Russia Is Responding Better Than Everyone Else to World War C

Putin’s generous socio-economic support package aimed at preventing economic suffering Coronavirus lockdowns causing elsewhere:

“1. Nationwide paid leave starting week commencing March 28

2. The vote on constitutional changes has been postponed from April 22 until further notice

3. All social benefits are to be extended automatically, no documentation required

4. All families that qualify for maternity benefits are to get an additional 5,000 rubles (ca. $63) monthly for each child under 3 for the next three months starting from April, 2020.

5. All employees on sick leave will not have their pay reduced below the minimum wage – this provision will last through 2020

6. The new maximum unemployment benefit pay will be set at 12,130 rubles (ca. $154)

7. All private loans and mortgage payments are to be frozen for borrowers who provide evidence of a more than 30% decline in the ability to repay (failure of business, salary-related issues, etc.)

8. Concerning businesses suffering through the COVID-19 outbreak, the new measures are as follows:

* Small and midsize businesses: tax payments – aside from value added tax – are to be postponed for six months.

* Microbusinesses: an additional postponing of insurance payments for six months.

9. A six-month delay in loan payments for all small and midsize businesses

10. Additional measures for strengthening small businesses are to be introduced

11. A six month moratorium on bankruptcy claims for businesses operating in areas hardest hit by the outbreak

12. Dividend tax rate is to indefinitely be increased to 15 percent in case of money taken out of the country

13. Returns on each personal investment, including bank deposits and stocks exceeding the total sum of 1 million rubles (ca. $12,600), are to indefinitely be taxed 13 percent”

15 thoughts on “Russia Is Responding Better Than Everyone Else to World War C

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  2. It only stands to reason that if you put everyone on pause, their lives and business interests, then you had better make it clear to the lenders they are paused as well. I was thinking public hangings would be appropo for any vulture capitalists who try and swoop in and take advantage of any small business’s in extremis situation.

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  3. OMG!!!

    Thank god we’re not in RUSSIA and that we live in a country where democratic Wall Street can protect their investments.

    The next thing the U.S. citizen must do is praise and appreciate their crumbs that they have been graciously provided by our beloved leader!

    OTHERWISE you would NOT have a FREE democratic life but live under the evil rule of SOCIALISM!

    Now ….. wash your hands, put on your mask and GET BACK TO WORK!

    And the Congress will take a three week break because they are exhausted!

    Now where did Tubularsock put those matches?

    Time to burn it down!

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