Emerging Evidence Suggests Nightclub Where Floyd and Chauvin Worked Linked to Intelligence/Money Laundering

Sunday Talks: Crump on Floyd – “We Don’t Understand”…

The Last Refuge

Our old friend Ben ‘objectib ebidense’ Crump, the defense lawyer for the Floyd family, appears on Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan to discuss the death of George Floyd. It’s been a while…. Ben does what Ben does, and factually he’s a goofy cat doing the best he can on behalf of his client.

“Officer” (in quotes deliberately) Derek Chauvin did kill George Floyd; that’s not the issue. The issue driving the media narrative surrounds why “Officer” Derek killed George. Toward the end of the interview Brennan asked Crump about Derek and George knowing each-other. Ben’s response, specifically how he phrases the admission, is what’s worth watching.

Hi Ben. Good to see you again. Oh, and you’re right, nothing makes sense.

By now Ben is discovering that everything around El Nuevo Rodeo, the Mexican Cantina and Dance Club where George and Derek worked, is sketchy. Likely Ben and Daryl have realized it’s better to focus their financial strategy toward reparations from the city of Minneapolis because this incident hits on something even Crump doesn’t want to touch.

El Nuevo Rodeo (hereafter ENR) is a front business. Nothing is as it seems.

The background ownership of ENR takes you to a shady network of LLC’s and the name Omar Investments Inc. (est. 1996).  Dig a little deeper and something else becomes evident… The ownership might connect to one or more U.S. three letter agencies.

The ownership network has previous interactions with FBI operations in/around Minneapolis. This is not surprising because Minneapolis Minnesota, has more national security operations ongoing than any other community in the country. Various Somali groups are being watched, and anyone can do a google search to see when those security operations peek out of the surface.

Omar Investments Inc. owns El Nuevo Rodeo Cantina and night club since 1996.  The principle of Omar Investments Inc. is Muna Sabri. In 2001 a close relative, Basim Sabri, was captured by the FBI in a sting operation.

…”In 2001, FBI agents recorded Sabri giving Herron $5,000, cash intended to curry the lawmaker’s support for his development. Sabri was later convicted on three bribery counts and fined $75,000.” (link)….

FBI intercept in 2001, there’s the capture.  That’s the asset creation point for U.S. security to find a way to embed within Minneapolis, and assist the Sabri’s along the way.

The presented “former club owner”, Maya Santamaria, seen on television, appears to be a purposeful ‘front’ (a face useful in deflecting attention from the primary owner and operations). With that in mind, the scale of false information in/around the visible event, horrible as it was/is, creates layers and layers of purposeful misinformation and a need to control what the public sees in the media.

As I said before, I prefer to sit this one out; however, it is interesting.  If you consider that El Nuevo Rodeo might likely be a front for a three letter national security agency; or at the very least a valuable inside source for domestic intelligence and surveillance, things start reconciling rather quickly.

ENR also looks like a money laundering operation.  Part of that laundry operation appears to involve counterfeit currency.  This enterprise, writ large, looks like the answer to ‘how’ a U.S. agency infiltrated the background criminal network in Minnesota to watch and monitor for domestic threats.  So there are layers to what is visible and a myriad of interests involved.

Officer Derek Chauvin is a 19-year veteran of the Mineapolis police dept.  Derek Chauvin also worked at ENR for 17 years.  That timeline puts Derek Chauvin showing up to work security at El Neuvo Rodeo cantina and club right after the FBI busts Basim Sabri (everyone remembers what intel agencies were doing right after 9-11-01).

Recently – When the Wuhan Virus hits the night club needs to shut down. By extension this shuts down any illicit activity maintained by the legit operation.  Any activity within a laundering operation would have to be paused.  It would look silly, very suspicious, if the ENR club bookkeeper was making bank deposits while the business is closed.

However, this also means George Floyd was out of work.  According to the indictment:

(read more)

The police were called because George Floyd was passing counterfeit $20 bills.

Could the way Chauvin, and the responders writ large, interacted with George Floyd have been an outcropping of concern that Lloyd was putting the ENR operation at risk? […]

via Sunday Talks: Crump on Floyd – “We Don’t Understand”… — The Last Refuge

66 thoughts on “Emerging Evidence Suggests Nightclub Where Floyd and Chauvin Worked Linked to Intelligence/Money Laundering

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  2. Pingback: Emerging Evidence Suggests Nightclub Where Floyd and Chauvin Worked Linked to Intelligence/Money Laundering — The Most Revolutionary Act | FREEDOM MINDS FOR THE AMERICAN REPUBLICS

  3. Getting more interesting by the day…. So I wonder if ‘Floyd knew too much’?… Sundance at Last Refuge is a very thorough researcher, so appreciate their good work!

