Flight Shaming, Personal Action, and Climate Catastrophe

We’re not in this predicament because scientists fly to remote areas to do research, go to conferences, or, to be sure, because Grandmothers fly to see their grandchildren, or honeymooners visit the Caribbean. We’re here because we’ve been using huge amounts of coal, oil, and gas for 200 years, and the companies who control that production recognized 50 years ago that there were problems on the horizon, but chose a deliberate policy of concealing, distorting, fogging, obfuscating and confusing the settled science on that issue.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Above, Travel guru Rick Steves imposes a carbon tax on his tour business.


I, from time to time, as part of my mission to communicate global climate change in a comprehensive and convincing manner, fly in airplanes.

I also watch television, use a computer, drive a car, and occasionally take a hot shower.

But as George Monbiot observes below,  “The big polluters’ masterstroke was to blame the climate crisis on you and me.

While everyone should consider whether any flight actually necessary, it’s important to be aware that the low hanging fruit for climate action is still coal, oil, and gas, in that order.  In the meantime, while carbon free flight is further off,  we’re a lot closer to disruptive technology in the airline industry than most people think.

I would add, we’re not in this predicament because scientists fly to remote areas to do research, go…

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3 thoughts on “Flight Shaming, Personal Action, and Climate Catastrophe

  1. As “little people” we have to take our quota of responsibility for environmental abuse and destruction caused by consumerism but to take on full responsibility is like accepting God’s judgment that we are responsible for all the sin in the world after he inspired the biblical writers to say that he made us in his image. The gods of the day have also made us in their image, and here we are. As the article contends, we do what we have been brainwashed and cornered to do. Predatory capitalism has left none with any real choice.


    • I think that in recent times people forgot that the mass media’s sole reason to exist is to defend the status quo, hide or whitewash its glaring sins, feeding guilt and anger along with a heavy dose of cheap, inane entertainment to keep truth and questions from causing embarrasment.

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