Whole Foods Uses Tracking Technology to Detect Unionization

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, has invested his funds into this tracking technology to monitor his employees and the communities they live in, while his company Amazon, which owns Whole Foods, has a long track record of efforts to suppress worker organizing to improve their conditions.

Tribune of the People

By Sandra Harris

An interactive heat map was revealed earlier this week by BusinessInsider used by Whole Foods to track stores at risk of unionization. The map, which tracks all 510 Whole Foods stores across the United States, calculates a score with categories to rate the likelihood of their workers to join a union.

This information comes after Whole Foods employees across the country called for a “sick out” almost a month ago to protest lack of guaranteed paid sick leave for workers who self-quarantine or isolate, lack of sanitized equipment, lack of health care coverage, among other issues during the economic crisis.

The map develops a score based on several categories. One area includes “external risk” meaning the number of families within the store’s zip code that fall below the poverty line and the local unemployment rate. It also includes local union membership size, distance between the store…

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4 thoughts on “Whole Foods Uses Tracking Technology to Detect Unionization

  1. lessee, now after covid we’re gonna have a super wealthy global elite presiding over a world of thoroughly impoverished districts. LET THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!!!


    • okay. so i guess it was here that i left THOSE comments. still the link i added is not here. strange. usually (always) when i go to WP “Conversations” i can track my comments. not so with this one. yes it was a couple of days ago, as i had thought when i originally mentioned it to you that it was missing. very strange.


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