We’re All Guinea Pigs: The Hidden Experiments of Corporate Websites

What Makes You Click

VPRO (2016)

Film Review

This is a documentary about the vast amount of A/B design testing* that websites subject us to without our knowledge.

The psychological science behind “conversion optimization” (ie increasing the money we spend online) is becoming increasingly advanced. As “online persuaders” explain to filmmakers, most of us are totally unaware of specific design features that lead us to stay longer and spend more money on specific websites.

For example, most of us find pop-ads extremely irritating. Nevertheless studies show they consistently increase on-line sales by 10-15%.

Facebook constantly reconfigures the design of their newsfeed to increase dopamine surges (dopamine is the main neurotransmitter associated with stimulant addiction) in the brains of their users. Theoretically the pleasurable feelings this produces helps keep visitors on their site longer.  In fact, one psychologist compares the effect Facebook and Twitter invoke to the feeling gambling addicts describe of “being in the zone .”

The film, produced before the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica** scandal erupted in early 2018, also discusses the on-line behavioral research the Obama campaign used in 2012 to influence voter behavior.

Several researchers seriously question the ethics of using hidden techniques to persuade Internet users to act against their own best interests. Some have joined together in the Time Well Spent movement to press for stronger government regulation. They worry that wide uptake of artificial intelligence technology could make it virtually impossible to audit persuasion strategems that operate below the level of human consciousness.

*A/B testing relies on randomized experiments with two variants, A and B. It serves to test a subject’s response to variant A against variant B to determine which of the two variants is more effective.

**In early 2018, we learned that Cambridge Analytica harvested the personal data from millions of Facebook profiles without users’ consent and used it to target them for 2016 election advertising.

Anonymous Hackivists Flood ISIS Twitter Accounts with Gay Porn


According to Newsweek, after ISIS claimed responsibility for the Orlando shootings, an Anonymous hacker began flooding ISIS twitter accounts with LGBT pride messages, soft gay porn and links to gay porn websites.

The hacker, only known as WauchulaGhost, has tweeted several photos of hijacked ISIS accounts which had been promoting jihadist ideology and sharing images of mutilated bodies.

Their profile pictures have been changed to images containing slogans like “I’m gay and proud” or semi-naked men.

In the twisted version of Islam followed by ISIS supporters, mutilated bodies are okay, but gay pride messages are deeply offensive.

The vigilante hacker claims to have taken over 200 Twitter accounts belonging to ISIS supporters. However, many have since been taken down by Twitter*

WauchulaGhost plans to continue the campaign with two other hackers who go by the name Ebony and Yeti.


*There has been a year long campaign to get Twitter to shut down ISIS accounts depicting mutilated bodies. Apparently WauchulaGhost and his friends have found the secret. Interesting to see the honchos in charge of Twitter share the same sensitivities as ISIS.