Turkey Joins Russia In Liquidating US Treasurys

Russia and Turkey sell off the US Treasury bonds that finance US government debt.

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Last month, when we reported that Russia had liquidated the bulk of its US Treasury holdings in just two months, we said that “we can’t help but wonder – as the Yuan-denominated oil futures were launched, trade wars were threatened, and as more sanctions were unleashed on Russia – if this wasn’t a dress-rehearsal, carefully coordinated with Beijing to field test what would happen if/when China also starts to liquidate its own Treasury holdings.”

As it turns out, Russia did lead the way, but not for China. Instead, another recent US foreign nemesis, Turkey, was set to follow in Putin’s footsteps of “diversifying away from the dollar”, and in the June Treasury International Capital, Turkey completely dropped off the list of major holders of US Treasurys, which has a $30 billion floor to be classified as a “major holder.”

According to the US Treasury, Turkey’s holdings of bonds, bills and…

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Russia: the World’s Asbestos Behemoth – ICIJ

Seventy thousand people live in Asbest, once known as “the dying city” for its extraordinary rates of lung cancer and other asbestos-related diseases.

AGR Daily 60 Second News Bites

Russia: the World’s Asbestos Behemoth – ICIJ

MOSCOW — In the aptly named city of Asbest, in the Ural Mountains 900 miles (1500 km) northeast of Moscow, the dominance of Russia’s asbestos industry — the world’s largest — is on clear display. Just east of the city is the massive open-pit Uralasbest mine. At seven miles (11 km) long and 1-½ miles (2.5 km) wide, it is nearly half the size of Manhattan — and more than a thousand feet (300 meters) deep. Nearly half a million metric tons of asbestos are gouged from the mine each year.

Seventy thousand people live in Asbest, once known as “the dying city” for its extraordinary rates of lung cancer and other asbestos-related diseases. But Uralasbest does not appear to have suffered any loss of status. It and other Russian asbestos producers operate with the swagger that comes from unwavering government support. Controversy…

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Human Extinction by 2026? A Last Ditch Strategy to Fight for Human Survival

There is no consensus regarding the timeframe in which climate catastrophe will cause human extinction. This lack of consensus is primarily due to the global elite controlling the public perception of this timeframe with frequent talk of ‘the end of the century’ designed to allow ongoing profit maximization through ‘business as usual’ for as long as possible.

Desultory Heroics

By Robert J. Burrowes

There is almost unanimous agreement among climate scientists and organizations – that is, 97% of over 10,000 climate scientists and the various scientific organizations engaged in climate science research – that human beings have caused a dramatic increase in the amount of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide released into Earth’s atmosphere since the pre-industrial era and that this is driving the climate catastrophe that continues to unfold. For the documentary evidence on this point see, for example, ‘Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature’, ‘Consensus on consensus: a synthesis of consensus estimates on human-caused global warming’ and ‘Scientists Agree: Global Warming is Happening and Humans are the Primary Cause’.

However, there is no consensus regarding the timeframe in which this climate catastrophe will cause human extinction. This lack of consensus is primarily due to the global elite controlling the…

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Russia Finance Minister: We May Abandon Dollar in Oil Trade as It Is Becoming “Too Risky”

One month ago, the bond market and political pundits did a double take when according to the latest Treasury International Capital report, Russia had liquidated virtually all of its US Treasury holdings, selling off the bulk of its US government bonds in just two months, March and April.

Counter Information

Global Research, August 13, 2018
Zero Hedge 12 August 2018

One month ago, the bond market and political pundits did a double take when according to the latest Treasury International Capital report, Russia had liquidated virtually all of its US Treasury holdings, selling off the bulk of its US government bonds in just two months, March and April.

And with the US threatening to impose a new set of “crushing” sanctions on Russia, including in retaliation for the alleged Novichok nerve gas attack in the UK, Russia not only intends to continue liquidating its US holdings, but to significantly reduce its reliance on the US Dollar.

