“Overthrow of Assad No Longer Enforceable”. Obama Advisors Recommend US Military Withdrawal From Syria

Obama’s security advisers are recommending that he should withdraw US military advisers from Syria and abandon plans of overthrowing Assad. I sure hope he takes their advice.

Counter Information

Global Research, October 10, 2015
Sputnik 9 October 2015

US-military-400x216High-level security advisors to US President Barack Obama recommended that the US should withdraw its military forces from Syria and abandon plans of Assad’s resignation, DWN wrote.

Instead, high-ranking White House officials suggest that the US should undertake steps to improve the situation of the Syrian population and stop the refugee flow, the newspaper reported.

Advisors argue that the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is not enforceable anymore. Therefore, the Americans should pull back their military forces and contribute to the restoration of destroyed cities and the supply of the population instead. According to US officials, these steps would help to stop the massive waves of refugees from the region.

US President Barack Obama seems to have decided to follow this advice. On Friday, the President temporarily suspended a military program worth $500 million, designed to train Syrian fighters, the New York Times reported.This method of warfare has not proved to be successful:…

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17 thoughts on ““Overthrow of Assad No Longer Enforceable”. Obama Advisors Recommend US Military Withdrawal From Syria

  1. “Therefore, it is quite likely that the US may now pursue a more discreet policy with regard to Syria and decrease its military activities in the country.”

    In other words, the U.S. will go from bombing civilian infrastructure and the Syrian Army to using covert CIA operatives to ferment a “grassroots revolution”, the ineluctable endgame of which being the installation of a friendly U.S. puppet regime led by a traditional Arab strongman.


    • I know this is the plan, but I suspect it will be a really rocky road for Obama from now on. Typically the CIA and State Department have used NGOs like NED and Human Rights Watch to foment “grassroots revolution” and this is fairly difficult to carry out in a war zone. There simply aren’t enough young people left in Syria to foment a Facebook revolution – most of the young people have left for Europe.

      The people who remain in Syria are there either because they’re too poor, old and sick to flee or because they have confidence in the Syrian Army to protect them from the CIA-sponsored jihadists. Even the CIA can’t organize a revolution when they have no more young disenchanted intellectuals to mobilize.

      I found these recent videos about Syrian Army soldiers and their interaction with the civilian population extremely illuminating: http://off-guardian.org/2015/10/11/videos-syrian-soldiers-at-the-frontlines/

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  2. Ex-chief of the office of State Colin Powell
    Top military sees signs of the end of the US as a world power

    The former bureau chief of US Secretary of State Colin Powell sees the military structure of the United States signs that the US is losing in importance as a world power. So the use of mercenaries instead of regular soldiers was typical of the decline of an empire. In Syria, the United States had even financed terrorists as mercenaries
    The above is translation from German, it would be nice to see a full article on US manuscript for there true intensions in Syria but looks to me they haven’t a clue what there plan is.


  3. Not if Obama fears for his life (or his family’s)…

    Dancing with the False-Flag-waving-war-mongering PNAC Neocons was the Presidential deal, wasn’t it?

    NOTE: the Neocons (Washington’s Think-Tanks) still control the mass-media news propaganda:


  4. It should be noted for the record that the non-stop pressure and exposure of the Obama criminals from Independent Media contributed in no small way to this result.


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