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Retired child and adolescent psychiatrist and American expatriate in New Zealand. In 2002, I made the difficult decision to close my 25-year Seattle practice after 15 years of covert FBI harassment. I describe the unrelenting phone harassment, illegal break-ins and six attempts on my life in my 2010 book The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee.

Feds Who Raided Mar-a-Lago Under Investigation for Russiagate Hoax

Posted BY: RM | NwoReport

With every layer of the FBI corruption that gets peeled back, the whole thing smells worse and worse. The latest report reveals that those who raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home should have been recused because of connections to and an investigation regarding past malfeasance.

According to investigative journalist Paul Sperry:

“Sources say the FBI agents and officials who were involved in the raid on former President Trump’s home work in the same CounterIntelligence Division of the FBI that investigated Trump in the Russiagate hoax and are actively under criminal investigation by Special Counsel John Durham for potentially abusing their power investigating Trump in the Russian fraud and therefore have a potential conflict of interest and should have been RECUSED from participating in this supposed “espionage” investigation at


It’s a long sentence, so let’s break it down. According to Sperry’s sources, some or all of those who raided Mar-a-Lago were also involved in the Russiagate scandal. They are currently under investigation by John Durham for possible crimes. They should have been recused from the raid altogether.

Knowing this, why would they be the ones involved? Certainly the FBI is aware that the agents and officials are under investigation regarding their handling of past hoaxes against Donald Trump. Is there something special about this particular unit? Are they the FBI’s “go-to bagmen” who do the dirty work for the Deep State?



Trump Raid: The Espionage Act Gets a New Makeoever

A law reviled by liberalism ten minutes ago is now Savior to All

I woke this morning to find the Twitter version of a block party, over the news that Donald Trump is being investigated under the Espionage Act. A few examples:

Twitter avatar for @RBReichRobert Reich @RBReich

How long until Trump tries to fundraise off of potentially violating the Espionage Act?

The most mind-blowing of these tweets is by Reich, who should know better. If I were Trump, I absolutely would fundraise off being investigated under the Espionage Act. By pursuing him under this provision, the Justice Department just did Trump the mother of all favors, adding his name to a list of some of the most famous political martyrs in our history.

“Ellsberg, Hale, Winner, Snowden, Assange, and now Trump,” Gabriel Shipton, brother of Julian Assange said this morning. “Incredible.”

Maybe Reich can’t see how this will play politically, or doesn’t care, but anyone thrilled at the prospect of trying to prosecute a former president under the Espionage Act has blacked out the recent history of this law. How much does this Act suck, and shame us all? Let’s count the ways.

The Espionage Act represents the evolution of a series of laws whose purpose is/was to criminalize unauthorized use of sensitive information. I wrote this after the indictment of Assange:

The indictment stressed Assange/Manning were seeking “national defense information” that could be “used to the injury of the United States…” [This] gave off a whiff of Britain’s Official Secrets Acts and America’s Defense Secrets Act of 1911, prohibiting “national defense” information going to “those not entitled to receive it…”

These laws were written in a way that contradicted basic speech protections… There was a way to read the Espionage Act that criminalized what the Columbia Law Review back in 1973 (during the Pentagon Papers controversy) called the “mere retention” of classified material.

If you want a clear portrait of the shift in establishment thinking about this, look at the attitude of the New York Times toward its own role in the history of the Act. In 1981, on the ten year anniversary of the government charging former Daniel Ellsberg with violation of the Espionage Act for taking the “Pentagon Papers” to the Times for publication, the paper’s former attorney in that case, Floyd Abrams, wrote an editorial celebrating the episode. He said it stiffened the spines of all journalists.”



Majority Of Independents Call Trump Raid “Political” – Now More Motivated To Vote

NWO Report

Posted BY: ProTrumpNews Staff

The Biden Administration’s raid of Mar-A-Lago has turned voters against them.

