Is the Democratic National Committee Cheating? Again?


By Michael T Hertz

Nation of Change

TDMS Research has been doing a lot of comparison in several primary states between exit polls and final reported results.  For example, in connection with the Texas primary, TDMS wrote:

“The 2020 Texas Democratic Party presidential primary was held on March 3, 2020. Election results from the computerized vote counts differed significantly from the results projected by the exit poll conducted by Edison Research and published by CNN at poll’s closing. According to the exit poll Sanders was tied with Biden but lost in the unobservable computer counts by 4.5%.

“In this election, candidate Sanders saw the largest discrepancy between the exit poll and computer vote counts. His projected vote proportion fell 4% in the vote counts—a 12% reduction of his exit poll share. The combined discrepancies between the exit poll and the vote count for candidates Sanders and Biden at 4.4% significantly exceeded the 2.9% margin of error for the exit poll difference between the two. The discrepancies between Sanders and Bloomberg at 5.4% was triple their respective margin of error. See table below.

“There is good reason to believe that the exit poll just prior to publishing showed a Sanders win in Texas.“

In the five primaries researched – Texas (-4.0%), Vermont (-6.3%), New Hampshire (-0.3%), South Carolina (-1.4%) and Massachusetts  (-3.8%)– Sanders’ computer vote counts were always significantly below the exit polls. Biden’s counts, on the other hand, always went up above the exit polls, except in New Hampshire.  The only candidate who went up in New Hampshire was Buttigieg […]


6 thoughts on “Is the Democratic National Committee Cheating? Again?

  1. Business as usual as a pandemic strikes amerikkka and the world. The United Deathhole of america has deathcare and is woefully unprepared. The sociopath in charge, lies and sets the stage for an unprecedented genocidal pandemic, as it twists and turns, delays any meaningful action and lies about  the pandemic.

    A national state of emergency declared. Deranged-sociopathic sadists and demagogues, spoonfeed the worst lies and irresponsible garbage about the corona virus.
    Billions for nukes, for nuke weapons. Billions for oil and gas corporate money as the country is ravaged by corona.

    Cops and and security deployed at major hospitals in major cities across the USA as the pandemic grows and store shelves are emptied. Cops deployed to keep people out, not to let them in.

    That is Murican reality now..

    Trillions for nuclear madness for the evil monkeys at the pentagon. Trillions to bail out the crooks on wallstereet, as their fragile, fake house of cards collapses.

    Companies are laying off in Japan and going bankrupt. Japan is erroding quickly. It is terrible because so many people are becoming desparate.

    Less hospital beds in murica than tiny Italy where 26 perccent are people corona infected

    Warm weather will not slow it down.

    In the USA, they do not even bother to hide a blatantly rigged election. The same Corporate Nuclear Fascist State, that brought the nuclear death to the world. The Corporate monsters have installed a demented old fascist, loser candidate that is sure to lose to the Corporate Liar in Charge. The Orange Psycho has installed tactical nuclear weapons on submarines.

    There are numerous nuclear messes going on in the Nuclear Craphole of Amerca. There are 96 rotten, deregulated atrocities ready to blow and burn what is left of the wretched country.

    Millions of homeless. An abyssmal police state. If you get sick you will be bankrupt, marginalized now, probably die. That is from from Deathcare Medical . Not healthcare.

    An Corporate Orwellian hellstate. A nightmare of the worst propaganda
    and lies possible. It will not last 4 more years of the sadism, genocide and madness.


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