13 thoughts on “Syrians Unwelcome In Arab Lands, Just As Were the Palestinians Before Them

  1. And in the mean time the media and U.N. keep spewing nonsense to talk the Europeans into doing what the Arabs, Americans and the U.N. won’t do. Where I live there is a waiting list for rental housing, how on earth are they going to accommodate all these additional people? They are asking for volunteers to take refugees into their homes!


    • In most of Europe, there seems to be really strong popular support for accepting refugees the west has created via illegal military aggression in the Middle East and Libya. People are seeing they have more income with displaced refugees than they do with bankers and and corporates who are responsible for the austerity cuts that have led to the housing shortage.

      There is also strong support here in New Zealand. Here in New Plymouth one of my friends set up a Facebook page for Kiwis to accept refugees into their homes. At this point, 3,000 New Zealanders have agreed to accept refugees in their homes: https://www.facebook.com/events/1627768584139099/

      Thus far 3,000 families have agreed to accept refugees.

      Here’s an article in one of the national newspapers right after the Facebook page was set up:

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  2. As I read the first line of the title, I thought, “Wow, just like the Arab nations with the Palestinians.” And then I read the rest.

    Even in our divisions we are divided. When I was a Christian, I was fed acceptance, love and UNITY. But as I began to experience what I had allowed myself to be indoctrinated in, I saw and experienced just the opposite. Christianity is divided up into over three thousand competing and at odds with each other factions: denominations. It’s a sad and evil joke, just as with all religion, and I do mean all!

    There is no unity in religion, politics and economics, it’s every “chosen” asshole for himself and his own. All three of these coercive, manipulative devices serve only to keep humanity divided and hating each other.


  3. Everywhere ordinary people either struggle to make a living or their employment is precarious. They must compete with one another for the luck of making ends meet. Given this economic and social reality, any sudden influx of people seeking to settle in one’s part of the world is perceived through the lens of the constant, general and universal anxiety of finding oneself unemployed or with a reduced wage or with fewer opportunities to get ahead. The basic intolerance arises out of a perceived threat to one’s livelihood, and that situation inheres in social and economic structures of exploitation that actually create and sustain the material scarcity that is the fact underpinning all of the xenophobia, the chauvinism, the racism, the intolerance . . . everywhere . . . whether among Europeans or people living in the Arab world. The truth is that Europe could — from a purely technological and organizational standpoint — easily accommodate all the refugees and ensure full employment to all of its citizens. But then the fundamental logic of the economy would have to become one geared to needs rather than profits. But that isn’t going to happen any time soon.

    So people will continue to be uprooted from their homelands and forced to choose between trying to survive under conditions of all-out war or being persecuted as refugees within the territory of their own country or abroad.


    • You make some good points about refugees threatening job prospects, which right wing elements in any country are very good about whipping up. The reality is that trade policies that allow corporations to pack up and move their factories overseas is a far bigger threat to jobs and wages. And you see very few right wingers speaking out against this problem.

      From a purely demographic perspective, refugees are an ideal solution to the demographic crisis in which there aren’t sufficient young people to support an aging baby boomer population as they retire.

      While US politicians make a lot of noise about restricting immigrants, if you actually look at their policies, the US has been covertly encouraging the influx of refugees for years. It’s partly due to fears of supporting aging baby boomers, but I think the main motivation is to suppress wages and union organizing in the food and service sector.


  4. Apparently in the Israeli government laws were passed which protect the government and military from any responsibility for monetary damages inflicted on human beings, homes, businesses, infrastructure etc. during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge. If real justice prevailed, the Israeli government and/or military would have paid billions in reparations, not to mention prosecution for war crimes. One could imagine terrorizing one’s neighbors to the point where they flee for their lives, the UN and donations from countries around the world somehow become turned to for solving the problems your war crimes caused, and you go and address the United States Congress, in total impunity. A mandatory International Court membership for all UN states, or banishment from the organization, is necessary for ending high-level leaders’ impunity for war crimes.


  5. I think Israel’s days are numbered, given the downturn in global support for US imperialist aggression. Just as the Obama administration is being forced to backtrack on Syria, I think the next US president will be forced to backtrack on Israel.


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