White House official in charge of Obamacare rollout hired as health insurance lobbyist

Obamacare has turned out to be little more than corporate welfare for the insurance and pharmaceutical industry. Thus it’s no surprise that the former director of HealthCare.Gov is being rewarded with a high paying job lobbying for the health insurance industry. In reality, that’s what she’s been doing all along (lobbying for the health insurance industry), isn’t it?

Counter Information

By George Gallanis
17 July 2015

Marilyn Tavenner, former director of HealthCare.Gov and administrator of theCenters for Medicare and Medicaid Services, was unanimously selected as the new CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), a leading health insurance lobbying organization. Like her predecessors, Tavenner continues the trend of former White House officials joining the ranks of highly profitable corporate businesses.

The move comes after previous AHIP President Karen Ignagni announced her decision to step down. Prior to heading the organization, Ignagni was the director of the AFL-CIO’s Department of Employee Benefits.

The AHIP lobbies on behalf of some of the largest health insurance companies in America, including Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Aetna posted revenues of approximately $58 billion in 2014. Altogether, the companies represented through AHIP insure over 200 million Americans, or nearly two thirds of the population.

During her time with the Obama administration, Tavenner…

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15 thoughts on “White House official in charge of Obamacare rollout hired as health insurance lobbyist

  1. Just like most of the rest of them. They are “elected” or placed in a position in government, they spend their days working for the corporate elite. And when they retire, aren’t reelected or step down from a post, they immediately become an even bigger tool for the corporate elite than they had been as “servants of the people.”

    This government is dead, as far as the people go, and has been since before my time on earth. It’s time for an uprising!


    Fed Up!


  2. ACA is here to stay. don’t you realize the irony of the fact that obama derangement syndrome is treatable and covered by your ACA coverage even if it’s a preexisting condition.


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