A new poll found that 53.9% of independents view the raid as political.

The raid is also increasing independent voters’ likelihood to vote — 71.7% of independents now say they’re more enthusiastic to vote.

Democrat voters did not see the same increase in enthusiasm.

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From PJ Media:

According to a new poll from Convention of States and Trafalgar Group, the majority of Independents, 53.9%, believe Trump’s political enemies are behind the FBI Raid. They join 76.7% of Republicans who hold the same view. The two groups are also aligned on enthusiasm to vote based on the FBI raid. The spectacle increased the motivation to vote for 83.3% of Republicans and 71.7% of Independents.

Nearly three-quarters of Trump-Deranged Democrats believe the raid was the impartial justice system at work. The raid did not create as much enthusiasm to vote among Democrats, with only 55.2% saying it made a difference.

“Independent and Republican voters are united in their outrage about this unprecedented and tragic event in American history. It’s clear to voters that the FBI raid is designed to punish the primary political enemy of the regime in power,” said Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States. “This gestapo-style injustice has created a voting surge that is so significant, the polling doesn’t even begin to reflect what is coming from grassroots voters in November,”

Trump also saw record fundraising after the raid of Mar-A-Lago.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Trump shattered all fundraising records after Joe Biden’s jackbooted thugs raided Mar-a-Lago on Monday.

“Breaking: is shattering all fundraising records and I’m told has raised more money in the past 24 hours than ever before in recent history! The American people are pissed!” Eric Trump said in a post on Truth Social Tuesday night.

Are “independent” voters waking up?



Canadians Fleeing Country in Record Numbers

Featured ImageShutterstock

By Jack Bingham


Canada saw a massive 215 percent increase in emigration after Trudeau invoked the travel ban for the unvaccinated.

Statistics show that as pandemic measures continued to tighten as the year progressed, more and more Canadians decided to pack up and leave the country.

According to Statistics Canada, an estimated 55,935 Canadians left the country permanently during 2021, a rise of over 50 percent when compared with the five-year median trend before 2020. Notably, a whopping 215 percent increase in emigration was noticed in the fourth quarter of 2021, shortly after Trudeau’s Liberal federal government mandated that all those traveling within Canada via plane, train, or boat were going to be required to be “fully vaccinated” against the highly survivable coronavirus.

In an analysis of the data by the Truth North Centre, other factors such as the rising cost of home prices and 30-year high inflation were also attributed as likely factors that led to the mass exodus.

Not only did many Canadians flee the nation, the most populous province of Ontario also saw the highest number of people departt for other Canadians provinces than any other year in the last 40 years.

According to Scotiabank senior economist Marc Desormeaux, “Pandemic restriction severity, housing affordability, and telework adoption all appear to have influenced the trend — in contrast to past periods of strong out-migration that mirrored starker differences in regional economic conditions.”

While Canada as a whole has had some of the most restrictive so-called pandemic measures in the world, with every province implementing various forms of mandatory mask wearing, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and lockdowns, the province of Ontario stood out even by Canadian standards, taking the top spot in North America for the jurisdiction with the longest lasting lockdowns.

Since Trudeau became Prime Minister in 2015, the average price of a home has more than doubled, now sitting at a staggering $869,000.

In addition to home prices and inflation, an October 2021 survey by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) found that 68 percent of businesses in the hospitality industry reported that pandemic measures forced on them by the government led to a decline in sales, compounding the unaffordability of Canada, and in particular the untenability of working and living in Ontario.

While the correlation between Trudeau’s ban on travel for the unvaccinated and the mass exodus from the country does not necessarily indicate causation, Trudeau’s other COVID-related policies have had directly disastrous consequences.

When Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act in February to shut down the “Freedom Convoy” protest against his administration’s COVID mandates, he used the powers to compel financial institutions to freeze bank accounts of the protest supporters without a court order.

Durdin noted that many of their “members expressed this concern, and many Canadians made significant withdrawals from credit unions as a result.”

