Imran Khan Has Successfully Exposed Liberalism as Pakistan’s Greatest Enemy

Since Eisenhower’s speech, the US military-industrial complex has become so influential that its policy making role in government is thought to exceed that of elected officials up to and including the head of state. As the country with the world’s most powerful military and strongest economy, this means that not only does the US military-industrial complex threaten democracy in the US but it threatens the peace and freedom of those in other nations whose governments may occasionally quarrel with Washington.

7 thoughts on “Imran Khan Has Successfully Exposed Liberalism as Pakistan’s Greatest Enemy

  1. Tautological bullshit. The enemies of change in murica are the hollywood rich centrists that are really repuclicans and the rest of their class. They are not liberal or progressive by any means. They are status quo reactionaries. The hollywood fakes and hillcrat fakes, have as much of their money tied up in nuclear weapons and the MIC as the republican-militarist neoconservative-bastards, like fuko the clown and its cohort.


  2. Thanks for passing that on, Doc. I visited the source and made a comment there. I thought his analysis of the situation in Turkey and Egypt seemed to stop short of blaming Uncle Sam and his war-mongering bankers. Sure Argentina’s in a mess now – but try rewinding to the time when the USA first began interfering in their political affairs. And Iran, and Guatemala, and Chile, and, and, and . . . Stephen Kinzer’s book “Overthrow” details more than a century of US regime-changing activities starting with Hawaii in 1893. There’s a mighty judgment coming!


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