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Bill Gates: Vaccines Are ‘Phenomenal’ Profit Makers

By  Dr. Joseph Mercola

“Bill Gates — What You Were Not Told,” reviews the personal and professional background of the Microsoft mogul, including a statement revealing his real motive for investing in vaccines — their 20 – 1 return on investment.

  • After years of building a reputation as a “ruthless tech monopolizer,” Bill Gates 2.0 was launched with the creation of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. With this foundation, he reinvented and rebranded himself as one of the world’s most generous philanthropists.
  • However, Gates’ brand of philanthropy creates several new problems for each one it solves and can best be described as “philanthrocapitalism.”
  • Today, Gates monopolizes or wields disproportionate influence over the tech industry, global health and vaccines, agriculture and food policy (including biopiracy and fake food), weather modification and other climate technologies, surveillance, education and media.
  • According to Gates, vaccines are phenomenal profit makers, with more than a 20-to-1 return.
  • Gates is now promoting the technocratic “reset” plan, which includes an aggressive climate change agenda, yet Gates’ extensive travel by private jet makes him a top polluter.

“Bill Gates — What You Were Not Told,” a segment of the Plandemic documentary, reviews the personal and professional background of the Microsoft mogul, Bill Gates. Contrary to popular myth, many see Gates as more of an opportunist than a genius inventor, and the video touches on several of the less honorable moments of his career.

After years of building a reputation as a “ruthless tech monopolizer,” Bill Gates 2.0 was launched with the creation of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. With this foundation, he reinvented and rebranded himself as one of the world’s most generous philanthropists.

Gates’ charity is not what it seems

Alas, as noted by AGRA Watch, Shiva Vandana, Ph.D., and others, Gates’ brand of philanthropy creates several new problems for each one it solves and can best be described as “philanthrocapitalism.” As noted in the AGRA Watch article, “Philanthrocapitalism: The Gates Foundation’s African Programs Are Not Charity,” published in 2017, advocates of philanthrocapitalism:

“… often expect financial returns or secondary benefits over the long term from their investments in social programs. Philanthropy becomes another part of the engine of profit and corporate control. The Gates Foundation’s strategy for ‘development’ actually promotes neoliberal economic policies and corporate globalization.”

Indeed, over the years, Gates has ended up in a position where he monopolizes or wields disproportionate influence over not only the tech industry, but also global health and vaccines, agriculture and food policy (including biopiracy and fake food), weather modification and other climate technologies, surveillance, education and media.

Not surprisingly, he’s tied to online fact checker organizations that strangle free speech, and recently told “60 Minutes” that to combat mistrust in science, we need to find ways to “slow down the crazy stuff.” What’s “crazy” and what’s not, however, is rarely as clear-cut as the mainstream media would like you to believe.

And, like a true philanthrocapitalist, Gates’ generosity ends up benefiting himself most of all. As discussed in “Bill Gates — Most Dangerous Philanthropist in Modern History?” the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donates billions to the very same companies and industries that the foundation owns stocks and bonds in.

As Gates himself reveals in the featured video, he figured out that vaccines are phenomenal profit makers, saying they’re the best investment he’s ever made, with more than a 20-to-1 return. The one thing that allows for this is the liability shield vaccine makers have been given by the government.



29 thoughts on “Bill Gates: Vaccines Are ‘Phenomenal’ Profit Makers

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  2. Concerning your Article:

    I will not forget, as Bill Gates has now some mere 8 years ago “cheered” to the chinese – fascist – government for them abusively arresting mere Filesharers of actual harmless sort of Porn.

