Erratic Empire Downfalling

From their elitist perspective the American people serve as human cattle to be duped, exploited and used.

Astute News

Everybody understands the importance of the dollar system as the Achilles heel for the US empire yet oddly, when analysing imperial action of Warshington of the last decades, the focus is usually on ideologies like Zionism or American exceptionalism, or on at most partial aspects such as fossil fuels and pipelines. Another focus, favored mainly among Americans, is that America once was great but now has lost track somehow. I still think that the means of production, or in case of the US selling dollar annotated debt masked as investment, is far more paramount for US decision-making than ideology or oil, and that America hadn’t lost track but instead desperately tries to hold on to its track.

First, a few words about America’s track. The imperialists of the US regime desperately cling to their empire, that’s a classic, that’s what imperialists do. The Nazis clung to their short-lived empire until…

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2 thoughts on “Erratic Empire Downfalling

  1. There are some truths in the lengthy essay from Astute News (self-named, no doubt), and many of the truths from past and present apply to all nations. One could read an accusation, shut one’s eyes, and put a finger on any country on a global map and declare that nation guilty of the charge. So many are filled with envy, self-contempt at their own failings, and lack of appreciation for their own security that we are scapegoated. Relevant to all this was the efforts of President Kennedy to lift other n a tions up, but assassins wanted to bring the United States down, and they are still working at it more than fifty years later.
    As for Vidal’s accusation about the writers of the Constitution, they showed great courage in making that stand and fighting for it at great loss. They stood up to the great power of the day knowing that failure would bring them hanging. Unknown to us, the crown has been at war with us ever since. We owe those brave and brilliant men much. Just think about it, would reasonable people prefer to live here or in a land of no-go zones where underage girls are groomed into prostitution in a country that forbids reporting such abominable crimes?


  2. You make some really interesting points, marblenecltr. I personally believe the Articles of Confederation was a more democratic system of government. It also really bothers me that the framers of the Constitution kept their deliberations secret for 50 years, as well as limiting the vote to white male property owners. Most of them admitted that they were scared of direct democracy – which is why they created the Senate and the electoral college. After living in New Zealand for 16 years, it’s my view a parliamentary system (voted in by proportional representation – the US, UK and Canada are the only 3 industrialized countries without proportional representation) is far more democratic than the US. We do not have deadlock here – where important bills and issues languish in parliament for years and decades on end. If a NZ government loses its ability to pass legislation, it falls and must call a new election.


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