5 thoughts on “Ginseng May Work Better Than Chemo and Radiation. Here’s How…

    • So if you were 35 or 40 and u you had metastatic breast cancer, or colon cancer or lung cancer, and you had a young family, you would rely on ginseng to save your life?


  1. That is what this article says just use ginseng extract to cure yur metasticised cancer. I’m sure many cancer survivors have taken ginseng and none of them relied on it for their cancer. If their were a magic drug for cancer many would use it and survive but they don’t because cancer cells attack every system in your body and especially adenocarcinoma move so fast that you are on the deathbead before you know what happened to you. It changes your physiology, your protein production, your homeostasis radically and leave a lot of damage.


    • Terri, this is the conclusion at the end of the article and paper:

      “Given the increasing number of studies on ginsengs, ginsengs are likely to be used as antitumor drugs for controlling multiple types of cancer. Ginsenosides have been proven to regulate known oncogenes, such as Stat3. Since ginsenoside-induced death of cancer cells is achieved via multi-target pathways, it is difficult to some extent for cancer cells to develop drug resistance. Moreover, another advantage of ginsenosides is that the small side effect is shown when killing cancer cells. Thus ginsenosides may be considered as a good drug candidate for cancer treatment.”

      I don’t see anywhere in the article that recommends people go out and take ginseng to treat metasticised cancer.


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