Obama Quietly Legalizes Marijuana


Justice Department Agrees Not to Challenge State Marijuana Laws

According to Yahoo News, the Obama administration quietly legalized marijuana use in September – at least in states with medical and recreational marijuana laws.

In an abrupt about face, Deputy Attorney General James Cole notified all 94 U.S. attorneys’ offices that states with recreational and medical marijuana laws can now let people use it, grow it under license, and purchase it from retail facilities — so long as possession is prohibited in minors and it doesn’t end up on federal property or in the hands of gangs and criminal enterprises. Other high priority enforcement areas include prevention of drugged driving, the use of state-authorized marijuana activity as a cover for trafficking other illegal drugs, and the use of firearms in marijuana cultivation or distribution.

The memo elaborated that all states legalizing marijuana will be expected to enact rigorous regulatory regimes. If they fail to do so, the Justice Department will respond by challenging their regulatory structure, rather than prosecuting marijuana users – as they have done in the past.

A great victory for states rights, the move will boost legalization initiatives in states where marijuana is still illegal. Possession remains a felony offense in only 16 states. In the other 34 states, marijuana use has either been decriminalized or reduced to a misdemeanor. In Washington and Colorado, both possession and sales became legal (by voter initiative) last November.

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11 thoughts on “Obama Quietly Legalizes Marijuana

  1. The Federal Government often says one thing and does another so I’m not one who trusts the Justice Department. But the idea if it really follows the path of legalization is great. About time if you ask me. What a stupid waste of money trying to control a substance that does more good than harm. Experiencing Amsterdam and its “coffee houses” Tubularsock found a sane way to handle marijuana use. Lets hope it will continue in the correct direction.


  2. I read a report that Colorado has already saved millions this year by not pursuing low level offenses involving marijuana. Perhaps, the DOJ has too many burners going at once to worry about the midnight tokers. Best of all, people can now get medical relief without dealing with Big Pharma.


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