drinking water was set at 0.7 ug/L in 1994, and this has not been revised, despite studies over the years showing glyphosate’s toxicity. For comparison, the European Union’s safe glyphosate level for drinking water is 0.1 ug/L.

Several countries have banned or restricted the herbicide’s use, and other leading nations are considering legislative bans.

Nowhere is glyphosate more prevalent than in the U.S., which uses 20% of the world’s RoundUp, or more than 280 million pounds per year. These incredible figures have to do with the fact that Monsanto’s GMO “RoundUp Ready” brands now comprise most of the corn and soybean crops grown in the U.S. This has brought staggering profits to the multinational corporation that now controls vast swaths of the global food supply.

As more research is carried out, we are finding that glyphosate is far more toxic than its maker Monsanto, along with corrupted federal agencies, have led us to believe.

What’s more, this grand deception has been confirmed.

Forty years ago the biotech giant began its own research on glyphosate, and these studies were unearthed in 2015. The documents reveal that Monsanto always knew about the human health hazards of glyphosate.

“There is now an enormous cache of evidence on both scientific and legal grounds that Monsanto in fact conducted numerous studies in the 1970s and 1980s on glyphosate’s toxicity and health risks and intentionally sealed this research from independent and public review and scrutiny.”

Equally astonishing is the fact that this body of research was given to EPA, who hid it from the public at Monsanto’s demand on the basis of proprietary trade secrets. . .

Source: The Landmark Monsanto Verdict May Not Have Been Possible Without Activism and Alternative Media