Dr Peter McCullough and the Suppression of Early Covid Outpatient Treatment

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Dr Peter McCullough: Courageous Doctors Could Have Saved Millions


CENSORED: Dr. Peter McCullough, MD testifies How ...

In this remarkable interview, world renowned cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough describes by himself and a network of hundred doctors in the US and overseas to use early treatment to prevent hospitalization and death. According to McCullough, a US network of 250 doctors along with a dozen telemedicine services provide early outpatient treatment to 10,000 to 15,000 Covid patients daily. Although it receives virtually no mainstream media attention, doctors in Greece, Italy, southern France, Central America, South America, India, and East Asia are reducing Covid death rates by approximately 85% by offering similar similar treatments.

McCullough worked closely with doctors in Italy (which experienced one the earliest Covid outbreaks) to develop the treatment protocols he uses. They usually combine what he refers to as “sequenced multidrug therapy.” Treatment regimens consist of a “neutriceutical bundle (Vitamins D and C, plus zinc and quercetin), either hydochloroquine (used extensively to treat SARS-CoV-1 in 2002-2004) or ivermectin, azithromyocin (to treat secondary bacterial infections), steroids, anticoagulants (to prevent blood clots) and in some cases, monoclonal antibodies (from recovered Covid patients) and colchicine (a drug used in gout).

McCullough decries the official “Do Not Treat” (aka “Let Them Die”) position of official government bodies, such as the FDA, the NIH and the CDC, as inhumane. Based on current data, McCullough estimates we could have saved 85% of the 600,000 Americans who died of Covid19 with early outpatient treatment.

Although the government and AMA have essentially ordered doctors not to prescribe ivermectin and hydrochloroquine (based on one flawed and one faked study)*, the FDA has given Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to monoclonal antibodies and two new antivirals. However these ambulatory treatments are also being suppressed.

When asked about the vaccine, he expresses puzzlement the FDA has allowed the experimental Covid vaccination scheme to continue in the face of thousands of deaths. Most clinical trials of any new treatment are stopped after 25 deaths. Although 70% of his practice have received Covid vaccine, he no longer advises his patients to take it owing to the high incidence of severe side effects.

*At this point, there are 100s of peer reviewed studies supporting the safety and efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and ivermecin in Covid19 and a dozen each supporting treatment with steroids and anticoagulants.

The interview can be viewed free at https://grandmageri422.me/2021/05/31/full-interview-world-renowned-doctor-blows-lid-off-of-covid-video/

27 thoughts on “Dr Peter McCullough and the Suppression of Early Covid Outpatient Treatment

  1. And, of course, we ionic silver water users know Sars & coronavirus viruses r killed rapidly with ionic silver water! In USA u can still buy silver water waters @ silverlungs.com

    “For example:
    Naturopaths discussing the benefits of colloidal silver on national TV have been threatened with legal repercussions and told in no uncertain terms to shut up or face legal prosecution.
    Online journalists such as Alex Jones and others have been forced to remove colloidal silver products from their websites and quit telling viewers about its unbelievable anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasite, anti-inflammatory qualities.
    A federal court has shut down a prominent colloidal silver company run by the well-known Dr. Gordon Pedersen for providing in-depth information about colloidal silver’s remarkable anti-viral and anti-pathogenic properties.
    Televangelist Jim Bakker has been sued by the state of Missouri for merely discussing colloidal silver on his national TV show.
    A federal court has recently ordered a major colloidal silver manufacturer to stop distributing colloidal silver products altogether, not because their colloidal silver was bad, but because they told the truth about how to use it against some of the most virulent pathogens of our time.
    The FDA is now seeking injunctions against numerous companies for publicly explaining the effectiveness of colloidal silver against a certain, er, shall we say, “prominent virus.”
    Numerous natural health-related websites are now being forced to remove instructions for how to use colloidal silver against a “certain prominent virus” from their websites after being contacted by government authorities ranging from the FDA and FTC to state attorney general’s offices and more.
    And as you might remember, earlier this year even I was forced under threat of prosecution by the NY Attorney General and the U.S. FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to remove nine different articles about the healing power of colloidal silver against a “certain prominent virus” from The Silver Edge website, under threat of imminent prosecution.”


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  2. “. . .According to McCullough, a US network of 250 doctors along with a dozen telemedicine services provide early outpatient treatment to 10,000 to 15,000 Covid patients daily. Although it receives virtually no mainstream media attention . . .”
    No mainstream media attention! Please, Stuart, can you tell me why this is so?

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    • “A shot in every arm” ? LOL

      “To put pressure on people take the vaccine”

      Well, yes. this makes absolute sense! They can’t let the vaccine go to waste, can they now?

      And let’s be honest, for the majority of people it might be the right treatment for now. It gives them at least a bit of a protection, doesn’t it?

      And so far, there does not seem to be a vaccine available with guaranteed full protection. Isn’t a proper vaccine supposed to give you full protection?


