IT NEVER ENDS: Israel says FOURTH “booster” vaccine will be required to keep covid “green pass” active

IT NEVER ENDS: Israel says FOURTH “booster” vaccine will be required to keep covid “green pass” active

Dr Eddy Betterman

As the United States enters the third “booster shot” phase of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic, Israel is already on its fourth shot.

In order for Israelis to maintain their “green pass,” they will now need to get a fourth injection. If they refuse, their “vaccine passports” will soon expire.

“The green character is life!” the government of Israel tweeted. “Do not give it up.”

“Distribute further,” the tweet added, alongside a green recycle symbol. “For everyone to know: On October 3, 21, the eligibility policy for the green label will be changed. Get vaccinated now – and keep the character. All the details that must be known prior to the changes in the link.”

That link takes Israelis to a government website that explains how Fauci Flu shots, no matter how many of them there end up being, are absolutely necessary to stay “safe” against Chinese Germs.

Israel’s Ministry of Health further announced that Israelis will need to get re-injected every six months in order to keep their green passes up to date. If they fail to get the required next dosages, residents will have their passes suspended until compliance is met.

Israel wants everyone to get jabbed again and again, forever

Prof. Salman Zarka, Israel’s “coronavirus czar,” publicly announced that getting a fourth booster shot will result in Israelis being granted “fully vaccinated” status, allowing them full entry into all indoor spaces.

“Given that the virus is here and will continue to be here, we also need to prepare for a fourth injection,” Zarka said, suggesting that the “green pass” will constantly have to be updated for each new injection.

There really is no end to the number of new shots that the government of Israel plans to introduce. And we expect that the government of the United States, which is tied at the hip to Israel, will likely try to implement the same.

Israeli researchers claim that a third dose of the vaccine is simply not enough to provide lasting protection against a Wuhan Flu infection. Only with a fourth, followed by a fifth, injection can people stay safe, they insist.



14 thoughts on “IT NEVER ENDS: Israel says FOURTH “booster” vaccine will be required to keep covid “green pass” active

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  2. Sadly, it will soon become evident that this strategy is folly – antibody dependent enhancement will kick in, weakened immune systems will result in more deaths, vascular endothelial damage will mount, and immune escape will be inevitable ( rapid evolutionary response of the virus to mutate to become more resistant to the leaky vaccine). I’m very sorry for these people who are being corralled by morons.


  3. Here in the US I truly believe all around the world “it’s the easiest population control ever”
    It’s working and people are so used to being followers that they fall right in line and follow like sheep! They knew they would! Not all though, many of us in healthcare REFUSE and will stop doing what we love. NO protection for the Hero’s last year. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


  4. People should change their minds about how we get sick from viruses. The fact that you get infected means that the virus entered the body and attaches itself to a specific cell. Cells with ACE2 receptors in this case. The cells infected leaves a marker on its surface for when the anti bodies react they show them they were infected and will also have to be destroyed. The virus uses the cells to reproduce so your body’s immune system react to this and attack these spike proteins markers on the cells and/or viruses in the blood also with this spike protein. Here lies the problem: It is not the virus’ reproduction action that makes you sick or even the virus itself, it is the reaction by the body to kill infected cells or viruses causing inflammation and due to the destruction taking place to stop this virus from taking over in the body. Yes the virus could also destroy cells when reproducing and the reaction would be the same but that still does not take away from the first fact. The problem is that the spike proteins made by the mRNA in your cells are still seen as a whole virus by anti-bodies, and when attaching to a cell it still creates the marker whether it can reproduce or not. This means your body reacts in the same way as it normally would but now destroy cells not truly infected in the true sense but destroys the cells in any case. Hence the adverse reactions from V, since your body is tricked into thinking its infected and proof that the effects of the illness are symptoms of the protection and not the virus itself in this case. Now don’t get me wrong that a real virus, able to reproduce could destroy or infect a organ to such an extend that you could dye from the destroyed cells caused by the virus alone but still not what we are talking about here. When you have a new variant like Omicron it is the spike proteins that mutates and hence no immunity for it and neither the correct mRNA instruction injected (V) for the new spikes. Tweaking the V is just injecting newly created mRNA for these new spike proteins and hence some immunity for the real thing. To close with is that they never intended for this V mRNA to spread so widely in the body through the blood causing blood clots, or other symptoms like Heart problems or any other ACE2 receptor cells for that matter. Now we keep on injecting new mRNA for all sorts of spike proteins and each time the symptoms will be different depending on where in the body the matching spike proteins are. This can also go through the blood brain barrier and I don’t want to go there. The problem also is the virus is not entering your body normally but the spike proteins keeps on being produced by your body. This is purely my opinion and in no way do I claim I am always 100 correct but this is the best I can do for now.


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