“Sometimes in the hundreds of thousands, and on a few occasions in the millions of dollars,” the CEO added.

Trump Says Documents Seized by FBI Were Declassified Under “Standing Order” While He Was President

NWO Report

Posted BY: Cristina Laila


That’s all that matters.

A US President has the power to declassify documents.

The FBI and goons at the National Archives are not above a US President.

President Trump on Friday described the declassification process in a statement to John Solomon of Just The News.

“He had a standing order that documents removed from the Oval Office and taken into the residence were deemed to be declassified,” Trump’s office said in a statement to Just The News. “The power to classify and declassify documents rests solely with the President of the United States. The idea that some paper-pushing bureaucrat, with classification authority delegated BY THE PRESIDENT, needs to approve of declassification is absurd.”

Just The News reported:

Donald Trump’s office told Just the News on Friday that the classified materials the FBI seized from his Mar-a-Lago estate were declassified under a “standing order” while he was president that allowed him to take sensitive materials to the White House residence at night to keep working.

The official statement is likely to become the focus of the president’s legal defense as the FBI and Biden Justice Department investigate whether he stole records covered under the Presidential Records Act or mishandled classified materials under the Espionage Act, allegations included in a search warrant released by a federal court in Florida on Friday.

The president’s defense is rooted in the legal principal that the president and vice president are the ultimate declassifying authority of the U.S. government and through executive orders most recently issued in 2003 by George W. Bush and Barack Obama in 2009 that specifically exempt the president and vice president from having to follow the stringent declassification procedures every other federal agency and official must follow.

The very fact that these documents were present at Mar-a-Lago means they couldn’t have been classified,” the former president’s office stated. “As we can all relate to, everyone ends up having to bring home their work from time to time. American presidents are no different. President Trump, in order to prepare for work the next day, often took documents including classified documents from the Oval Office to the residence.

The Deep State FBI leaked the contents of the boxes of documents they took in the raid on President Trump’s home on Monday night.

According to the anonymous leak to The Wall Street Journal the items included:

** 20 boxes of items
** 11 sets of classified documents
** Top secret documents
** Sensitive Compartmented documents
** Binders of photos
** Clemency order for Roger Stone
** Information about the “President of France”
** A handwritten note

Trump responded to the latest leak in a series of posts to his Truth Social page.

“Number one, it was all declassified. Number two, they didn’t need to “seize” anything. They could have had it anytime they wanted without playing politics and breaking into Mar-a-Lago. It was in secured storage, with an additional lock put on as per their request…” Trump said.



The Coming of the Shang

Episode 4: The Coming of the Shang

The Foundations of Chinese Civilization

Dr Craig Benjamin

Film Review

The second Chinese dynasty was that of the Shang (1600 – 1050 BC). The region governed by the Shang Dynasty was small, roughly the size of modern day China’s five northern provinces.

Th Shang best known for introducing written language based on glyphs, a direct precursor of modern Chinese characters. Their kings and shamans* used glyphs on Oracle Bones. To pose questions to the gods and spirits, they chiseled questions into the bones, heated them and interpreted the answers depending on the shape of cracks that formed.

The remains of Shang tombs reveal that both humans and animals were sacrificed when the king died to help make the gods and ancestors stronger. In some cases, victims were the king’s servants and volunteered to be buried alive. In others, they were prisoners of war or criminals who were executed first. In the late dynastic period, victims were expected to commit suicide.

The absolute power of Shang kings was based on their military prowess in keeping rural clans and peasants under control. By 1200 BC, the Shang had adopted horse cavalry and chariots from the steppes nomads on their northern border, as well as the composite bow (see Barbarian Empires of the Steppes). Their infantry were conscripted farmers, and their military technology included bronze tipped arrows and spears and body armor made of bamboo and wood padded with cloth.

