The Depression Pill Epidemic


“In some countries, including the United States, about 10% of the entire population is in treatment with depression pills. This is a tragedy. These drugs do not have relevant effects on depression; they increase the risk of suicide and violence; and they make it more difficult for patients to live normal lives. They should therefore be avoided. We have been fooled by the drug industry, corrupt doctors on industry payroll, and by our drug regulators.

Surely, many patients and doctors believe the pills are helpful, but they cannot know this, because people tend to become much better with time even if they are not treated. This is why we need placebo-controlled trials to find out what the drugs do to people. Unfortunately, virtually all trials are flawed, exaggerate the benefits of the drugs, and underestimate their harms.” […]

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Energy Dominance or Flatulence? Shale Drillers Bleed Cash


The shale drillers are the Elon Musks of natural resources: they produce products at a loss, but intend to make it up on volume. From Tom Luongo at

All of President Trump’s foreign policy can be summed up by two themes, making the world safe for Israel and controlling the price of energy.

He calls the latter “Energy Dominance.” And to those who still believe Trump has a plan, these two things are the only ones consistently in evidence.

His reactions to things contrary to his plan, however, are purely limbic.

These two themes converge completely with Iran. Trump wants Iran neutered to force Jared Kushner’s now-delayed again, “Deal of the Century” onto the Palestinians while also taking Iran’s oil off the market to support surging U.S. domestic production in the hopes of taking market share permanently.

Everything Trump does is in support of these two themes while throwing some red meat at his base over China, Mexico and the border.

It was never his intention to leave Syria back in December, really. Look how easy was it for John Bolton and the Joint Chiefs to convince him to stay because how else would we cut Iran’s exports to zero if we didn’t stop the land route through Iraq?

This is why we’re still harboring ISIS cells in the desert crossing around Al-Tanf at the Jordan/Iraq/Syria border, to stop Iranian oil from coming into the country.

This feeds right into hurting all of Syria’s allies to strengthen Israel’s position.

To paraphrase the song from Aladdin, “It’s stupid, but hey, it’s home.”

If the average Trump voter truly understood the lengths we are going to starve the Syrian army from having enough energy to finish wiping out the Al-Qaeda-linked groups in Idlib and Homs provinces they would burn their MAGA hats and stay home next November.

But they don’t so Trump’s approval rating keeps climbing.

On the other hand, people mostly understand exactly what the “Bay of Fat Pigs” operation in Venezuela was all about, protecting domestic oil production and getting control of Venezuela’s.

The sad truth is that many Americans consider this comeuppance for being stupid enough to elect Nicolas Maduro President.

But this is the guts of Trump’s “Energy Dominance” policy. Use tariffs, sanctions, threats and hybrid warfare to destroy the competition and therefore MAGA.

It would be sad if it wasn’t so pathetic.

And the irony is that the whole plan is predicated on sustainable and nigh-exponential growth of U.S. domestic production.

There’s only one problem with that. It’s completely unsustainable.

The greatness of the U.S. production story is evident if you only look at the number of barrels produced. But that story turns into a nightmare the minute you look one inch deeper to see what the cost of those barrels are and what profit, if any, they produce […]

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‘Bicycle Kingdom’ Makes a Comeback, as China Seeks Solutions to Tackle Air Pollution Crisis


3 June 2019 — Cars have replaced bicycles as the primary means of transport in many Chinese cities but, with air pollution a major problem for the country, the bike is making a comeback, thanks to digital technology, and some 21st Century thinking.

Yimin Feng | Youth riding share bikes along the UNESCO World Heritage Site West Lake in Hangzhou, China.

China was once considered to be the “Kingdom of the Bicycle,” with bikes dominating city streets across the country, but over the past four decades, China’s dramatic economic prosperity and urbanization has seen many people move to motor vehicles as their primary means of transport, contributing to a marked deterioration in air quality.

According to data backed by the World Health Organization (WHO), Hangzhou’s air pollution is well over WHO’s safe level.

However, in a bid to improve public health and the environment, the Hangzhou authorities have put a fresh emphasis on cycling, which, allied with digital technology, is helping to cut pollution: other cities are following their example.

Yimin Feng | Youth riding share bikes and hanging out by the UNESCO World Heritage Site West Lake in Hangzhou, China.

Over the past decade, the local government has been improving bike-friendly infrastructure, such as lanes and traffic signals created solely for cyclists, and has provided almost 86,000 public bikes. A smart card allows users to easily access all forms of public transport, from bikes to boats to buses.