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    • Deb, the “official” version of the story alone doesn’t pass the sniff test. Floyd was supposedly arrested for passing a counterfeit $20 bill. I don’t pretend to know much about counterfeiting, but surely a serious counterfeiter would go for a $50 or $100 bill, right? Producing a good counterfeit requires extremely high quality ink and extremely high quality paper, to say nothing of labor costs. I suspect it costs nearly $20 to produce a counterfeit $20.

      Secondly counterfeiting (and cash period) has become so rare nowadays that I seriously doubt that your run-of-the-mill shopkeeper is going to recognize a counterfeit bill. Even if he does, it’s most probable that Floyd is passing a counterfeit he inadvertently received from someone else.

      Nope. The official story is a total lie.

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      • In January $900,000 worth of One Dollar Bills was found on a Train Box Car, they said it had to cost more than that Dollar to Produce, but it looks like there is a Major operation going on that is somehow making it’s way through that Restaurant/Club and the Suggestion is an Intel Agency is involved, No Surprise…

        I have pretty much laid it out as George Floyd must have went south and Couldn’t be trusted, he was set up it seem by someone close even someone that he trusted, he may have stolen some Counterfeit money from the group or got into Drugs or Gambling, either way it was a coordinated effort between all of the players in the Videos… I haven’t eliminated that maybe George Himself faked the Death…

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          • I know zero about counterfeiting, but I worked with a guy back in 2007 who had one of those ‘wild early years’ stories where he was involved in some way in acquiring a bunch of counterfeit $5 bills. Not saying that it’s normal, but the way he described it, they would take them to the clubs and no one batter an eye..
            Flew under the radar.

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      • dude, every gas station and convenience store in America have counterfeit pens to quickly test paper money before accepting it.

        And to say it’s more likely to counterfeit $50 or $100 bills because of the effort and investment required. Think about it, taking a hit for 100 dollars hurts a lot more than a 20 dollar loss, cashiers definitely look more closely at higher denomination bills, therefor it makes sense to counterfeit smaller denominations.

        Also… cash has become rare? Uhhh, excuse me? Sure, a lot of people pay with credit/debit cards or some kind of digital payment through their phone, but PLENTY of transactions are cash only – especially at businesses like gas stations.

        Basically, nothing you said in your post is accurate, not to sound like a dick. Maybe you should spend *less* time voicing your opinion, which you clearly point out is based on no experience in the subject and *more* time learning about this stuff? Since it clearly interests you enough to not only read about, but comment on the articles afterwards.

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      • No. The $20 bill is the holy grail in counterfeiting, some would say the $10. It needs to be something that lessens scrutiny. $100’s easy to spot.


      • What a GREAT discussion going on here!!.. Everyday brings new info/disinfo – call me a skeptic but honestly, we out here on the fringes cannot be SURE the man actually died… We have had pay-ops played on us before.. Now the media says there will be 3 funerals??.. It gets GOOFIER by the minute!!… Like we are watching a movie..

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        • Allegedly, George and Chauvin did porn together. Found on Porn Hub Big Flyod. Pic sent to me. Chauvin was not looked up on the site as far as I know. It does tell us one thing. It wasn’t a random white cop killing a random black man. Which makes this Race War forced upon us fishy

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      • No. The official story is NOT a lie. And most counterfeit money is actually in smaller denominations. Do your homework.


      • A 20 is the most commonly counterfeit bill because everyone suspects 50 and 100 dollar bills. The bulk is why the counterfeiters hire cops like Chauvin to protect the large shipments.

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      • I have been thinking that: how did they know he knew he was passing a counterfeit? Still, you can be a realtor and a police officer at the same time; the biggest red flag for me is the El Nuevo Rodeo and the cache of counterfeit monies found…who would be in the market for such a large stash or want to import such a stash into the United States money supply. Was it outgoing or ongoing? And I wonder if all of them off duty police and bouncers who worked with El Nuevo Rodeo new something of what was going on there.


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  6. Yes, the whole event is highly fishy, and smacks of Greta Thunberg / I Am Charlie Hebdo social-justice op.

    However, this article is extremely thin on facts. “ENR also looks like a money laundering operation. Part of that laundry operation appears to involve counterfeit currency.” Based on what evidence? This would be juicy, since Floyd had counterfeit currency, but is this anything more than unfounded speculation? If Floyd was really tied into a nationwide counterfeit network, do you really think the bill would have been detected by a corner-store clerk? Seemingly, only a low-quality counterfeit would be spotted.

