State Unemployment Rates – Two Americas

Days of Sunshine

People who live in different parts of the country have two wildly different economic situations right now. If your state reopened and, more importantly, reopened early, then you have in many cases literally half the unemployment rate of states that remained under lockdown.

Living in Florida, I find it fascinating talking to friends in blue states who describe their cities as hellholes of poverty and anger. For the better part of the last year, life in Florida has been… totally normal. We have five-o’clock traffic, playgrounds are crowded, kids have been back in school for a long time. Even church festivals and functions are back.

This is what a federalist system looks like – it is very important where you choose to live.

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2 thoughts on “State Unemployment Rates – Two Americas

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  2. No matter if red or blue:
    In a State with more people the number of jobs available will always be higher than in those States with less inhabitants. In States with less inhabitants the kind of jobs differs a lot. As far as job qualification and total availability of jobs is concerned:
    In larger States the amount of work asking for less qualification is elevated (service workers), whereas it’s lower in smaller States that tend to have less service staffing and additionally have more self employed people (higher qualified).

    States like Florida have much larger influx of tourists – so the ratio between inhabitants and tourists needing attention & services of lower qualified personnel is higher than elsewhere, where this does not apply.

    The conclusion is:
    It’s not the political situation that is shown in the above numbers – it’s the kind of qualification for employment & job structure in the States that differ.
    More self-employment & jobs that need higher qualified workers have less unemployment as the staff will not be let go as easy as in low-paying & depending on less qualified staff.

    So what seems to be an easy solution for comparison turns out to mislead away from the actual cause for thr discrepancy …


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