Chariot drivers were trained in royal hunts (at a time when northern China was still heavily forested) for bears, tigers, boards and rhinoceros.

The construction of Shang cities was funded by booty confiscated in battle, tribute paid by conquered vassals and tax. They weren’t as dense as Mesopotamian cities (which were as dense as modern Manhattan). Structurally they consisted of a cluster of artisans (potters, jade and bronze workers, textile workers, etc) and industrial zones (which included bronze foundries), surround by agricultural workers’ homes, surrounded by farmland. Bronze tools and dishes were reserved for the elite. Peasants used stone tools.

Yin (modern day Anyang) was the last capitol of the Shang dynasty. It was surrounded by rammed earth walls that took 10,000 workers 10-20 years to construct.

*Shang shamans facilitated worship of the ancestors and the supreme god Di.

COVID Silver Lining? More Parents Than Ever Questioning ‘Routine’ Childhood Vaccines

By  The Defender Staff

Children and teen vaccination rates began plummeting with the onset of the pandemic, and as concerns surfaced around the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, some parents also began questioning the need for the long list of other vaccines recommended by public health officials.

“Well-baby” and “well-child” visits were some of the noteworthy casualties.

In the U.S., children’s and teen’s vaccination rates plummeted dramatically, falling that year by as much as 91% depending on the age group, including a noticeably lower uptake of diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccines (DTaP or DTP), meningitis shots and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines.

Public health officials expected this “pandemic hangover” to dissipate by 2021, but instead, the change in parents’ vaccine-seeking behavior for their kids persisted.

Internationally, 6 million fewer children worldwide got at least one dose of DTP vaccine in 2021 versus 2019, causing the head of UNICEF to lament “the largest sustained drop in childhood immunization in a generation.”

And in the Philippines — where the president threatened to jail COVID-19 vaccine refusers — 2021’s percentage of children receiving a first DTP dose was just 57% versus 92% a decade previously.

Stateside, Washington State reported flu shot uptake in children under age 5 was down by around 25% in November 2021, compared to the two previous flu seasons. And Michigan’s state registry for March 2022 showed that 24% fewer toddlers “were considered vaccinated” compared to March 2020.

When Michigan compared its 2020 vaccination data against the 2016-2019 period, it found vaccination coverage had declined in “all milestone age cohorts, except for birth-dose hepatitis B coverage.”

At this juncture, state officials are openly speculating that COVID-19 shots — thus far rejected by the parents of 97% of under-5-year-olds — are the reason parents are increasingly ambivalent about childhood vaccination more generally.

Referring to this “spillover doubt,” a Michigander public health spokesperson said parents who once accepted childhood vaccination without question are now saying, “Wait a minute. Do I really need these vaccines?” and asking, “How are these vaccines made?”

According to another Michigan official, “vaccination” — the “V-word” — has become a “trigger word” for irate parents who believe government not only overstepped its authority during COVID-19 but is fraudulently pushing unsafe vaccines on their little ones.

Fewer babies dying is no ‘disaster’

In October 2020, three scientists from the U.S. and U.K. authored the Great Barrington Declaration and condemned — quite gloomily — the steep decline in childhood vaccination resulting from COVID-19 lockdowns.

As long-time proponents of vaccination — professionally involved in vaccine development, promotion of the dangerous HPV vaccine and accepting of COVID-19 vaccines as a solution to lockdowns — the three declaration authors positioned the decline in childhood vaccination rates at the head of their list of “disastrous” lockdown consequences.

Far from witnessing a disaster, however, observers by June 2020 had begun noticing a wonderful silver lining — a “surprising” pandemic effect on the death rate among infants, in particular, with 200-plus fewer infants dying per week, amounting to a 30% reduction in expected child deaths within a few months.

