Another New York State Supreme Court Ivermectin Order Helping 81-Year-Old Farmer

Another New York State Supreme Court Justice Ivermectin Order Helping 81-Year-Old Farmer


John W. Swanson, an 81-year-old farmer from Stafford, New York, a rural area east of Buffalo, was infected with COVID-19, on a ventilator, and according to a legal affidavit, ‘on death’s doorstep’ at United Memorial Medical Center (part of Rochester Regional Health).  Apparently, the patient was given one dose of ivermectin, which immediately had a positive impact, as he started breathing again.

But in what is becoming a similar New York State story, the hospital’s doctors then refused to give follow-up doses of ivermectin. And the patient’s family moved swiftly for justice. Swanson’s wife Sandra hired the same attorneys that were able to convince other New York State judges to compel other hospitals to administer ivermectin to dying patients, which as TrialSite reported on has appeared to save lives.

In this case, it appears to be working again as Sandra Swanson recently told the Buffalo News: “I definitely think the ivermectin is helping him.” She also told the local press that the hospital has been denying her any visitation with her husband. Veronica R. Chiesi, a spokesperson for United Memorial Medical Center, declined to comment on the Swanson case. Read below about the unfolding ivermectin saga, including growing evidence of censorship and an introduction to the rapidly advancing TrialSite platform for biomedical research-oriented social engagement.

Thanks to the reporting of Dan Herbeck at the Buffalo NewsTrialSite learned of yet another New York State case where rural or regional hospitals are denying COVID-19 patients ivermectin treatment at the request of families and their doctors.  Thanks to a savvy law firm there, Judges are ruling on the side of the patient.

What’s going on in New York?

There is at least three cases now that TrialSite has reported on in New York State where the family of elderly or seriously ill COVID-19 infected patients were denied ivermectin treatments. While dozens of studies from around the world show overwhelmingly positive results, regulatory authorities and apex research bodies are hesitant to accept any of the positive data yet and have pounced on any data that shows neutral results.

In New York, TrialSite is aware that the ongoing reporting by this media platform, the outspoken Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) and other reports of the accumulating positive data associated with ivermectin research around the world, have been reviewed by family members.

Not easily dismissed by hospitals that refuse to treat the elderly patients, New York families have turned to a couple of attorneys, including Ralph C. Lorigo and Jon F. Minear, both with West Seneca, New York-based Law Office of Ralph C. Lorigo.

In one case, Lorigo’s firm got to work to secure a Judge’s declaration that the Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital treat an 80-year-old New York State patient staring at death from COVID-19 with ivermectin. Thanks to this lawyering work, Supreme Court Judge Henry J. Nowak aligned with the family and compelled the providers to care for Judith Smentkiewicz. The additional treatments helped as she rapidly improved thereafter.



4 thoughts on “Another New York State Supreme Court Ivermectin Order Helping 81-Year-Old Farmer

  1. Of course all globalist governments – i.e., almost all Western governments – are desperate to suppress Ivermectin, because it has an over 95% cure rate for Covid 19, as is proved by almost countless studies across the world.

    If there was a cure for Covid known to the general populations of the West, then the long-planned ‘Covid crisis’ would collapse, as would the absolutely vital two tools for the globalists: the sinister “vaccines”, and the Covid passports to install totalitarian rule everywhere.

    How can this gigantic conspiracy, which must certainly have been planned for many years in advance, still be invisible to most people?

    Can’t even the most media-brainwashed people ask themselves why all mainstream media, and all of the main internet platforms, would suppress all information about the genuine cure for Covid which is Ivermectin – used for decades by an estimated two billion people, with no serious side-effects at all?

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  2. Bezuhov1, I had a long talk about this topic with a friend yesterday at our weekly Stand in the Park gathering. We both believe that people’s willingness has a lot to do with their class background. It seems that people from working class backgrounds can recognized immediately that we’re being lied to and manipulated. It’s the upper middle class professionals and academics that are so easily taken in by the lies.


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