“50 Years of Deep State”, The Enterprise, Bill Clinton & The Oklahoma City Bombing

“In 1968, while at Oxford, ambitious, young Bill Clinton was recruited as a CIA asset by CIA London station chief Cord Meyer. Cord Meyer was a very significant figure in the Coup of ’63 [JFK assassination] when he ran the media cover-up, propaganda side of the Coup. The Cabal was always looking to groom a next generation of members, and from the point of view of the CIA/Cabal, Clinton must have made an ideal target. He was smart, charismatic, ambitious, and he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. That combination of traits made him very controllable.”

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“…The OKC Bombing served at least two purposes. It removed public sympathy for the militia movement that had grown after the Waco attacks, and it destroyed an FBI investigation being run out of the Murrow building that would have exposed certain elements of The Enterprise”

50 Years of Deep State; Bill Clinton and Oklahoma City Bombing  – By Mark Gorton

Bill Clinton & The Enterprise

One part of The Enterprise’s criminal portfolio was drug trafficking. The CIA has had a long history of involvement in the drug business going back to its post-WWII relationship with the Marseilles heroin syndicate. (As a side note, the CIA – Marseilles mafia relationship was leveraged to recruit Lucian Sarti, one of the gunmen behind the grassy knoll in Dallas.) During the Vietnam War, the majority of the heroin supply in Vietnam and the Golden Triangle was controlled…

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12 thoughts on ““50 Years of Deep State”, The Enterprise, Bill Clinton & The Oklahoma City Bombing

    • hmmm… maybe the resistance to trump by the security complex -comey, brennon, et al- is because hes not a part of that dynasty. which is not to say they havent bent him to their will, subsequent to his election… they would have preferred someone in the dosey doe bipartisan family, but they have had to make do with trump. and israel likes him, so its okay.

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