Frontline Health Workers: From Heroes to Vaccine Hesitant Public Health Threats

By Jefferey Jaxen | The Highwire

UPDATE (12/1): The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has voted 13 to 1 in an emergency meeting to make the recommendation that residents and employees of nursing homes health care workers be the first to receive coronavirus vaccines.

It’s the final countdown! Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine candidates are on their way to emergency use authorization (EUA) consideration. Experimental messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine technology, rushed through trials, with public-facing scientific transparency and disclosures coming via public relations press releases. What’s to fear?

Officials are now targeting the world’s frontline health workers as their ‘post-marketing data’ cohort – the unofficial 4th phase of Covid vaccines trials. But the frontline health workers… they’re not so sure.

During his Thanksgiving video teleconference, Donald Trump said Covid-19 vaccines would be sent “on the next week or week after” to “frontline workers and seniors.” Similar plans have been announced from Texas to California, from Scotland to UK and from Canada to India.

But the news is now noting how frontline health workers have suddenly become ‘vaccine hesitant.’ Early in the coronavirus response, the media held up frontline health workers as heroes who could do no wrong. That all changed in July 2020 during the America’s Frontline Doctor’s Summit when those same heroes began going off-script, speaking of the beneficial effects of early therapeutics like Hydroxychloroquine.

The media-Big Tech hammer and sickle operation immediately went to work. It censored these now-former medical heroes and their message. There would be no opposition to the official Covid narrative – whether the dissent was backed by scientific data or not.

Media has since shifted its optics from praising frontline health workers to signaling that healthcare workers may not cooperate with the coming Covid vaccine push for which they are the initial, primary targets.

There were early warning signs, even before the coronavirus response, that healthcare workers weren’t taking well the aggressive vaccine push backed by limited safety science. In December 2019, the World Health Organization’s Global Vaccine Safety Summit featured, among other speakers, Heidi Larson. Larson announced her findings while studying vaccine hesitancy, which looked at nearly 300,000 people around the world: ”[Vaccine] safety was the biggest issue.”

Then she dropped the bombshell.

“The other thing that’s a trend, and an issue, is not just confidence in providers, but confidence of healthcare providers. We have a very wobbly health professional frontline that is starting to question vaccines and the safety of vaccines. That’s a huge problem.”

Larson continued stating that the frontline workers “don’t have enough confidence about the safety to stand up to the person asking them the questions.”

Fast-forward to the present moment. Call it karma. Or a revelation whose time has come. Will, in Larson’s words, a “very wobbly health professional frontline” take a new and untested vaccine when they previously didn’t have the confidence in previous vaccines (safety) when challenged by patients?

Look at the information health professionals and the general public are given. Primary endpoint goals for early vaccine trials are mild symptoms and a positive PCR test. That’s it.

Tal Zaks, chief medical officer at Moderna, told The BMJ that the company’s trial lacks adequate statistical power to assess more severe endpoints. Zaks said Moderna’s trial wouldn’t demonstrate prevention of transmission, judge hospital admissions or even know if it prevents mortality.

The most up-to-date data by Pfizer and Modern’s Covid vaccine candidates has been from their press releases. Make of that what you will. The available safety data is limited (at best!) with no longterm info. Full disclosure concerning several key aspects, from raw trial data to vaccine formulation composition, is not known.

AstraZeneca is currently experiencing a media black-eye for making public claims that raised red flags about their coming shot, based on “very shaky science.” A more careful analysis of their claims might suggest words like manipulation and lies.

Public information justifying the potential EUA’s of the the coming shots make it simply impossible to give properly informed consent at this point.




5 thoughts on “Frontline Health Workers: From Heroes to Vaccine Hesitant Public Health Threats

  1. Reblogged this on ~Burning Woman~ and commented:
    Thanks for blogging this, Dr. Bramhall. From talks with local (S.W. Canadian) social health workers it’s been obvious for some time that the “jab” is rapidly losing support among health workers, not so much because of the old folks – they’re there to be used after all – but because of the workers and their families health. It probably won’t be enough to stop the madness but who knows that down the road a ways after crises and death it it may become de rigeur to lauch a people campaing against the elites and their fascist “boards”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It may well stop the madness, Sha’Tara. Apparently George W Bush and the CDC tried to roll out a smallpox vaccine in 2002 to protect Americans in case terrorists launched a biological attack with smallpox vaccine. As usual, health workers were the first in line to get it. Unlike most patients, they looked at the vaccine information sheet and the horrendous side effects. And when they balked, the entire program had to be scrapped.


  2. Hi Sha’Tara. Good article. This article does touch on the health community and the public’s trust. The very shaky science means no science. It’s impossible to get through the hate science crowd to explain what they hate isn’t science but the pretense of science by people in positions of authority with ulterior motives. We are at a very dangerous place in society that can be traced to a break in trust in every direction. This leads to a mass mental illness that cannot be treated and leads to the rise of nefarious leaders that history is littered with. All the charismatic despots have failed and trust is a basic human need like enough to eat, enough water to drink, an adequate shelter and clothing. Trust, once destroyed leads to madness and that madness justifies what we see all around us in the hurling of insult and threat. Next is small clashes we see on every continent, and war we see on every continent, and the collapse we see on every continent. The virus was sent to remind us that death by any means is a blessing, and sleep it’s surrogate. To live in this chaos of hate and confusion, of blame and distrust, of every vile act against nature and human existence makes the virus a kindness and perhaps we shouldn’t avoid it but breath it in and wait for the blessed deliverance. Or not. But it should be a well informed choice, not this take a guess and see how it turns out based on mistrust and ignorance. (Which, at present seems our only true option)


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