We The People Are the Real Problem Yet WE NEVER ADMIT IT

“The fact we are the obedient sheep of the corporate cabal is too embarrassing to handle. We prefer to turn away, ignore the reality we could change things overnight if we took an ethical, moral stand against this arrogant greed and carry on with the same old, same old.”

The Freedom Cycle

Happy people buying online everything under the sun. We may be lacking money, earning a crust, even got a few dollars yet all the time day and night we feed one man’s pockets with our hard earned income. We give it away without, most times, asking a question. Perhaps we do ask – What size? How quickly can I have it?

amazon_logoAt Amazon warehouses and stockrooms around the world there are those fulfilling our orders for Mr Bezos and in the process making his company a trillionaire corporation – the auto spell wants me to change it to millionaire – NO TRILLIONAIRE.

Earlier this week, e-commerce giant Amazon briefly became the world’s second trillion-dollar company after Apple, adding $434 billion to its market value. It goes without saying that nobody benefited more than its founder. Jeff Bezos added $67 billion to his net worth in 2018, bringing his total fortune…

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8 thoughts on “We The People Are the Real Problem Yet WE NEVER ADMIT IT

  1. From the article:

    “Perhaps you are an activist and shouting loudly for fair trade, fair pay and a fair world. Jumping up and down, Facebooking, social media ranting and Twittering, yet that does nothing to advance equality and just pay. Actions are what is needed. Are you refraining from shopping at Amazon? Because if you are not then you are the problem as well. Think about that just one par second…..”

    This bears repeating:

    “Are you refraining from shopping at Amazon? Because if you are not then you are the problem as well.”

    People who shop via Amazon can’t say shit! I can because I have never purchased a single thing from Amazon and I never will even I have to walk around butt ass naked because Amazon will have closed ALL brick and mortar stores. Bloggers post blog after blog screaming and yelling about how we have the means to stop our enemies in their tracks and take back some semblance of dignity, fair wages, yada, yada, yada when they are, themselves, part of the problem. I refuse to be a hypocrite and tell someone else what to do when I refuse to heed my own advice. We don’t care enough about each other, this planet or the innocent life on it to stop shopping for useless plastic junk delivered today or at the latest, tomorrow.

    Everyone is obese, stupid and lazy because of Amazon, Apple and other companies like those who make personal assistants available to turn lights on and off, who make it expedient to never have to walk around in a store and purchase NECESSARY items, who have made it so that people don’t even think for themselves anymore because they’ve got ‘smartphones’ for that shit. But we want to scream and shout that we need to take back our lives from the evil companies that have a stranglehold on us when we refuse to back up what we say with action. I just shake my head over this entire mess because we are done for. The fat lady done sung her song and exited the stage leaving us sitting somewhere dumb, stupid, fat and lazy while blowing hot air out of our ass! To hell with it ALL!


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