    Then you say “The ownership network has previous interactions with FBI operations in/around Minneapolis.” The ‘interactions’ involve an arrest by the FBI of Sabri’s brother for a relatively minor offense. Is one arrest really ‘interactions’? Sure, somehow the brother could have then been investigated and leaned on, but again, that’s pure speculation. Are siblings of anyone the FBI has ever investigated or arrested now suspected FBI assets?

    “That’s the asset creation point for U.S. security to find a way to embed within Minneapolis, and assist the Sabri’s along the way.” Where is the evidence of any of this? Any arrest is ‘asset creation point?’ I understand that the arrested are often turned into CIs and assets, but I doubt this is always the case.

    I appreciate the efforts and I do not at all discount that Floyd and Chauvin are intel/shadow gov assets involved in an operation, but unless I’m missing something this really is not rigorous work.

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  7. Where is the emergin evidence? None is cited in the article. links top coporate documents for he club , or ourt documents directly linking Sabri to the club might actually mean something.


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  9. Christopher Spivey

    Let’s talk some more about Covid-19.

    Only joking, in fact I would imagine that you are as fed up as me about that old fanny, so luckily enough we have a new red-flag event to look at… I am of course talking about ‘the killing of Georgie’

    However, before I start I will remind you that all of these fake ‘happenings’ are shrouded in “conspiracy theories”, started by the perpetrators themselves in order to lead anyone looking too closely at the event away from the trail of truth… Understand?

    Of course you fucking do.

    Moreover, the ‘official’ narratives of any red flag fraud always have conflicting reports on the event which makes it harder still for anyone looking into the case to find out the real truth.

    So let’s start with the initial arrest of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police .

    And straight away there are conflicting reports as to why Floyd was arrested.

    I mean, nearly a week after the incident happened, no one still seems to know exactly what crime was committed although the general consensus is that Floyd tried to buy goods with a counterfeit $20 bill:

    It began with a report of a fake $20 (£16.20) bill.

    A report was made on the evening of 25 May, when Mr Floyd bought a pack of cigarettes from Cup Foods, a grocery store.

    Believing the $20 bill he used to be counterfeit, a store employee reported it to police… Source

    However, according to the scum newspaper, Floyd was arrested for Cheque Fraud:

    That day officers responded to a call from a grocery store that claimed Mr Floyd had used a forged cheque.

    In a statement released by the Minneapolis Police Department, the officers were responding to a report of a “forgery in progress“… Source

    Nevertheless, the fake $20 Dollar bill seems to be a more likely scenario since no one tries to commit cheque fraud in shops these days.

    Which brings us to the 2nd anomaly. You see, having made his purchase, Floyd then casually walked across the road to his car, where he sat calmly until the police arrived… Which is strange, because the normal reaction after someone has committed a crime is to get the fuck out of the area ASAP.

    Stranger still, is the fact that the police turned up at all, never mind so promptly just for the sake of a forged banknote!



    • Not me but a Brit by the name of Christopher Spivey.

      I did make 4 comments, though, which the tattoo artist ‘allowed’😉


  10. Ask yourself a question. Since when do the local police get called for a bad $20 bill? This was a set up from the start. The FBI and their deepstate friends are trying to cover their tracks in the middle of an investigation into corruption at the bureau by the DOJ. This is way deeper than some blown cover for some local agents. We are on the verge of civil war and people are looking at little pictures instead of the grand scale psyops going on, on a national level. The left is in a panic and would rather burn it all down rather than be found out and lose power for a generation…

    “In an age of universal deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”

    George Orwell


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    • They did it publicly because they knew that it would start a race war and help distract the public as well as let the rioters and protesters burn all the evidence that was in the night club and possibly the police station without it being obvious.

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  12. Yes, I read this last week and there’s definitely something fishy about this entire event and the subsequent rise of BLM. Apparently BLM has $100 million pot. Are we sure this is not some kind of ‘reverse’ colour revolution, or is it just my paranoid slip showing? It’s the same as the virus, has it been used by the ruling class to ‘reset’ capitalism?

    It occurs to me that as crazy as the pirates are on the Beltway, they know they can’t use nukes to take out the competition, so have they just opportunistically exploited the virus and used it take out the competition instead, consolidate the power of a handful of multinationals and finish the corporate takeover of the national state? I can see this happening here with the NHS and the populace, led like lambs to the slaughter.

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  13. Let me play devil’s advocate here; it’s also possible that the US has reached its tipping point and Floyd was it. The virus, the crisis of capital (ie the falling rate of profit), the immiseration of millions of young WHITE people now as well, all combined to create the perfect storm.

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