Speaking in an interview for the Rossiya 1 TV channel, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that Russia “aims to keep reducing its investments in American securities” following new U.S. sanctions and said that the “US dollar is becoming an unreliable…

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Hidden History: The Great Depression, Henry Ford and Detroit’s Unemployed Workers Councils

1929 The Great Depression Part 1 – A Job At Ford’s

PBS (1993)

Film Review

This is Part 1 of a fascinating 7-part PBS series on the Great Depression, one of the many topics Americans never study in school. The series reveals much hidden history unfavorable to the ruling elite – I doubt that PBS would air documentaries this honest in the current political landscape.

This first episode examines the rapid US industrialization of the 1920s, exemplified by the stellar growth of Ford Motor Company.

Henry Ford’s goal in perfecting assembly line manufacturing was to produce Model T’s so cheaply they would cost less than a team of horses. Ford’s River Rouge complex in Detroit was the largest industrial plant in history, employing 50,000 workers and producing 6,000 cars per day. The availability of credit, another new phenomenon, to purchase cars and other durable goods also played a major role in post-World War I expansion.

Squeezing Workers to Cut Costs

By paying the unprecedented wage of $5/hour, Ford attracted workers from all over the US and Mexico. Over time, however, he cut the hourly wage and sped up the assembly line to further reduce costs. He also created an extremely repressive private security force that relied on 9,000 worker/informants to weed out employees who couldn’t keep up or expressed anger and/or frustration with the speed-ups.

Detroit’s Unemployed Workers Councils

Following the Wall Street crash in October, 1929, the US was the only industrialized country without a government safety net (eg unemployment insurances, old age pensions, welfare benefits, etc) for the millions of Americans who lost their jobs. President Hoover believed the solution to the Great Depression was to increase business investment (and production)* and called on charities and local government to provide relief for homeless and starving families.

The city of Detroit provided relief to destitute families for over a year but ran out of money as unemployment climbed from 20 to 50% in 1930. It climbed to 80% in August 1931, when Ford closed his factory and laid off 60,000 workers.

Assisted by Communist Party organizers, Detroit’s unemployed workers formed a dozen unemployed workers councils, which organized marches and rallies demanding jobs, unemployment compensation and protection against evictions.** The councils also organized direct actions to block sheriff’s officers from removing families’ furniture from their home.

In March 1932, 3,000 unemployed workers organized a hunger march on the Ford factory. In addition to using fire hoses to spray them with freezing water, local police and Ford’s private security force shot 25 of them (many in the back). Four, including a New York Times photographer died instantly.

Ford’s Anti-Semitism

This episode also explores Ford’s anti-Semitic writings in the Dearborn Independent and his book The International Jew, as well as the mutual admiration he and Adolph Hitler shared. It fails to mention the considerable direct and indirect assistance Ford provided the Third Reich in rebuilding the German military machine. See Ford and the Fuhrer

*Hoover’s views flew in the face of most economists, who viewed the Great Depression as a crisis in overproduction and under-consumption.

**At the height of the depression, 150 Detroit families were evicted everyday and someone died of starvation every seven hours.

Agent Orange, White Phosphorus… Roundup: Monsanto’s Killer History in Full


A Californian court has found chemical giant Monsanto’s weedkiller caused a 46-year-old man’s terminal cancer and ordered the company to pay almost US$290 million in compensation, in a landmark ruling which could open the door to thousands of similar cases being brought the world over. For the company’s critics, the news is a long-time coming.

The jury found the firm failed to warn clients about cancer risks associated with the product’s main ingredient, glyphosate, and Judge Suzanne Ramos Bolanos ruled the company “acted with malice, oppression or fraud and should be punished”.

The 46-year-old plaintiff, DeWayne Johnson, came in contact with the substance for years as a school groundkeeper, using up hundreds of gallons at a time. He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2014, a cancer affecting white blood cells, a year prior to World Health Organization concluding glyphosate was probably carcinogenic. At least 220 other actions are currently ongoing against the company in San Francisco alone, brought by similarly affected individuals.

Influencing Policy

The hazardous potential of glyphosate was well known to Monsanto, but the company went to significant efforts to suppress and/or distort its lethal potential. In 2017, it was revealed the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) finding two years earlier that Roundup, glyphosate’s trade name, was safe to use was based on scientific papers heavily influenced by the company. In one instance, a paper was even written by company staff outright, and published under academics’ names.

