Vendana Shiva: Fighting Climate Change Requires a Paradigm Shift

Inner Climate Change Documentary

Climate Change and Consciousness (2020)

Film Review

This documentary is a video record of the remarkable Climate Change and Consciousness conference that took place in Findhorn Scotland in April last year. Along with other communities, Taranaki climate activists have formed a local hub to carry on the work started at Findhorn. See

The purpose of the conference was to explore the changes in consciousness that must occur to win public support for the drastic changes that are needed. The film presents a range of viewpoints and approaches to the topic.

My favorite presenter was Indian environmentalist Vendana Shiva, who stressed the following points:

  • We’ve all be raised to view the world as a mechanical object and ourselves as cogs in that machine – this must change – we must start to see ourselves as partners with nature rather than nature’s master.
  • We must fully appreciate our connections to all life on the planet. According to EMF measurements, even plants get their feelings hurt if you say nasty things to them.
  • We need a total paradigm shift – people don’t need to understand the science of climate change – they need to fully commit to life.