Stop the seismic survey – Rally on the water!

The blue whale is endangered and the sea off our coast is one of their main feeding grounds. The oil companies use seismic blasting (every 8 seconds) to explore for oil. If the government won’t stop them, I guess the people have to do it.

Climate Justice Taranaki

24796781_1711500068900299_5066012273477453816_nMultinational oil and gas giant Schlumberger has started a huge 3D-seismic survey off the Taranaki coast. The ‘Amazon Warrior’ ship returned to Aotearoa after being chased away from the East Coast. Drilling in a known whale feeding and nursing ground? We don’t think so! More emissions while the climate is changing? We don’t think so! Risking further oil spills on our pristine coast? We don’t think so!
Come to a family friendly day of community opposition to the seismic survey. Gather at Ngāmotu Beach in New Plymouth, Saturday, 30th December, from 11am.

We will rally on the water and on the beach to send a clear message to the company and the government: the ‘Amazon Warrior’ is not welcome in our waters! Join us for a community flotilla and practice blockade for resistance to fossil fuels.

– food for a picnic
– water
– boats – kayaks, surfboards…

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