The American Journal Of Medicine Now Recommends HCQ For COVID19

The currently completed retrospective studies and randomized trials have generally shown these findings: 1) when started late in the hospital course and for short durations of time, antimalarials appear to be ineffective, 2) when started earlier in the hospital course, for progressively longer durations and in outpatients, antimalarials may reduce the progression of disease, prevent hospitalization, and are associated with reduced mortality.

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Written by The American Journal of Medicine Published on January 26, 2021

The American Journal of Medicine now (Jan. 2021) now recommendsHydroxychloroquine,Azithromycin,andZinc for the treatment of Covid 19 outpatients.

The irony is this is the treatment that former US President, Donald Trump promoted last year. The timing, right after the election, is interesting.

Select extracts are below:


Approximately 9 months of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavius-2 (SARS-CoV-2 [COVID-19]) spreading across the globe has led to widespread COVID-19 acute hospitalizations and death.

This article outlines key pathophysiological principles that relate to the patient with early infection treated at home. Therapeutic approaches based on these principles include 1) reduction of reinoculation, 2) combination antiviral therapy, 3) immunomodulation, 4) antiplatelet/antithrombotic therapy, and 5) administration of oxygen, monitoring, and telemedicine. Future randomized trials testing the principles and agents discussed will undoubtedly refine and clarify their individual roles…

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10 thoughts on “The American Journal Of Medicine Now Recommends HCQ For COVID19

  1. Hi Dr. Stuart, Access to “The American Journal Of Medicine Now Recommends HCQ For COVID19” by the Blogging Hounds has been blocked for reposting. Facebook are not letting people who have alternative therapies or cures of Covid 19 where they might put big Pharma profits in jeopardy. It was bound to happen, there will be more censuring to follow, you can be sure of it.

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