“All together there have been 760 million rides, that’s almost half the population of China,” says Tao Xuejun, general manager of the Hangzhou Public Bicycle Service. “So far, more than 400 cities in China have adopted our project. Our dream is to promote our model across China and all over the world.”

As a result of these initiatives, according to Tao, cycling has become a popular choice for both local citizens and tourists, and the efforts of the Government-run company have been rewarded with international recognition, including the International Ashden Award for Sustainable Travel in 2017 […]

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Beekeepers Use Kayak to Rescue Hundreds of Thousands of Bees From Oklahoma Floods


Record-breaking flooding of the Mississippi River left an Oklahoma beekeepers’ wildflower field under 10 feet of water and his beehives floating on top.

“I’ve never seen water in this field,” beekeeper Mark Rodden told the local TV news channel.

When he woke up to a newly formed lake in his backyard, he made a panicked call to fellow beekeeper Brian Royal of Royal Bee Supply.

“I said I`m gonna come over and look,” Royal said. “If we can, we’re gonna get ’em.”

The pair threw on beekeeper suits and got to work. Rodden waded around scooping up beehives from the shallow end, while Royal paddled around the deeper end in a kayak catchimg them before they drifted away.

Royal said Rodden “about dumped him in the water” as he “threw” hives heavy with honey onto the kayak.

After about two hours of work, they saved 6 out of 8 hives.

Rodden estimates about half a million bees drowned, but says he’s grateful that all was not lost […]

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Federal Government to Investigate Facebook, Google and Apple Under Antitrust Laws


If this actually goes all the way, it will be perhaps the most important thing President Trump has done and will do during his tenure. Megacorporations are killing free speech in this country right before our eyes and something must be done about it.

Wall Street seems to believe the Silicon Valley giants are in trouble:

“Google parent Alphabet Inc.Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc. tumbled as the companies appear set to undergo U.S. antitrust probes after the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission agreed to split up oversight of technology giants.

The DOJ’s preparations to investigate Google, first reported late Friday, mark the Trump administration’s first concrete step to scrutinize the potentially anti-competitive conduct of a large technology firm. On Monday, a person familiar with the matter said the FTC will oversee antitrust scrutiny into whether Facebook’s practices harm competition in the digital market. Reuters reported that the DOJ has been given jurisdiction over a potential probe of Apple.

Alphabet fell as much as 7.2% to $1,027.03 in New York, its lowest since January. Facebook tumbled as much as 9.3% to $161.01, the most since July. The news also sent shares of Inc. down as much as 5.4% and Apple as much as 2.7%.”

You probably noticed Amazon was among the companies that fell even though they were not one of the ones named as being under investigation. But Amazon looks likely to join the club:

“Amazon could also be scrutinized as a result of a new agreement between regulators that puts it under the jurisdiction of the FTC, the Washington Post reported over the weekend.”

All told, the tech giants lost a combined $137 billion in market cap on the news that they’re likely to come under antitrust investigation […]

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Chomsky booed: State ‘not ready’ for Socialism, Dems ‘deluded’


Noam Chomsky was booed at the 2019 California Democratic Party Convention for saying the state is “not ready” for “revolutionary Socialism.”

The mood wasn’t so bleak when Prof. Chomsky began his remarks.

“I can understand your mood,” Chomsky began, to cheers from the crowd. “There is a real mood of desperation, especially among young people feeling like we’ve tried everything, nothing’s worked, we’ve gotta go all out.”

“Take, for instance, the Bernie Sanders campaign of 2016 that broke dramatically with over a century of U.S. political history,” Chomsky continued, waving to Sen. Sanders seated nearby.

The mood turned ugly moments later.

“But California is not in a state where there’s going to be a revolution,” Chomsky said. “You’re living in a completely delusional world, of a kind that teenagers might live in, very desperate, very angry, and you’ve picked tactics that are harmful, you’ve caused yourselves a lot of harm as well.”

Before he could finish his next sentence, a chorus of boos along with a sea of waving “Bernie” signs overtook his speech, lasting for more than 30 seconds.

Chomsky attempted a smile and broke from his remarks to add, “You know, if we’re not careful, we’re going to end up helping to re-elect the worst president in history.”

The mood softened at the thought, and Chomsky continued.

“Your actions have been completely counterproductive for yourselves and for their effect on others,” he said. “I know a lot of you really think you’re bringing about revolutionary Socialism, but you’re living in a delusional world” […]

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