2020 Olympics: Fukushima to Host Baseball/Softball

One of the gate guards in a hazmat suit, helmet and dual intake respirator

Photo credit: Steve Herman Wikimedia Commons

Hundreds of Ultra Fit Athletes and Thousands of International Visitors to be Irradiated in 2020

What’s wrong with this picture? In what utterly corrupt and debased universe could this possibly happen?

According to the Japan Times, Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers have given the green light for disaster-affected Fukushima Prefecture to host baseball and softball games. The position of Japan’s government is that Fukushima has been “decontaminated” by removing five centimeters (a little under two inches) of topsoil and placing it in gigantic plastic bags.

Independent radiation measurements by Greenpeace (see video below) suggest that radiation levels remain extremely high and hazardous to human health. Despite this fact, the Japanese government are pressuring Fukushima refugees to return to their homes later this year by discontinuing their government assistance.

Some international observers question whether the decision to hold the 2020 Olympics in Japan is part of the on-going cover-up of the ongoing radiation risk posed by the ongoing core meltdowns at Fukushima that continue to spew radiation into the air, groundwater and Pacific Ocean.

At present, French prosecutors are investigating the Japanese Olympic Committee for a 2.8 million Singapore dollars bribe linked to the 2013 decision to award them the 2020 Olympics.


13 thoughts on “2020 Olympics: Fukushima to Host Baseball/Softball

    • Yes, indeed, Shelby. No one should attend these Olympics. Unfortunately the corporate media continues to promote the 2020 Olympics as if everything is just fine – many news outlets go so far as to promote the notion that nuclear radiation is good for you.

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      • Have mercy! I hope no one is falling for the bullshit mainstream ‘fake’ news. Who in the world would believe that radiation is good for us? By now, everyone should know to limit CT scans and even x-rays. And since they are still pouring radioactive materials from the meltdown into the Pacific Ocean, whatever’s coming out of the Pacific is no longer healthy and is spreading, worldwide.


        • Shelby, have a look at this:

          “But Isn’t Any Radiation Dangerous?

          Well, maybe. That’s certainly been the established position of health authorities since WWII, and the basis on which we produced our video.

          But now there’s growing evidence and argument from experts in radiology that long-term exposure to low-levels of radiation may actually be beneficial to your health.

          Which would explain why the residents of Ramsar in Iran, with a background radiation level of an astounding 250 mSv per year, have lower cancer rates than the world average.”

          From this website: https://www.worldnomads.com/travel-safety/eastern-asia/japan/how-dangerous-is-the-radiation-in-japan

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          • “30 years after the nuclear power plant explosion in Chernobyl, Ukraine, and more than a thousand miles away, the grazing animals are recording high levels of radioactivity.

            Radio Free Europe explained how following the 1986 Chernobyl disaster there was a radioactive cloud above areas of Europe, including Norway.

            When it rained or snowed the radioactive dust found its way to the ground, much of which was absorbed by lichen and mushrooms.

            Reindeer normally eat a lot of lichen, or reindeer moss as it is sometimes known locally, in fact in the winter it can make up most of their diet.

            But this year there was an unusually large mushroom crop, and according to Radio Free Europe scientists believe this is behind the increased reindeer radiation.

            Reindeer meat is eaten in Norway, and the wider Scandinavian countries, and is a vital source of income for the indigenous Sami people, who are known for herding the animals.” – http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/chernobyl-radioactive-reindeer-norway-a6903571.html

            So, according to this article, the reindeer are still horribly contaminated and also the mushrooms they eat, that people are still not allowed to kill and eat the reindeer meat in Norway. Hence, I will never believe that radiation is good for humans, animals or plant life. Nuclear reactors should have never been put online because as far as I am concerned, there is no pros for nuclear energy.

            And thanks for providing the link. I will take a look at it.


            • Thanks for outlining the facts, Shelby. All the research evidence shows the effect of radiation is cumulative (which is why people should be avoiding CAT scans as you point out). Any evidence suggesting otherwise is spurious – but I think a lot of people are falling for it.

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  1. An important message in this video, Stuart. It amazes me that we continue down this road of disaster, wasting the talents of scientists on the building of new weapons rather than solving the problems our foolishness has already unleashed.


  2. You make an important point, Carol. I guess the whole thing points to ordinary people being extremely disempowered. I just finished an excellent book on the 1890s Populist Movement that explains how this disempowerment and apathy comes about – and what activists need to do to overcome it. Apparently the disempowerment starts really early in school – through something the author describes as “received culture” about submitting to authority – and you counter it by teaching self-respect and collective self-respect.


  3. It’s really heart rending, isn’t it, wondering? I really feel for all the Fukushima people who are being forced to return to their homes because their housing subsidy is being stopped.


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