Advanced knowledge? CDC started hiring QUARANTINE program managers last November

The CDC appears to have had advanced knowledge of the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, as the agency which deliberately delayed testing kits in the USA for nearly a month was hiring quarantine program advisors in November of 2019, to cover Texas, New York, California, Washington, Florida and many other areas where the pandemic is now exploding.

This job listing page at describes job announcement number HHS-CDC-D3-20-10640010, paying up to $93,077 per year, with an open application period from Nov. 15th, 2019 to May 15th, 2020.

The cities and states described in the job listing are:

Dallas, Texas, El Paso, Texas, Houston, Texas, Seattle, Washington, Anchorage, Alaska, Los Angeles, California, San Diego, California, San Francisco, California, Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Honolulu, Hawaii, Chicago, Illinois, Boston, Massachusetts, Detroit, Michigan, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Newark, New Jersey



24 thoughts on “Advanced knowledge? CDC started hiring QUARANTINE program managers last November

    • Very concerning, Nomad. I listened to an interview with Michel Chossudovsky last night, and he talks about the 200 influenza deaths that occurred in the US last Sept (which is unusually high). He thinks some people in the banking/pharma industries saw it as an opportunity to launch an economic attack on certain industries (eg the airlines), drive them into bankruptcy and allow speculators to buy them out on the cheap. He agrees with the Chinese that COVID-19 most likely originated in the US. Also that it is a really virulent flu, but not so deadly as all the media hype is making out.


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