The revelation emerged from hundreds of internal Monsanto emails released by a US court. In a February 2015 missive, then-Head of Product Safety at the firm William Heydens proposed in-house scientists write a study, and independent academics “edit and sign their names” to the document without disclosing Monsanto’s involvement, an approach he dubbed “ghostwriting”. Subsequent communications indicate it was not the first time the firm had employed the tactic, saying it was “how we handled Williams Kroes & Munro“. Claiming authorship for work done by others is a serious ethical breach in the academic community, as is not disclosing conflicts of interest.

In another, Monsanto toxicologist Donna Farmer says “you cannot say Roundup does not cause cancer” — and a separate glyphosate study was also “redesigned” with the help of company scientists, in order to create a more favorable outcome.

Both studies were used in 2015 by EFSA when it evaluated the safety of glyphosate as part of the chemical’s licence renewal process — the body concluded there was insufficient evidence glyphosate caused cancer in humans, and the chemical lacked the mechanism capable of damaging DNA in living cells and subsequent cancer in humans.

The email trove indicates the studies influenced by Monsanto deliberately ignored and downplayed glyphosate’s deleterious health implications — even staff were compelled to concede the papers “stretched the limits of credibility”. Despite this, the company paid independent toxicology consultant Dr. David Kirkland to attach his name to one of the papers to boost its legitimacy.

As a result of the disclosure, Monsanto lobbyists were banned from entering European parliament, with company officials precluded from meeting MEPs, attending committee meetings or using digital resources on parliament premises in Brussels or Strasbourg.

Controversial History

In a sense, it’s perhaps unsurprising Monsanto products have such a devastating impact on human health. The company was a leading provider of ‘Agent Orange’ to the US government, a ‘defoliant’ widely used by US forces during the Vietnam war as a highly destructive chemical weapon.

While its primary purpose was theoretically strategic deforestation, the destruction of jungle cover and food resources necessary for the  sustainability of North Vietnamese forces’ guerilla campaigns, Agent Orange’s hazardous implications for human health were well known.

Subsequent scientific research has made clear the agent’s carcinogenic nature, with even passive contact with the chemical producing devastating repercussions not merely for the individual in question, but those they come into subsequent contact with, and their offspring. A 2002 study of dioxin levels in the city of Bien Hoa, a city in southern Vietnam located near an air base used for spray missions, indicated noticeably elevated blood dioxin levels three-decades after hostilities ceased, with Agent Orange specifically found in blood samples — even those sourced from post-war emigrants to the city.

Moreover, Agent Orange is intimately connected to birth defects, with several meta-analyses of contemporary studies concluding there is a statistically significant correlation between an individual being exposed to Agent Orange at any point in their life, and their likelihood of either possessing or acting as a genetic carrier of birth

Monsanto’s prevalence in chemical warfare persists to this day, with the company providing the US — and thus Israel — with white phosphorous. The chemical weapon is extremely lethal, igniting upon contact with skin and burning until it runs out of fuel, or is cut off from oxygen. If inhaled or swallowed it can cause severe damage to mucous membranes with which it comes into contact.

Moreover, absorption through skin means even a 10 percent burn can cause damage to vital organs such as the heart, liver, or kidneys. Even after healing from an initial exposure, victims suffer from long-lasting health problems, such as birth defects and neurological damage. . .

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Italy Bans Mandatory Vaccinations For School Children

This week the upper house of Italy’s parliament passed a government supported amendment removing “the legal obligation to vaccinate children against ten diseases before they can be enrolled for state schools.

Nwo Report

Italy’s Senate have removed “the legal obligation to vaccinate children against ten diseases before they can be enrolled for state schools."A powerful wave of freedom has been generated in Italy after millions of people took part in marches across the country demanding the government roll back a brutal new mandatory vaccination law. Now the government has backed down and listened to the will of the people.

Italy was set to be at forefront of a vaccination experiment conducted by Big Pharma and their government, corrupted with Pharma dollars. However after months of struggle, the people have spoken, and Italy has banned ten mandatory vaccinations of school children.

The new government, elected on a platform of repealing the mandatory vaccination law, claims the 10 vaccinations in question are “useless and often dangerous“, and cites the fact that mandatory vaccinations violate a citizen’s constitutional right to choose their own healthcare.

This week the upper house of Italy’s parliament passed a government supported amendment removing “the legal obligation to vaccinate children…

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