Syria reports: ISIS-held town rocked by popular unrest

In a remarkable show of courage, Manbij residents stage public protest against ISIS occupation in Aleppo



An image purporting to show an anti-ISIS protest in Manbij, Aleppo. (Facebook/Manbij News Press)

Lebanon’s Now. reports:

BEIRUT – Residents of Syria’s northern Manbij have held an unprecedented set of protests against ISIS’ draconian policies in the Aleppo town, according to activists.

A popular pro-rebel Facebook page reporting on events in Manbij and Syria in general said that several small protest gatherings had taken place in the town on Thursday and posted what it said were pictures of the unusual event.

“In response to the oppressive practices of ISIS against residents of the city of Manbij… tens of citizens came out to criticize the group last Thursday afternoon and called on it to leave the city,” Manbij Mubasher reported on Sunday.

“Demonstrations took place on the Jarablus road and several streets [in the city] in the form of small gatherings, which the group met with gunfire and…

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