Kids Fight Back Against Racist Schools


Students at Ahmed Mohamed’s Irving, Texas high school have rallied to support the Muslim teenager, after school officials and police had him arrested for bringing a home-made clock to school.

Since his arrest, students tweeted a school-wide plan to bring clocks to school today and tell the teachers it was in solidarity with their classmate.

More students say they will continue to join in, to keep the pressure on the school until the principal apologizes and removes the suspension from Ahmed’s record.

Read more about the #IStandWithAhmed Twitter campaign at Countercurrent News

How to Identify an Atomic Clock

A public service announcement for all Texas teachers, principals, school districts* and law enforcement**


Atomic clock (def):  an extremely accurate electronic clock*** regulated by the resonance frequency of atoms or molecules of certain substances, as cesium.
Examples of atomic clocks

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Ahmed Mohamed’s atomic clock

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*A good way for Texas school districts to avoid national humiliation in the future is to establish equity teams in every high school. This was a major demand in the Seattle teacher’s strike, which was settled Wednesday. See Seattle teachers strike ends

**Law enforcement please note: in Texas it’s against the law to interrogate a minor (no matter how dark his skin is) without parents being present.

***Clocks are used to tell time.