Killing Democracy Once and For All: The Global Elite’s Coup d’Etat that is Destroying Life as We Know It

But what is interesting about the elite coup that is being implemented now, under cover of the supposed Covid-19 pandemic, is that the final facade of our ‘democracy’ is being dismantled in plain site with most of the human population begging for it to be done provided that they are kept ‘safe’.


Human Wrongs Watch

By Robert J. Burrowes*

Politically savvy individuals know that democracy has rarely existed and probably never outside small groups of humans who deliberately organize themselves to share power or grant it temporarily to one or a small number of people for a particular purpose. In most contexts, ‘democracy’ is simply a label used to deceive the unwary into believing that ordinary people have a say in how we are governed. But this has never been the case in any political framework on a larger scale.

Robert J. Burrowes

Whatever victories have apparently been achieved in the long struggle to achieve political representation, human rights, dignity, economic justice, cultural and gender identity, ecological sustainability and other causes dear to the hearts of those who have struggled, the elite (local, national or global) has always retained control and merely surrendered the minimum necessary to keep the bulk of the…

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5 thoughts on “Killing Democracy Once and For All: The Global Elite’s Coup d’Etat that is Destroying Life as We Know It

  1. It really seems like a good time to leave the world – before your humanity is taken from you by the ‘vaccines’.


    • Ironically in my own community, bezuhov, the vaccine is bringing people of all stripes (left, right, rich, poor, young, old) in a way that has never happened before. It’s a real blessing in that sense – a great time to be alive the way people are coming together.


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  3. “So while you might pin your hopes on some political party (and perhaps, even, a new one) most of what has been familiar about your life in the past will vanish. The changes being wrought by the elite’s corporations as you read this article are profound. For example, vastly more satellites are being shot into Space – see ‘SpaceX launches 60 new Starlink internet satellites, nails latest rocket landing at sea’ – and a staggering array of new infrastructure is being installed on the ground so that 5G (and 6G) can be used to make elite control of our lives total. This will enable comprehensive surveillance of our daily activities, digital ID (possibly implanted in your brain) linked to your bank account and health records, a social credit ID that will end up dictating every facet of your life, the digitization of money, the robotization of the workforce and military, and the biological and electronic connectivity (through embedded sensors, software and other technologies) of humans and machines through the Internet of Things. And that is just part of what the fourth industrial revolution and the transhumanist agenda will mean for you and me. For a little more, see ‘Beware the Transhumanists: How “Being Human” is being Re-engineered by the Elite’s Covid-19 Coup’. . . ”
    So, what sort of a life are my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren going to have? As far as this 86 year old is concerned, in all probability I may depart pretty soon anyway . . .
    Now, the world does not just exist in the form of Western ‘democracies’.
    What for instance about places like China? Are they just being ruled by a different ‘elite’? What do you think, Stuart?


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