Tech Workers Downing Tools and Refusing to Work on Unethical Projects

Source: Boing Boing

Tech workers are in demand: companies find it easier to raise cash than to hire engineers; this gives workers enormous bargaining power, and they’re using it.

From the Google uprisings over a Pentagon babykiller project and a Chinese surveillance project to the Microsoft uprising over ICE contracts, tech workers are emerging as part of the solution — while their secretive, shareholder-haunted bosses are more and more the problem.

It’s part of a wider movement to formulate an ethical basis for technical work (here’s a list of more than 200 university tech ethics syllabi) and a sense among established and new engineers that their work has an all-important ethical dimension.

Such policies have rippled beyond tech companies. In June, more than 100 students at Stanford, M.I.T. and other top colleges signed a pledge saying they would turn down job interviews with Google unless the company dropped its Project Maven contract. . .

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2 thoughts on “Tech Workers Downing Tools and Refusing to Work on Unethical Projects

  1. Google and Apple and who knows the others moving to China. They are readily adapting to the new environment. Just part of the Progressive/Marxist lifestyle.


  2. From what I understand, these tech companies have to pay higher wages now in China (the one-child policy severely restricted the current generation of young skilled workers). But it’s worth it for these companies to remain in a country that allow unrestricted dumping of toxic chemicals used in in the production process.

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