      • Unfortunately, Aunty, these mRNA shots aren’t really vaccines – they’re an experimental gene therapy treatment that has never been tested in human beings before. There is some limited evidence that they may reduce the severity of Covid infection with the original Covid strain. However there is growing evidence, especially from Israel, that they offer little protection against the Delta and other new strains. And in some people they cause Antibody Dependent Enhancement when they are exposed to Covid, which is fatal. Since the experimental trials won’t be complete until 2023, everyone who takes the Covid “vaccine” is a guinea pig right now.


        • 2023?
          Oh, Stuart, this is another two years or so! I was hoping, it might be possible to hurry it along a bit more, and that we could have a reliable vaccine sooner than that.
          Well, maybe I would not worry so much, if I did not have my family on my back all the time, to get “vaccinated”. This upsets me so much, that I think it might be better, if at my very advanced age I did not have to go on living anymore for any length of time.
          What you say, dear Stuart, makes absolute sense to me, and I thank you very much for your reply! 🙂
          Love, Uta


  3. Do you think that the monoclonal antibodies are safe? I’ve started reading the official literature. They have become in vogue lately. They are made in hamster ovaries. I’m wary of pharmaceuticals. However, it’s not winter here and so there’s no flu going around and people really are getting very ill with something – both vaccinated and unvaccinated. I’ve enough first hand accounts now to know that one could need oxygen, at least.


    • Rural hospitals are getting a lot of money if they can look Covid useful. I am suspicious that the monoclonal antibody delivery is to make them look useful. Of course, hospitalizations make them look useful too. Some urban hospitals are sending people to the country for treatment! When you see the hospital figures that’s for the big medical centers, but there are lots of little county hospitals all over the country.


      • Sounds like BIG BUCKS for ’em criminal pharmaceutical companies, medical professionals &, of course, hospitals coming their way in your area miningawareness 💰

        No mentioning of ionic silver water usage for possible/probably cures whatsoever in your area of concern miningawareness.

        Was that a misnomer or/& deliberate? Or?

        http://www.sota.com a Vancouver, Canada company has a silver pulser that has 2 functions: making ionic/colloidal silver water & generating gentle currents that work the body’s natural electricity.

        Micropulsing probably would put ’em criminal pharmaceuticals, medical & hospitals out of EXTREME profits & so be kinda quiet about these so obvious cures miningawareness⚡



    • At the moment I prefer to stick with what McCullough refers to as “neutriceuticals.” At present I would opt for the baking soda cure for any and all viral illnesses, including Covid, norovirus and RSV. From what I read, it would also work for Ebola because no virus can survive in a high pH cellular environment.

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      • Hubs has to have an injection against his will. Have you heard anything about c.s. helping to circumvent the creation of certain, umm, pointy things that are supposed to be created by this junk? I’ve read that it makes the point fold in on itself. Have you heard this?


        • No, I haven’t heard that colloidal silver prevents the vaccine from creating spike proteins, which is the main purpose of the mRNA vaccine. Sounds like what your husband needs is a lawyer, owing to the fact many healthy people have died taking these vaccines. Is it because of his job he’s being forced to have an injection? I can’t think of any job that’s worth dying for.

          You might want to contact the Informed Consent Action Network.



          • Well, he got the J&J, and with my nutritional background, I figured it would be the easiest one to negate (and only one shot, they ARE NOT getting another). As far as informed consent, he got a 5 double sided page letter at the clinic, which of course didn’t mention half of the problems I know about already with that damnable crap. A lot of it was obfuscation, and outright lies (IMO) He got it today, and thank gods he didn’t fall over dead. I insisted very firmly, that the shot get aspirated first. She tried to argue the point, but I got my way. (I cried through the whole thing, I was so pissed, scared, and upset.) Right now we are on a week long water/partial juice fast. The prior week I stuffed him full of supplements that were rumored to either block the spike creation, degrade the jab quicker, anti-clot supplements, the best antioxidants money could buy (NAC, glutathione (liposomal), et al), block the ability for the junk in the jab to do it’s thing, and flush out any metals that they might have snuck in. And of course, the meds that shall not be named.

            No mention of GO (of course), nor aluminum (what a surprise).

            It would just be a straight water fast, but I need to get beets (nitric oxide, capillary health), cilantro (binds and flushes metals), ginger (anti-clot), and turmeric (anti-clot, anti-inflammatory) into him, so some juicing it is. Lots and lots of various herbal teas.

            Going to follow the same supplement/tea/juice regimen for a few weeks. I’ve read in a couple places that colloidal silver makes the spike fold in on itself. I’m just trying to find some verification of that in other places, but, in the meanwhile, it couldn’t hurt.


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  5. where can i get ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies in Fort Worth, Tx. The monoconal has been shut down in fr worth my Joe Biden, and there is no place which will prescribe inermection.
    Both my grandaughters have covid only one is vaccined both their mother and grandmother are not vaccanted , i is 74 is UNvaccanted my dqughter is 50 and unvaccaned. We meed 5 bboxes of monocional antibodies, and 4 ,boxes of inermectine,


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