Using Sexual Seduction to Undermine Peaceful Activism

peaceful protest

According to today’s Guardian, the London Metropolitan Police have issued an apology and a generous settlement to four female activists tricked into having sexual relationships with undercover cops who infiltrated their political organizations. The apology and settlement comes four years after the women filed suit against the police, claiming damages for emotional trauma.

Assistant commissioner Martin Hewitt, who issued the apology, maintains such relationships are illegal and contrary to police policy – that they only occurred owing to “a failure of police supervision and management.”

He claims the undercover cops’ superiors had no idea they were fucking activists. Activists (such as myself) with direct experience with government infiltration and disruption of their political organizations will recognize this is total bullshit.

Police and intelligence operatives have a long history of deliberately using sex (the old “honeypot” strategy)  to infiltrate and disrupt peaceful protest activities. This has been well documented in academic research and journalistic investigation, including a 1992 MIT study study into undercover police and intelligence activity, a 1995 University of Leicester study into British undercover seduction and a We Are Anonymous article about an undercover FBI agent named “Anna,” who lured animal rights activist Eric McDavid into a sexual relationship. Following his release from a nine year prison sentence, in January 2015 Eric was interviewed on Democracy Now.

The real story behind today’s apology is that five years ago six undercover cops were exposed for infiltrating peace and animal rights groups. The women they seduced recognized their photos and in 2011, began the difficult and distressing process of initiating legal action. If, as the Met claims, the behavior of the six undercover cops was so at odds with official policy, you have to ask 1) why none of the undercover cops have been criminally charged and 2) why it took the police four years to settle and apologize to the victims.

I think it’s pretty obvious that sexual seduction is a standard accepted strategy in undercover operations. The only difference here is the police got caught doing it.

While the Guardian article fails to identify the six undercover cops by name, they are profiled in a January 2015  Green is the New Red article.

  • Police Constable Mark Kennedy (see Mark Kennedy: the spycop who disappeared into the cold) posing as Mark “Flash” Stone, infiltrated Nottingham environmental and leftist networks for approximately eight years (~2001-2009). During this period, he had sexual relationships with at least two activists, one lasting at least four years. Kennedy has always maintained his superiors knew about his sexual relationships. He also denies that sexual relationships with targets were forbidden. In a 2011 Guardian article, he claims they were encouraged. “Sex was a tool to help officers blend in, the officer claimed, and was widely used as a technique to glean intelligence.” I believe him.
  • Bob Lambert, posing as Bob Robinson, infiltrated leftist and animal liberation networks, using a job at Greenpeace London as an activist cover. Lambert has admitted to having sexual relationships with four women while working as an undercover cop in the 1980s. Lambert  posed as a left-wing animal rights activist from 1983 to 1988, fathering a child with an unsuspecting activist during his deployment. At present he works as a lecturer in Terrorism Studies at the University of St Andrews and a senior lecturer at London Metropolitan University’s John Grieve Centre for Policing.
  • Detective Constable Jim Boyling, 28-years-old, posing as Pete James Sutton or Jim Sutton 34-years-old, infiltrated the pro-bicycle movement Reclaim the Streets for five years (1995-2000) as a lead organizer, as well as having contact with additional environmental campaigns. During this period he had sexual relationships with two of the activists he was assigned to monitor. He married one of them and had two children with her prior to their divorce.
  • Mark Jacobs, 44-years-old, posing as 29-year-old Marco, infiltrated anarchist, anti-globalization, animal rights, and other social justice networks for five years (2004-2009) in the Cardiff area. Jacobs was known for taking on logistics and financial roles in his circles, and used the reputation he built within the Cardiff Anarchist Network (CAN) to infiltrate the Dissent! anti-G8 planning committees. During 2008, Jacobs maintained a sexual relationship with two female activists.
  • Sergeant John Dines, posing as “John Barker” infiltrated London Greenpeace and various anti-capitalist groups from around 1987-1992. He worked with the Metropolitan Police’s Special Demonstration Squad and began infiltrating Greenpeace following the departure of Bob Lambert. In 1990, Dines began a sexual relationship with an activist he abandoned in 1992.
  • Mark Jenner, presenting himself as “Mark Cassidy,” infiltrated UK protest groups from 1994-2000 as an officer in the Metropolitan Police’s Special Demonstration Squad under the direction of Bob Lambert. During his tenure, Jenner was married yet maintained a five year relationship (1995-2000) with a 29-year-old female activist, living with her in a London.

For more details on the female victims and the supervisors who failed to adequately monitor the behavior of their spycops see The spycops and their supervisors remain accountable (fraud, abuse, rape…

photo credit: Chicago Fur Free Friday 2010 via photopin (license)

13 thoughts on “Using Sexual Seduction to Undermine Peaceful Activism

      • The cult movement in America has been infiltrated for decades by intelligence agencies. Fringe cults from Scientology to the Manson family have been useful idiots for intelligence activities. Not to mention the role traditional organized crime and bikers have played in CIA drug running. I think it’s like the saying about the police “it takes a thief to catch one”. Many excellent books written about this: Maury Terry, Dave McGowen, John De Camp.


    • Good points about US intelligence infiltration of cults and use of perversions of all kinds in infiltrating and smashing dissident movements.

      I also believes the Franklin Coverup was real. While I was practicing in Seattle, I had several clients who were researching the police/intelligence network involved in organized pedophilia. It was this knowledge that ultimately convinced me that our government is run by career criminals.


      • From what I’ve read on the subject, MI-6 and other intelligence agencies play similar games with cults. A former member of the notorious Process Church reflected in a book that he and his cohorts were allowed to travel internationally, many with criminal records, unmolested by police, etc. Often these people have an awakening decades later (the book is called Love Sex Fear Death).


  1. Wouldn’t you know. Once again Tubularsock has been left out of the cop fucking loop. At what point does one have to get to to be seduced by a female cop for political insider information? Is that anything like “insidher trading”?


  2. Regardless of proof, denial of knowledge by a commander is not a defense and never has been. What else is the commander’s duty if it is not to know and understand the human beings under his or her command, to be aware of their activities at all times, and to be in command, in control of their activities.

    I’ve seen high-ranking military commanders removed from their posts for the failures perpetrated by the very lowest of their subordinates, who they never even see. They are expected to maintain a solid chain of command and information though, their direct sub-commanders should be well trained and informed. The junior officers and police sergeants should be well trained, well informed, and most importantly ACCOUNTABLE. When the system fails it is the fault of the individual police who have behaved criminally, and it is almost equally the fault of their commander.

    Police commanders should be held to the highest standard. If something like this happens more than once in any police commander’s units, there can be no excuse – they should be relived of leadership and set to file paperwork somewhere for the rest of their career. At best. They should probably also bear at least a portion of the civil liability personally.


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