Farmers Cutting Down on Chemicals with Natural Solution to Soil Degradation

Biochar use among subsistence farmers is believed to be thousands of years old, yet research on its potential to enrich soil and mitigate the impact of increasingly severe land degradation on global food security is still in its infancy.


Human Wrongs Watch

How farmers are cutting down on chemicals with a natural solution to soil degradation.

Photo by UN Environment / Lisa Murray

2 August 2018 (UN Environment)* — At age 56, Vietnamese farmer Luan is still actively working the land. She is also still learning new things and open to fresh ideas.

In 2015, she agreed to turn part of her smallholding into a demonstration site as part of Biochar for Sustainable Soils – a three-year research and knowledge dissemination projectbacked by UN Environment and the Global Environment Facility.

With assistance from researchers at Thai Nguyen University of Sciences, Luan learned to produce biochar, an organic soil enhancer, in her home and apply it to her crops.

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