22 thoughts on “George W. Bush to MSNBC’s Brian Williams: 9/11 “Was an Inside Job”

      • I have read a great deal from people who believe we (humanity) were brought here to be enslaved by Reptilians from somewhere in space.

        So when I read or hear reptilian, in reference to human beings, I guess I draw this conclusion.

        You’re right, he may have just been making a “snake in the grass” comment.


      • Roughly 2 out of 5 Americans polled by Zogby believe that there was a 9/11 cover-up, a similar number believe that there was foreknowledge. This is not quite a majority, but it is certainly a very large plurality:


        I think a legislative Truth and Reconciliation Committee would work. However, since the Warren Commission’s whitewash of the JFK assassination, one could argue that Mil/Intel effectively controls the government.

        I think there is conflict in the FBI and other intelligence agencies having jurisdiction to investigate the federal judiciary and Congress. This conflict creates a structural problem in the ability of these branches to effectuate oversight over the executive branch, more specifically, over the criminalized intelligence agencies.This leaves the branches ostensibly having check and balance control neutered because they are either bought or blackmailed. There should be a special investigative division run out of the Attorney General’s Office with the sole authority investigate members of Congress and the federal judiciary. We are talking about 535 members of Congress and less than 900 Article 3 judges. Civilian participation in such an office would be helpful.


  1. Hold on here! Not to pick sides here but Tubularsock just wants to go on record and state, that EVEN the Reptilian Community and the Illuminati would not stoop so low as to engage George W. Bush in a discussion let alone a conspiracy.

    Trust Tubularsock on this! Both the Reptilian and the Illuminati have principles!


  2. Re: “When you say you don’t like pranks, I hope that doesn’t include the Yes Men?”

    Perhaps I do not have that prank-humor-genetic-code?
    I applaud the work that activists have done and are doing to expose the institutional fraud and deception that is a fundamental element of the globalists’ control meme.
    I appreciate activists who expose the institutional control freaks (in that regard I consider the yes men activists rather than pranksters), but no I did not laugh.
    I smiled when they exposed the BBC and DOW chemical.
    Ditto for the other like minded activists:
    Prank that exposed royal family in the UK…
    Prank that exposed Kiev’s Ukraine war lies…


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