Steve Jobs: Lost Interview with Late Apple Founder


Earlier this week Maori TV featured a remarkable interview with the late Apple founder Steve Jobs. The interview occurred in 1996, eleven years after he was forced out of Apple and founded a new computer platform company called NeXt. The videotape vanished and then mysteriously surfaced shortly after his death in 2011.

A year later he would sell NeXt to Apple. Then with the company 90 days away from bankruptcy, he would be recalled to be Apple’s CEO. Over the next eleven years he would oversee the introduction of the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, iTunes and the iMac, turning Apple into the world’ biggest company.

Jobs is credited with launching the personal computer revolution, with his creation of Apple computer in 1976. In 1984 he made desktop publishing possible with the release of the MacIntosh, the first personal computer to incorporate a graphical user interface.

I was intrigued to hear him discuss his motivation for starting Apple and pushing the company to innovate with new products. He maintains money is a really low priority for him – what really drives him is the excitement of collaborating with really brilliant people

His views on Microsoft, which he describes as “the MacDonald’s of the computer industry” are also really illuminating.

This video, which can’t be embedded, can be viewed at the Maori TV website for the next two weeks: Steve Jobs Lost Interview