Bolivia’s Evades NSA Spying through Citizens Internet

Rebel Geeks – The Citizens Network

Al Jazeera (2015)

Film Review

Rebel Geeks is an Al Jazeera documentary about the hackers and activists who make up the Bolivian Campaign for Technological Sovereignty.

Besides paying horrendous fees to US servers and software manufacturers for one of the slowest Internet, the Bolivian government is angry about continually being hacked and spied on by the US government.

At present only 40% of the Bolivian population can afford the Internet service based in Miami. The goal of the technological sovereignty campaign is to make their homemade internet service available free to all citizens.

Their server is called and they already offer homemade platforms like El Mapa (comparable to Google Map), Backpack (comparable to Google Drive) and Chateamos (comparable to Twitter).