Colonization: Deciding It’s OK to Steal Someone Else’s Land (and/or Body)

In the following presentation, Native American activist Ward Churchill offers ones of the most fascinating explorations of colonization I have ever encountered.

He maintains that indigenous people have an inherent right both to self-determination and to fulfill their duty to manage land and habitat to guarantee the survival of their descendants for seven generations into the future.

With colonization, colonists dispossess a native population of their land for some alternative use.

He explains the concept of “settler colonialism” – giving the Nazi occupation of Europe as the prime example (along with the Israeli colonization of Palestine, the European colonization of North and South America and the English colonization of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand).

He also introduces the concept of “false colonization,” which occurs when settlers continue to deprive native peoples of  their land and rights despite breaking away from the mother country.

He blames the plight of African Americans on “black colonies,” which he defines as “internal colonial constructions.”

Churchill believes Europeans themselves have been colonized, which he traces back to Charlemagne (737-814 AD), when early European tribal groups (“barbarians”) were dispossessed of their land and right of self-governance in the formation of nation states.

8 thoughts on “Colonization: Deciding It’s OK to Steal Someone Else’s Land (and/or Body)

    • Thanks Pam. I really enjoyed The Cointelpro Papers he published in the early 1990s. It was a real eye-opener – covering Fred Hampton’s assassination and the death squad activity on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Thanks for reblogging.


  1. This is too cool, I have never heard from the Guy but I will certainly read up about this. All this by the way is totally in line with my way of thinking. The British (and the Dutch) and others perhaps like the Spanish, Portuguese, French and so on have run rough-shot over everything and everybody over the last 400 to 500 years. It’s disgusting that in this day and age this can take place and the government of the day thinks nothing of it. About time to turn the tables. Thanks for posting this.


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