The Revolution Will Not Be Funded


By Zig Zag

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It’s time to liberate activists from the nonprofit industrial complex

The nonprofit system has tamed a generation of activists. They’ve traded in grand visions of social change for salaries and stationery; given up recruiting people to the cause in favor of writing grant proposals and wooing foundations; and ceded control of their movements to business executives in boardrooms.

This argument—that reformers have morphed into cogs in the nonprofit industrial complex—is explained and explored in the fiery anthology The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex, edited by the INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence collective (South End, 2007).

One piece of the puzzle: “Foundations provide tax shelters for wealthy families and thereby take away tax income that could be used for social programs and entitlements,” Andrea J. Ritchie, an INCITE! member, told Make/shift. “And then [the foundations] dole out little bits of money for nonprofits to replace the services that the government no longer funds.”

The book brings together 21 experienced radical activists to explore the shortcomings of nonprofits as movement makers . . .


Source: The Revolution Will Not Be Funded

23 thoughts on “The Revolution Will Not Be Funded

  1. This is the ugly truth; reality. This is why there has been no revolution because people have become too reliant on creature comforts and are thus unable to sustain a movement. With an aging population that’s full of arthritis and other ailments and with a younger generation all but lost, what’s left? Non-profits that are anything but. I have never understood the concept of ‘non-profits’ since we all know that profits are being made, hand over fist, if what’s parked in the parking lots of non-profits is anything to go by. You would think that with the high numbers of non-profits in existence, homelessness, food insecurity and other poverty related issues would have long since been a thing of the past, but nothing doing.


  2. The celebrated NGOs are simply a tool of the leading scum. A smiling, acceptable face of their illegitimate power shown to the brainwashed masses. Actually, these nefarious govt’ linked organizations are everything but spontaneous organizations of activists, as correctly stressed above. From ‘greepeeece’ to ‘amnesy international’, from ‘globo-medecins sans frontieres’ to ‘ hit the children’, they are heinous instruments of control & propagada. The bonus is, they get funded by the same victims: the sweet-hearted populace.
    They can do what the Nat. and Intl’ endowment for demoKracy cannot (because officially connected to the demokratic regime). They have been pinned in numerous scams and murderous ops involving trans national corps. They are behind the scam of the ‘global warming’ TM and behind the mass invasion of aliens in western countries. They are not part of the agenda. They ARE the agenda.


  3. Let me add a note about the Nestlè scandal. This filthy giant corp was shipping expired and harmful milk in powder to 3rd world countries. UN backed organizations and big NGOs are always a tool aimed at implementing the agenda the CFR imposes on the fake puppets like obama or trump or western colonies via a group of bloodthirsty global enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

    When they murdered Gheddafi, I remember promoted a poll for the best ‘Man of Peace’ of the year on Amnesy International’s platform. Gheddafi was comfortably detaining the best ranking. Suddenly, one day before the end of the poll, his Name Disappeared from the list……….From that day, Amnesy Intl has become a common catchphrase to frame the covered, govt owned NGO.

    We could talk a lot about the Geo-engineering and Bio engineering (aka Chemtrails) which is constantly imposed on us, day and night, 24/7. Weather manipulation is not the only goal of that capital crime. Nonetheless, the topic is ‘off limits’ for the ridiculous, ‘green’ organizations.


  4. Last thing and I won’t bother you more:

    those heinous instruments ( the list is pretty long) owned by the reactionary global system (the one yearning the status quo and using ALL methods to mantain it) rely on the empathy of the common people to pursue their criminal goals
    What to do, then?
    For all those who wish to ‘do something’ I’d warmly suggest to get informed on whom they are going to fund, by seeking what they are actually doing. And most of all, what they really stand for.
    It will take time and efforts, but it’s definitely worth, in terms of morality and human sustainability.


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