    But the opposite, out there, are many confused sort of totally uneducated Leftists, who are deluded by lenin the murderer against the good harmless Trotzki, and which sudo-leftists of nowadays of often, are simply too often “anti-satanists”, same as a Brian Lane and Wilfred Gregg of a “ripping” sort of cheaply written “anti-satanist” bourgeois-fanatic average “encyclopedia of serial killers” of usa of 1992 – where the term “thirteen” was written abusively like “thirt£een” – in the typical inquisotorish wrong unreasonable fear from and hate versus all that is “dark” – thusly, Hutchison, a Scientist of Antigravity [!] and of Cold Fusion of the most efficient type ever, got bestolen in 1998: He got discriminated also as Him having been a “Goth”. Which was anti-Munster-ism and anti-Addams-Family-ism of that “NSA” of 1998 – in the same year, Tron got murdered surely by USA, then in 2006 or so, Ruben de Bruyker, a renewable energy scientist, got murdered by USA, surely by USA. Assange got since 2010 sought out abusively by a USA that massmurdered 2003 to 2008 a million Muslims racistically. Beside that, Assange also revealed the corruption of many Companies. Instead of yielding to Assange and going the ethical way, these many among the Companies continue an evil way. Surely not Unilever, while it still has surely some many wrongly chosen employees; But Bill Gates indeed is not an Intellectual at all, is not ethical, but is the SAME as Biden: a corrupt money-monkey, those are, such people, who can not be expected to have a “good” complete nor in the Details caring oversight at all. When I wrote so many also nice Things about Them. But Biden got ridiculous, and Gates already talked on and on with the SAUDI evil government – him playing “god of the world” abusively. Which is, what Jesus and Assange and Tron did just never do. But they bravely went exactly AGAINST that governmental and corporate simply ULTRA-EVIL NAZI sort of evil, against CORRUPTION, simply, Assange and Tron went. If humanity [there is no “we”, but People are – sadly yet – different – but there’s only one truth, that religious tolerance is due and what Jesus and now since post 1945 also Hitler command, which Hitler and any undead villain are simply not anymore evil at all, but they were made evil by lots of non-knowers here and did not then have to repent thusly, for the wrongly Others educators are to blame simply] lets Assange remain imprisoned and does not even reward Hutchison and give Him back his own POSESSION of the 20 to 30 1960s Machines that did Antigravity and his endless Cold Fusion Battery, then humanity WILL YET ALSO SHALL [!] PAY THE PRICE FOR THAT – adversely. PERIOD. Lots of uninformed People are simply not good, but are quite horrible. Period. It goes not, that so many People are uninformed. Nor, that of course a bunch of totally non-intellectual FULL-IDIOTS such as zuckerberg and gates and a likewise horribly dumb twitter-boss by effort “control the world”, – their dominion gets now shattered, spliced apart, somewhat, legally, as these big social websites get depowered legally duly. I simply got TOTALLY nuffin versus Gates personally AND I do think, that his postulation of MUCH MORE TAXES against the Rich is BRILLIANT and NO EMPTY TALK. Also, that He merely personally in his own private Jet flies around, is “laughable” as sudo-argument, meaning, it is not good to “bring” that as argument: as I AM SO VERY THANKFUL FOR AT LEAST SOME WESTERN GOOD SORT OF “COWBOY” DUDE GOIN PLACES AND ACTUALLY PROMOTIN’ FRICKIN SO BY THE SIDE AND MORE THAN THAT EVEN FREEDOM, WESTERN VALUES OF NAMELY RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE AND OF A WHOLE AUTOMATIC BUNCH OF DUE JESUITIAN TRUE GOOD ETHICAL VALUES — HE WENT TO BUHARI – BUHARI NEXT DAY CARED FOR SCHOOLS. !!! But of course You’re correct, that Gates TOTALLY inadvertendly didn’t rig his Company to ACT optimally ethically: He for Example would never Himself criticise the WTO for having MASSMURDERED India Peasants by Them, the WTO, having arisen SEED PRICES “astronomically” suddenly now some 6 years ago: And suddenly, RADISHES in the SUPERMARKET COST THE FORTUNE FOR SOME MERE EIGHT PIECES OF RADISHES, OF 3 DOLLARS 20 CENTS !!! WHA? INSANE! – One things’ for sure: My Brain, LUL, isn’t yet dead! 🙂 — Anyway, You’re correct, and Gates should make You Advisor of very high Type to his Company. Period. I love this Guy of course, but not STEVE BALLMER AHAHAH this MESHIGENE JA, nay nay He great too – OBAMA even wanted to FREE ASSANGE AND POLLARD, after People CAME TO HIM ASKING. BIDEN’s GOTTA GET TOLD, THAT ASSANCHO PANCHO EQUALS GOOD GUY !!! EY !!! PERIOD !!! 🙂 A mean, Gatesio n Bidenus don’t wanna be known as HENRY THE EIGHTHS EY!!! AHA !!! 🙂 MAKE MERRY. 🙂 ON YOUTUBE, WOW, MAKE MERRY: Pyewackett – Pyewackett – 1981 – Full Album



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  5. I didn’t see a mention of Gates’ heavy hand in the World Health Organization, but I’ve seen references to it elsewhere. Also, with the spin around the COVID-19 panic-demic, with this mass delusion that there is something beyond ordinary about it, I’m sure vaccines are hot market items.

