EU Plans War to Keep Europe White*

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For more than 500 years, Europeans have invaded and looted the planet, yet their home civilizations are deemed so fragile that they must be insulated against the cultures of the formerly colonized peoples. Having created millions of Muslim and African war refugees, the Europeans now gear up to attack the boats that might bring them to Europe.

By Glen Ford

“The thousands of deaths at sea are crimes of Europe and the United States.”

The United States has been the big, bad leader of the imperial world for so long, we may sometimes forget that most of the evils that beset our world have their origins in Europe, a small corner of the Earth that has for 500 years grown fat off the blood and resources of the rest of the planet. This Europe is a greedy little place, most of whose inhabitants believe they have somehow earned what they have stolen from the world’s darker peoples, and that they are entitled to continue stealing in perpetuity.

In 2011, in league with the United States, European members of NATO launched a totally unprovoked 7-month bombing campaign against Libya, resulting in the murder of Col. Muammar Gaddafi and the empowerment of Islamist jihadists throughout the northern tier of the African continent. Col. Gaddafi had warned that the Euro-American aggression would turn Libya into another Somalia, with vast numbers of people desperately fleeing across the Mediterranean Sea to escape the turmoil. Gaddafi was right, of course. Not only has Libya been reduced to a state of sheer anarchy and terror, but thanks to Europe and the United States, Hell has descended on Syria, and conditions in Somalia have grown even worse. The Europeans and their American cousins are intent on wiping out every vestige of civilization in the Muslim world – all the while spouting the same twisted, racist logic that they have employed for half a millennium: that Muslims and Africans are unsuited to civilization, and must be guided by the white hands of Europe, for their own good.

“Col. Gaddafi warned that the Euro-American aggression would turn Libya into another Somalia.”

The refugee crisis, the thousands of deaths at sea, are crimes of Europe and the United States. The Euro-Americans are just as unquestionably guilty as the arsonist who sets the fire that causes apartment dwellers to jump to their deaths from high windows to escape the flames. Now, the nations of the European Union, all 28 of them, are backing plans to launch air and naval attacks against boats in the ports of Libya and on the high seas, to make sure that the refugees that Europe and America have created do not wind up on European shores.

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12 thoughts on “EU Plans War to Keep Europe White*

  1. As much as I despise my own government, I have grown increasingly irritated by the more than hypocritical comments of Western Europeans, when complaining about what the US is and has been doing around the world.

    As this author points out, the US exists because of Europeans, and the US has carried on their treachery for them. The Europeans hands are as bloody as the Mericans. But they act as though they are completely clean.

    I am sickened by what Europe is planning to do to these poor people, the people they have helped the US to place in this deplorable condition and position. I read about this the other day, and I almost couldn’t believe the Europeans could sink this low again. But then I recalled the savage heritage of the European empires, and came to the conclusion that this is their modus operandi, as it always has been.


  2. It’s a bit late for that. I would take these people in and train them to take back their country of origin. Give them an education and what ever it takes to help them.


    • It’s a really pity the global elite doesn’t see things from your perspective, swo8. They’re all about stripping third world countries of their natural resources and forcing them to work in sweatshop conditions. The only thing billionaires care about is getting even richer.


  3. I’ve often wondered why no one has ever blown the horrific governments of these of these imperialist nations of the map.

    Air defense is too strong and secure some might say. That certainly calls the whole U.S. federal government official story on 9-11-01 into question.

    There are a lot of questions. Very few honest answers. Always a lot of speculation.


    • When they do opinion polls, only around 46% of Americans believe the official government version of 911. I have a lot of respect for the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. They have very carefully documented that the version of events reported by the 911 Commission was technologically impossible:


  4. Europe isn’t white anymore. Old Europe is gone.

    In my hometown, there are more than 180 dweller of other nation states in about 10 square kilometers.

    Yes, “white”. We have more diversity here than anywhere in the world. Try me.

    That is why any demand for more education or more sapience in international trade falls on death ears. You have to watch your language or the middle of society won’t hear you, until it is too late. Stuff like I read in the title does absolutely not help.

    Btw, where should e.g. Switzerland take in more residents? We already have a subsistence rate of 40% of mass, meaning we have to import 60% of all food in kg alone. When we consider the input for meat imports it falls down to 10% (as meat takes in resources). So the usual clap-trap to go meatless wouldn’t even work, as we would rely on East Europe anyway. Bringing on far transports, CO2 emissions etc. Call me defeatist, but do you wonder what a prognosis of a population of 10, 12 million inhabitants do to those already here? What environment? Ours?! Haha, good one and f-u, got mine!

    What do you think about the strategy of letting Europe getting older and then cut back in economic activity? I.e. we don’t export that much in the decades to come and would work less hours, to let others receive a fair share of what is left. We have to heat our homes for six months e.g., another thing nobody seems to remember. And no, “insulation” is as bad resource wise and in 50 years the problem is here again, as the buildings have to redone again.

    Well, what do I care. In 20 to 40 years we have Yugoslavia 1990 anyways, as the only thing that holds this country together is money and high tech. And there is no value in money. And high tech… what was it about peak everything lately? Either that or Fortress Europe. Bleak outlooks indeed!


    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Oelsen. You make some good points.

      This particular post is a “reblog” of another article. I felt it made some really important points about criminal and exploitative US and EU policies in Africa that have created the refugee crisis to begin with – and their favored solution to the problem, namely to bomb refugee boats to keep them from crossing the Mediterranean.

      I don’t necessarily agree with all the points made in the article – nor the title. I just felt it raised some important points for discussion.

      It sounds like Switzerland has a major food security problem. I understand the price of oil is supposed to spike some time next year and virtually shut down all international trade. I wonder if the Swiss government has any specific plans to deal with this contingency? If the country doesn’t have enough arable land to feed their population, it sounds like the Swiss people are in really deep doo-doo.


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