To explain the “something mysterious” saving the lives of infants, these analysts, along with Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Chief Scientific Officer Brian Hooker, pointed out how the missed infant vaccines coincided with a “precipitous drop” in reports of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

SIDS deaths — which by definition affect children who are normal and healthy — and sudden unexplained deaths in children over age 1 typically occur in close temporal proximity to vaccination, with nine out of 10 SIDS deaths following two- and four-month “well-baby” visits.

An analysis of three decades of VAERS data found 75% of reported post-vaccination SIDS cases occurred within seven days of childhood shots.

Japanese pathologists who identified SIDS cases taking place within a week of vaccination agree that “suspicious cases do exist,” leading them to encourage forensic pathologists to “devote more attention to vaccination” in SIDS events.

Naturally, “fact-checkers” dispute the hypothesized association between 2020’s lower vaccination rates and the decreased deaths in young children.

Additional clues

CHD has reviewed dozens of studies showing dramatically better health in unvaccinated children while finding “no studies that show superior health outcomes in vaccinated children.”

However, because the effects of vaccination are complex, cumulative and synergistic with other toxic exposures — and because most chronic disease data sets have not yet caught up to the pandemic — it is not so easy to tease out other upsides resulting from 2020’s lower childhood vaccination rates.

There are a few clues, however.

Consider the decline in emergency department (ED) visits and the fact that the largest declines were in persons under age 15.

Ordinarily, an estimated one in seven children experiences an ED visit every year.

An analysis comparing 2020’s pediatric ED visits to ED encounters over the previous decade found “substantial” decreases for certain diagnoses — notably abdominal pain, ear infections, asthma, pneumonia, upper respiratory and urinary tract infections and trauma — while visits for diagnoses such as seizures and complications of diabetes held steadier.

Although there is no surefire way to know why ED visits declined for those specific conditions, all of the diagnoses in question show up in vaccine package inserts as post-vaccination occurrences — along with nearly 400 other acute and chronic symptoms and conditions.

Abdominal pain may not sound serious, but it can be a sign of acute pancreatitis (sudden-onset inflammation of the pancreas), so much so that clinicians advise “always” considering acute pancreatitis “in the differential diagnosis of abdominal pain in children.

Acute pancreatitis has followed receipt of hepatitis A and B, HPV, influenza and measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccines, among others, in toddlers, adolescents and adults.

And case reports are now flooding in (for example, from the U.S., Japan, Poland and New Zealand) describing severe pancreatitis in the aftermath of COVID-19 vaccination.

Moreover, acute and chronic pancreatitis began mysteriously surging in children following the childhood vaccine schedule’s expansion in the 1990s and 2000s, and juvenile diabetes and pancreatic cancers in young adults — two conditions associated with pancreatitis — began escalating soon thereafter.



Pandemania: The Worship of Safety

Charles Eisenstein - Wikipedia

By Charles Einsenstein

I’m resuming my occasional series discussing the ground conditions that make society susceptible to pandemania. See my last pandemania post if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m moved to resume this series because of some conversations I’ve had over the last few days that reminded me of why I am not letting the issue drop.

A man, I’ll call him Kyle, shared a story with me last weekend. He was a nursing home administrator who, without much question because it was necessary to keep his job, got the mRNA injections. Immediately following the second, he had an anaphylactic reaction and was rushed to the emergency room. He barely survived. Subsequently, he had to leave his job because it was requiring all staff to receive booster injections. He shared his experience on social media, but his posts were removed for violating community standards. Months later he looked himself up in VAERS to see if his case had been reported. It hadn’t. Kyle didn’t seem angry at what had happened to him, but his trust in the system will probably never be restored. Others I talked to are not so equanimous. They are furious, and their fury does not diminish when they are told to forgive and forget, with no accountability for the people who enforced Covid policies and no reason to think such a thing won’t happen again.

This fury can easily be channeled onto innocent or superficial targets. The danger that we blithely return to normal as if pandemania never happened is matched by the danger that the fury will be turned into fuel for hatred of each other. Indeed, the most shocking aspect of pandemania was the splitting of society, of churches, clubs, schools, and even families into warring camps. Can we survey the debacle without escaping into superficial explanations and false blame?