    Maybe it was your site that led me to purchase Noam Chomsky’s “Manufactured Consent: The

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  6. Strange. My keyboard suddenly stopped working, but now it’s working again . . . so, to continue: Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman published “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media” in 1988, then updated it in 2002. I guess it is a classic by now, because I’m suddenly seeing many references to it.

    The link to the present is the massive advertising campaign to present COVID-19 as a revolutionary new and deadly agent worthy of world-wide lockdowns and draconian measures to fight it.

    I had to brave the Mask Police at Barnes and Noble to buy the book, but I knew it would be a valuable addition to my home library. I haven’t even finished the introduction, but the book already validates some of my worst suspicions regarding the control-freak Agenda.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Control Freaks they are in spades! We’re looking at a world sitting just outside of the Gates of Hell. Still, must keep the faith, because the SOB’s are not going to win!!! No way, no how! I will never accept any of their malarkey and I fear nobody on this earth! They can destroy my body but my soul is God’s! Amen.


      • Winning and losing are also matters of perspective. My next question is, “Win what?” Is there an end point to this game? I believe the need or desire to control shows a sense of powerlessness, not power, and an unacknowledged fear of inadequacy. And then, what is the time frame we are considering?

        I don’t fear anybody, either, but I do try to avoid other people’s battles with each other.

        Liked by 1 person

          • I have doubts about whether many people want autonomy. They would rather blame others for their perceived mistakes, inadequacies, or wrong turns. Full autonomy also implies full responsibility, which requires maturity and the willingness to accept consequences..


        • I see what you mean but with some twisted souls and truly demented megalomaniac minds or sociopaths, it goes beyond matters of controlling others or fearing one’s own inadequacies becoming what makes hate pale in comparison; whether hating oneself or the world these are those that become evil; and evil truly exists beyond what people want to believe or think possible! But, history has shown us and illustrated this evil time and again only to be coddled or even ignored by the masses until it rears its ugly head again to remind everybody it hasn’t left the building!

          Look at it in terms of either religiosity such as antichrist or just anti-human like a Lenin, Marx, Pol Pot, Hitler or many of the current major master manipulators and political despots working to seize total control, aka Putin, Xi Jinping, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Gates, Fauci and far too many to name unfortunately. Also, in the matter of win what; think of it like a feeding frenzy that sharks can be and are notorious for or piranha where the appetite is like the old adage, “your eyes are bigger than your stomach,” or just an insatiable appetite where that appetite becomes the rush, the be all and end all; above and beyond the actual need to ingest food to live! They now live for the appetite; the chase or those perhaps Endorphins to gain that Euphoria!

          From experience the only thing I allow to get out of control is the sugar high, which has always been my sweet tooth desire since a boy, still eat my cookies, cakes, candies and ice-cream like a kid; even though not healthy to do it; we humans can do things that are not good for us or others around us; we’re not as in control as we might otherwise believe! Take this idea and increase it exponentially in some free wielding power monger! Ancient Rome where Caesar had no cloths and enjoyed seeing someone ripped to shreds by lions; he became an evil monster! What seen and unseen forces had something to do with that transition; because as a child I doubt he was that gluttonous for evil entertainment or power mongering!

