America at War: Infographic Reveals How the U.S. Military Is Operating in 40% of the World’s Nations

“Democracy”: The number one US export.

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Earlier this month, NBC reporter and analyst William Arkin ended a 30-year career as a journalist, announcing in a “scathing letter,” Democracy Now! reports, that “he would be leaving the network. Arkin accuses “the media of warmongering while ignoring the, quote, ‘creeping fascism of homeland security.’” He does not equivocate in a follow-up interview with Amy Goodman. “The generals and the national security leadership” are also now, he says, “the commentators and the analysts who populate the news media” (Arkin himself is a former Army intelligence officer).

The problem isn’t only NBC, in his estimation, and it isn’t only supposed journalists cheerleading for war. Most of the conflicts the country is currently engaged in are un- or under-reported in major sources. His letter “applies to all of the mainstream networks, applies to CNN and Fox, as well…. We’ve just become so shallow that we’re not really able…

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6 thoughts on “America at War: Infographic Reveals How the U.S. Military Is Operating in 40% of the World’s Nations

  1. From the article:

    ““Contrary to what most Americans believe, the war on terror is not winding down.” It is expanding. Given the country’s history of sustained mass movements against legally suspect, grossly expensive wars with high civilian casualties, disease epidemics, starvation, and refugee crises, one would think that a sizable segment of the population would want to know what their country’s military and civilian defense contractors are doing around the world.”

    Americans neither want to know what is going on, nor do they care about what is going on so long as the lights are on, Alexa is ordering pizza, gas is flowing into their SUVs and Hemi-powered trucks, it’s ALL good! Americans, who aren’t homeless, haven’t a care in the world. Those credit cards have not been declined, they can still hoard useless junk in their McMansions and disparage the poor and so what’s not to love? What’s a little “grossly expensive war?” What’s a little bit of “high civilian casualties?” What’s a bit of “disease epidemics, starvation and refugee crises?” Only those lazy slogs known as “The Homeless” are dealing with hookworm, typhus and hepatitis A, B and C. So why should the rest of us get all worked up over it? That is how Americans roll especially since they have been spoon fed fake ass exceptionalism. It’s ALL good!

    And I hope you know that I am being so damn sarcastic, it ain’t even funny.

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  2. The world bankers and academics have thought this out very well for many years. Print America’s money out of nothing and then lend it to us so we don’t own it. Manage every aspect of our lives, including most elections, ship our industrial base abroad, even to “Communist enemies” we choose (Red China), get us to borrow money with currency we don’t own, and fight wars with our own blood with the belief that we were doing it for the United States. Part of a David Rockefeller speech to leaders of a compliant media, “The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national authoritarianism practiced in the past centuries.”

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    • I should have mentioned the evil removal of the Glass Steagall Act, originally passed to protect individual or family savings accounts by separating them from access by commercial banks. Since the 1990s, banks can play with our savings in just about any Las Vegas-type investment they want.


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