I am writing this occasional series to do my small part to prevent Pandemania from happening again. In my view, it is not enough to remove corrupt officials from power or to reform medical, pharmaceutical, and regulatory institutions. My inquiry is: What makes us as a society so vulnerable to their manipulation to begin with? What made us so compliant with Covid insanity, so willing to believe the lies, so ready to acquiesce to degrading, tyrannical, and irrational policies?

The first two conditions were the fixation on enemies, and mob morality and mass formation. On to number three…

As long as the debate around public health policy takes for granted the assumption that its goal is to minimize illness and death, then inevitably, other values will be sacrificed at the altar of safety.

Civil liberties do not keep people safe. Parties and raves do not keep people safe. Hugs and handshakes, live performances, festivals, singing groups, and soccer games do not keep people safe. Children are safer at home than on the playground. They are safer in front of their screens than out of doors. Even without Covid, this is all true.

When we debate whether masks or lockdowns actually made any difference in Covid illness or mortality, we tacitly grant the premise that if they did help, then we should do them. We accept risk minimization as the paramount guiding principle of public policy. Accepting that, it follows that we should mask, distance, and lock down forever. Why not—if safety is what we live for?

Does that sound far-fetched? Various health authorities advise it, notably the new chair of a WHO Technical Advisory Group, Susan Michie. Anthony Fauci opined in 2020 that we should never shake hands again. If we make everything about safety, they are probably right.

Actually let me take that back: they are probably wrong. The irony of the pursuit of safety is that it brings temporary success but, quite often, even more danger in the long run. Consider the extreme, in which each person lives in an aseptic bubble. No disease vector can enter, so they are perfectly safe from infection. On the other hand, without challenges their immune system deteriorates, leaving them vulnerable to any normally innocuous germ that gets in. They must maintain constant vigilance. They will never feel truly safe.

Furthermore, even if no germ ever gets in, they will suffer other ailments because beneficial microbiota will not be replenished and modulated through constant interchange with the outside world. Life does not thrive in isolation.

During Covid pandemania, no one lived in an absolute hermetic bubble, but there are nonetheless indications that the reduced transmission of colds and flus did weaken people’s immune systems. Lots of people reported catching “the mother of all colds” after lockdowns were relaxed. Higher rates of mortality post-pandemania might be due not only to vaccine damage, but to the general disruption in immunity and well-being stemming from isolation. In a further irony, it now appears that the shots may not even make people safer from Covid (see here for an entrance to that rabbit-hole).

In short, obsession with safety bears perverse fruit. It is the same with all forms of the security state. Countries with lots of prisons, big armies, and foreign wars tend to suffer high levels of crime, domestic violence, and violence-to-self (suicide).

If we make everything about safety, the public will be easily manipulated by appeals to whatever threat makes them unsafe. To immunize ourselves against that, we have to recognize other values, such as fun, exploration of boundaries, adventure, sociality, touch, laughing together, crying together, breathing together, and dancing together. After all, the goal of life cannot be to one day go to your grave having been as safe as possible.


The mania for safety and the phobia of death are not a sudden, inexplicable madness. They are part of an encompassing state of human beingness that has reached its extreme in modern civilization.


That is why I have long warned the environmental movement away from the rhetoric of “We must change our ways, or we will not survive.” The real solution is to fall back in love with the living world, to see it as a beloved not as a collection of resources, a waste dump, or an engineering project. Then we will not only survive; we will flourish, as one does when they are partnered with their lover.


Environmentalist Charles Eisenstein is the acclaimed author of Sacred Economics

Five Lingering Questions in Wake of Mar-a-Lago Raid

Jonathan Turley

Former President Donald Trump has waived any objections to the release of the warrant and property receipt after the filing of a motion by the Justice Department. The motion, however, did not seek the release of the most important document in this controversy: the supporting FBI affidavit. That is the document that would reveal what the FBI told the magistrate about the prior communications with the Trump team and the specific allegations of the status of the documents in question.