          Einstein boldly said, “God doesn’t roll dice!” You have a colorful and extensive background in religiosity and perspective on meaning of life. But let’s consider straight out of the gate to put this puppy to bed! I go with what Einstein said in spades meaning its God’s plan and God makes no mistakes; nothing in creation is by chance or happenstance! So you know about Jesus Christ like any intelligent person or even many nitwits! The question becomes do you want to roll the dice, when God doesn’t, and say I’m good, I know what I know and I won’t settle, I’ll remain neutral or lukewarm about the whole matter of; is there God and what did Jesus mean when he said, “I am the way the truth and the life; no one comes unto the Father but through Me!” So we have a choice by His statements, we can look at Him as just some prophet or even madman that will be inconsequential in the sum total of “our personal” lives journey! Or maybe we better take Him dead serious so we won’t miss the boat and end up stranded in a place much worse than this messed up world we’re in right now! Is that a bridge too far to cross? To have faith in something you don’t know for sure is on the other side of that bridge, and can’t prove in worldly terms with some piece of physical evidence which even in those cases might be an optical delusion on our part; so do we take this insurance policy and go with it in terms of all the substantive historical context and supporting data to protect our personal journey, or toss caution to the wind and say to hell with that; I’ll go it alone without the silly insurance policy! But, hell you go and buy auto insurance and toss all that bread into the bin for the rich and greedy even if you haven’t had a fender bender in 30 or more years and maybe never! Add that cost up and now compare your life and soul to what loss you could sustain at the end of your road without that policy in hand; saying I did trust and had hope in You!

          Again a bit of Einstein here:

          “The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms – this knowledge, this feeling is at the centre of true religiousness.”
          -Albert Einstein – “The Merging of Spirit and Science”

          I’m all in on that deal; “impenetrable to us really exists,” and, “manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms.” This sure looks to me like what Jesus was, and doing, while to those with insight still is!

          Many people are too proud and arrogant; so they just go their own way down and down to a dead end! Just some stuff to think about! But important I say, maybe the most important of all!

          Liked by 1 person

          • I think it might be different for women, Lawrence. especially if they are single with young children. IMHO society, as currently organized, is totally indifferent to the needs of children. Single women are at the absolute bottom of the income scale, and if they want their kids to have any kind of decent life, they must totally sacrifice control of their own lives.


            • Not sure what you’re saying or how this even comes close to applying to my long very well-articulated statement which had nothing to do with single women or children! I had nothing to say about that nor do I! You may realize you responded to the wrong comment when you read mine above.


              • The point I’m trying to make, Lawrence, is that when men (like you and Einstein) make generalizations about “people” and the experience of “people,” they are really talking about the experience of men. In my experience, it’s extremely difficult for for men to understand and speak knowledgeably about the experience of women – which tends to be vastly from what men experience.

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                • I see what you’re attempting to put forth but I can’t agree with it, or accept it; is a better way to put it. Women have been placed on a pedestal for many decades legally and otherwise; now being catered to because during the social revolution of the 60’s they all demanded some panacea equality, then burning their bras and stating that they were through being the underlings of men. So out of this the “radical feminist” movement started and took over the underlying concerns making it their narrative that mattered; and I say that movement has screwed over women and society way more than men had or would want to; as a matter of fact most men like me wouldn’t want to screw anyone over, but there is a natural order to things, be it planets, solar systems or people!

                  We must look at people at times in their general categories because we can’t have a pretend world where everyone is the winner, but nobody a loser, and just showing up makes you equal to anyone else! That is all liberal hogwash and insanity. I like “Reality” so much that is why I never used drugs or needed to get high on pot or booze, and I take it that the great minded and person Einstein; did see and appreciate reality the same way too.

                  These radicals, they set the stage for more bitter confrontation and the adage, “don’t settle,” sure be a bullheaded never going to strike the right balance so be the woman with the control; and I won’t repeat what many call those sorts, but for women to subjugate their own femininity because some radicals think they built a better mouse trap and it was time to show the world who is in charge in the sex duel, was the stupidest thing women could have done to themselves making them more unhappy, unfulfilled, bitter and wanton trouble makers not peacemakers, which is what women used to be once upon a time!

                  I don’t like any of the nonsense that is going on and now we still hear stupid ideas coming forward because of this radicalism such as Transgender men who were born with male genitalia are now blowing the socks off of real women who have to compete athletically with them, especially if this nut case administration totally gets its way! This malarkey will never end; so you see my point? Leaving well enough lone and the basic status-quo was better to do, along with some good education and understanding being advocated; would have served all much better than the nut house we have now!


