Millions of Americans Flood Into Mexico for Health Care

The human caravan you haven’t heard about.

AGR Free Press

Millions of Americans Flood Into Mexico for Health Care

At just one checkpoint in Yuma, Arizona, up to 6,000 Americans cross the border every day and enter the bustling Mexican town of Los Algodones, seeking heath care.

Unlike the Trump administration that seeks to build a wall between the countries, Los Algodones welcomes Americans seeking dental care with open arms.

Los Algodones has to be seen to believed. There are more dentists per capita than anywhere else in the world. It seems like every square foot of public space wall is covered with advertisements promising quality and affordable dental care, vision care and prescription drugs. The community’s economy is built to serve the flood of “dental refugees” — mostly senior citizens from the US and Canada seeking major dental care they cannot afford in their own countries, even with insurance.

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10 thoughts on “Millions of Americans Flood Into Mexico for Health Care

  1. Maybe that is where I need to go because I have two teeth that are so far down, they are deep inside my jaw and are lying on nerves and even straddling nerves and both have a cyst on them. I have been to multiple oral surgeons who absolutely flat out refuse to remove them. One stated that he would rather quit on the spot than work to remove them. Another told me not to mess with them if they don’t mess with me. Unfortunately for me, the one on the left side messes with me.

    Healthcare and even dental care here in America are nonexistent. Even for simple procedures, the outcome is usually problematic. I have lost one tooth due to a root canal fuck up and I will probably lose another one, again…thanks to a root canal fuck up.

    If a body has any medical problems here in the states, dig the damn hole already because that is what it is going to come to and imagine that, Mexico is accepting patients from America while America is hellbent on building a wall to keep those south of the border from coming here. The absolute appalling hypocrisy of this shithole is just beyond the end of enough!

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    • I find it baffling that oral surgeons are refusing to do something to relieve your dental pain. As painful as I find to say it, Shelby, I can’t help but wonder if you would get a different answer if you were white.

      I think it’s an excellent idea to research possible solutions in Mexico – and I know you will do your homework to make sure you see someone competent. It sounds to me like the surgery would need to be done under general anesthesia because of the nerve involvement.

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      • Dr. Bramhall, they are saying that they would have to take all of my teeth out around those two that are in my jaw. They will have to break my jaw and that it is just no way to be sure that they can get the tooth out that’s straddling the nerve without causing severe nerve damage to my jaw. They also say that I could end up with no feeling left in the jaw and that I would drool for life. I have told you before that if you saw pictures of my x-rays, you would not think that I am not human. I resemble a mutant of some sort only without mutant powers. Either my daddy and my mommy are brother and sister or I was radiated to the 10th degree at birth. And there is a nuclear reactor near where I was born and with simpletons that would make Homer Simpson look smart running things in my hometown, it is no wonder there are many of us who look like mutants.


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  3. Some kind of irony that Trump should refer to other countries like Mexico as “shit countries”. It reminds me of the parable: remove the log in your own eye before “calling out” the spelk(splinter)in someone else’s. With two out of five US citizens unazble to afford medical care it suggests that the US is the “shit” country, at least for 2 of 5 citizens.

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    • The irony is lost on Trump(probably cos his head is screwed on back to front). US infrastructure has immense problems with things like dams, bridges, roads, gas supplies, drains and railway lines/crossings too old to do the job they were designed for and none of the states can afford to upgrade. They really are so far behind other “shit” countries who are so often the countries updating and improving infrastructures like Libya, Syria and Iraq. I wonder if the US has recognized the impalatable truths and it’s giving the pyschos in charge extra impetus to destroy that which is highlighting it’s failures. Russia and China have made massive improvements to the welfare of their citizens and now both lead in such matters as life expectancy and infant mortality while the US slides further away. Can’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that they are socialist countries though. Hmmm:)


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