There are reports that the documents involved material of the highest possible classification dealing with nuclear weapons. There is no question that the former President has no authority to retain classified material and that the government has a legitimate right to retrieve such material.

We should see the warrant and property list relatively soon in light of the DOJ motion and the Trump waiver. My greatest interest is the specificity of the information. Here are a few questions as we wait for the warrant and list:

  1. Attorney General Merrick Garland said that the DOJ would have used other less intrusive means if they were possible. Yet, it would seem that such options were not just possible but obvious, including the use of a second subpoena. Moreover, even if a raid was necessary, it is not clear why the DOJ would descend upon Mar-a-Lago with such a massive show of force rather than send a few agents over with the warrant.
  2. If the FBI believed that there was nuclear-related information in the resort, it certainly did not seem to move with dispatch. The last communication, according to the Trump team, was in June. Even after securing a warrant, there was reportedly a delay in executing the warrant. Why?
  3. If the FBI suspected that high-level material was retained at the resort, did they identify the material to the Trump team and demand its return? It is hard to imagine the Trump Team telling the FBI to pound sand if such a demand was made. Yet, such a denial would readily support a showing of probable cause. Moreover, adding a lock to the door of a storage room would not be viewed as sufficient for material at the apex of classification levels.
  4. Did the warrant specifically identify the material or the classification level? If the warrant sought the recovery of any possible classified evidence, it would again raise what was stated in the affidavit and the reason why such material was not acquired in the June subpoena despite the reported cooperation of the Trump team.
  5. There remains the role of the confidential informant and what the person shared with the DOJ. Was there evidence of active concealment of the material or merely a statement of additional documents being stored at the resort?

It is highly unlikely that all of this information will be contained in just the warrant and the list. Given the growing controversy over the necessity of the raid, this is one circumstance where the release of the affidavit is warranted. Rather than allow such questions to fester and grow, early and total transparency would seem in the public interest.



New England Journal of Medicine: COVID booster significantly delays end of infection

COVID-19 vaccine

Aletho News

By Rabinovitz | July 10, 2022

31% boosted people still contagious 10 days post-infection vs. 6% unvaccinated

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has demonstrated that people who are triple-vaccinated (boosted) against COVID recover significantly more slowly from COVID infection and remain contagious for longer than people who are not vaccinated at all.

The study did not deal with the severity of illness with or without a vaccine.

Researchers swabbed infected people and cultured the swabs, repeating the process for over two weeks until viral replication was not observed.

At five days post-infection, less than 25 percent of unvaccinated people were still contagious, whereas around 70 percent of boosted people were still carrying viable virus particles. For those partially vaccinated, around 50 percent were still contagious at this point.

Even more strikingly, at ten days post-infection, one-third of boosted people (31 percent) were found to still be carrying live, culturable virus. By contrast, just six percent of unvaccinated people were still contagious at day 10.

In other words, people who have received a booster shot are five times more likely still to be contagious at ten days post-infection than are unvaccinated people.

The findings go a long way to explaining why Paxlovid, Pfizer’s anti-viral medication, is often not effective for people who have been vaccinated against COVID, with many experiencing a recurrence of symptoms along with a positive COVID test after completing the five-day regimen (as recently occurred with quadruple-vaccinated Dr. Anthony Fauci). This phenomenon is known as COVID rebound.

Meanwhile, Israeli Health Ministry data shows that in the older population (those over the age of 60), having submitted to more COVID shots often correlates to a greater likelihood of becoming infected with COVID.

Impact of vaccination on infection rates

Israel Ministry of Health

The blue line represents the unvaccinated; light-green is the partially-vaccinated; dark-green is those who have received a booster shot within the past six months.




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