          • It’s called the Dao. Lao Tzu’s wisdom was around centuries before Jesus, and Jesus was a Daoist in his own way. Dao, for lack of a better term, is the eternal. Science can not prove a beginning, and evolution theories have disproved creationism. Paraphrasing Jesus, he said if the Kingdom of God is in the skies, the birds will precede us. If the Kingdom of God is in the seas, the fish will precede us. It is in me, and you, and everything.”
            That is at the heart of the teachings of the Dao, and what I believe Einstein spoke of. The awe of the undefinable by us homosapiens with limited conscious access to our environment. I agree with you, at the end of the day, this ‘faith’ or lack of it, is perhaps the fundamental issue in this current global situation.


  7. I have to question the concept of “winning” and “losing” itself. I like to visualize all life as like a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece needs the rest of the pieces to make the picture complete. In other words, there are no “winning” or “losing” pieces.

    And Lawrence, perhaps this jigsaw puzzle needs what you call “evil” in order to balance out the rest of the pieces.

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    • “Katharine Otto” I hear you and not to be redundant let’s consider once again what I said with these words; “stupid ideas coming forward because of this radicalism such as Transgender men who were born with male genitalia are now blowing the socks off of real women who have to compete athletically with them, especially if this nut case administration totally gets its way! This malarkey will never end; so you see my point? Leaving well enough alone or sticking with the basic status-quo was better to do, along with some good education and understanding being advocated; would have served all much better than the nut house we have now!”

      Again not to be redundant but another silly but effective truism is the term “it is what it is.” Once we have examined a thing to the fullest possible extent and put it into its place among other things it now has a true identity in the sphere of reality as we know it. Someone could try to argue otherwise but that would be another irrational act of rebellion to the order and proper place of a thing, and I know that rebellion has its place in the sphere of things; but not a good one! I do know enough to see into the fact that chaos is at the other end of the spectrum of complete sanity and Peace, even peace of mind. I additionally like Einstein realize that God exists; that His intelligence and presence (essence, creative intelligence) is intricately woven into all of creation and that God is pure endless love, wanting only that we his adored creation be drawn to Him in likewise Love; while a naturally opposing force to God is attempting to draw us away from that peace and love of God; to darkness and despair! This “counterbalance” exists in order for there to be “Free Will” for without that component there is no actual love, because love is not a forced behavior or modality frame of mind rooted in the core of a human being, but must be given freely and totally from the heart; otherwise God could have just desired to be a Greatest Computer Programmer amongst a world of Robots that will have no individual creative true personality, one quite different in those innate inner qualities than the next; making for infinitely different and unique persons not an assembly line product.

      So yes, evil absolutely exists but only as a temporary unfortunate part of an ongoing plan one in which there will be winners and losers because in the final analysis which can only be concluded and surmised-calculated-determined by God; some will have truly decided of their own volition to be not drawn to God but to turn away from God and all that is good, for a myriad of reasons all of which are evil and lead to utter destruction! What is called biblical or even just logically, “complete transgression” from all that is good and right; can only lead to its nemesis!

      I will infer here but I think quite correctly, that you are like me and want to be a winner; succeed or reach the most desired destination, at the end of your road, and that is a good thing; so why not be cognizant of that fact and try each day to seek out what gives us that ability and assurance of being a winner or one who did the right thing to the best of his or her ability when we face the Creator! In my case which is the same as many people if not all; my ledger will be a mix and my hope is that all of my pluses or merits, good intentions, heartfelt efforts will far exceed my personal transgressions which I admit I certainly have some, be they mistakes, stupidity, rebelliousness or being foolish enough to be tricked at times to run amuck and sin; in those instances I can happily say that more often than not I really did learn my lesson or figured out how and why I was wrong about one thing or another in my being so imperfect; and in those cases I know the all loving God will see it right not coming down on me like a ton of bricks! God wants us to succeed in this term of life we have, so that we can move on to “greener pastures” as it were! Hope is bountiful in this journey! And, with a stiff upper lip we move ahead!

      Thank you for the thoughtful offering and have a very lovely day!


  8. Pray that he will become a born again Christian and be filled with the Holy Spirit as he is a smart guy with access to a lot of resources. If he aligned himself to the Truth then he could help realize the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth


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