Taliban Bans Cultivation and Production of Narcotics in Afghanistan

Middle East in 24

The Taliban said that Afghanistan would stop producing all kinds of drugs, and that it would work to make Afghanistan free of drugs.

At a press conference in the capital, Kabul, the movement’s spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said: “Afghanistan will not produce any types of drugs. It will not be possible for anyone to participate in organizing drug smuggling. As of this moment, Afghanistan will be a drug-free country.”

Mujahid said that the country will need the help of the countries of the world so that local farmers have the ability to produce other crops instead of growing poppies, pointing out that the “Taliban” fighters control the entire borders of the country, adding that no one will attack the neighboring countries from the land of Afghanistan.

He also announced full security for embassies, foreign representations, international missions and agencies, adding that the new authorities had issued a decree of general amnesty.

A spokesman for the movement revealed that the Afghans, who cooperated with the United States and its allies, will not be harmed, indicating that the “Taliban” does not want them to leave the country.

He also affirmed the Taliban’s determination to ensure the representation of all components of Afghan society in a future Afghan government, stressing that the movement pledges to respect the religious beliefs and spiritual values ​​of all Afghans, and to guarantee women’s rights within the framework of Islamic law and law.


Via https://middleeast.in-24.com/News/169915.html

3 thoughts on “Taliban Bans Cultivation and Production of Narcotics in Afghanistan

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  2. And do we buy it, haha! This post is good, because it will be a historical document. It will be a post that will document the hypocrisy of Taliban and the fact that there is a deep gap between their words and their actions.


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