Trump shock: USA told it will LOSE WAR WITH IRAN, and here’s why

Military experts on both sides know that despite a massive firepower advantage a USA victory is far from certain.

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PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S USA boasts the most powerful armies the world has ever seen – but today military experts warned they would NEVER beat Iran in a military conflict. The possibility of a hot war between Iran and the USA increased today as British and US servicemen raced to the aid of two oil-tankers apparently hit by torpedoes off the Iranian coast in the Gulf of Oman.

Military threats and sabre-rattling rhetoric have littered dialogue between the two nations in recent months with Iran’s foreign minister warning the US just hours ago it “cannot expect to stay safe” while Donald Trump counter-warned any conflict would be “the end of Iran”. But military experts on both sides of the potential conflict know that despite a massive firepower advantage a USA victory is far from certain, a former ranking US Air Force strategist has said.

And here’s why –…

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A History Of Racist Policing In America, From Slavery To Jim Crow To Now

Policing in southern slave-holding states had roots in slave patrols, squadrons made up of white volunteers empowered to use vigilante tactics to enforce laws related to slavery. They located and returned enslaved people who had escaped, crushed uprisings led by enslaved people and punished enslaved workers found or believed to have violated plantation rules.

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Outrage over racial profiling and the killing of African Americans by police officers and vigilantes in recent years helped give rise to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Tankers with Japan-related Cargo Hit while Japanese PM Meeting with Iran President


One of tankers attacked in Gulf of Oman sinks, media reports

2 tankers with Japan-related cargo attacked in Strait of Hormuz as Abe visits Iran

Japanese trade minister Hiroshige Seko said Thursday that two tankers carrying “Japan-related” cargo were attacked near the Strait of Hormuz.

Hiroshige Seko said on Thursday that all crew members were safely rescued. He said the government has set up a task force and that the government has informed the shipping industry to use precautions.

The Japan Shipowners’ Association said one of the two ships attacked is a Panamanian-registered chemical tanker belonging to its Japanese member and was on its way to Singapore and Thailand, not to Japan.

It said all 21 Filipino crew members were uninjured.

The attacks came as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was wrapping up a two-day trip to Iran with a mission to ease tensions between Tehran and Washington. The timing of the attack was especially sensitive while Abe’s high-stakes diplomacy mission was underway.

On Wednesday, after talks with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Abe warned that any “accidental conflict” that could be sparked amid the heightened U.S.-Iran tensions must be avoided.

No one has claimed responsibility or explained how the tankers were attacked. [….]


White Supremacy and Islamophobia in New Zealand

New Zealand’s Dark Days

Al Jazeera (2019)

Film Review

This documentary examines New Zealand’s inglorious history of Islamophobia – something most Kiwis don’t want to talk about. A Somali migrant who works with refugees talks about battling threats from white supremacist skinheads his whole life. Christchurch, especially, is known as a hotbed of white supremacy. Last October, local Muslims found white supremacist graffiti at one of the mosques that was subsequently attacked.

Many in the Muslim community claim the New Zealand police has been totally dismissive of these threats – that they have been too busy monitoring Muslim migrants for possible terrorist ties to monitor white supremacists. Former US intelligence analyst (and 20-year resident of New Zealand) Paul Buchanan agrees. He’s skeptical the Christchurch shooter acted alone, given the large numbers of white supremacists who followed the livestream of the massacres – both in New Zealand and overseas.

Buchanan is also concerned about Islamophobic statements by Destiny Church founder Brian Tamaki. The latter leads a Pentecostal sect with 10,000 followers in New Zealand and Australia. Tamaki has always maintained that Jesus is the only true God, that refugees who settle in New Zealand should accept this country’s religion. In 2005, he called the New Zealand Parliament “evil” for allowing an MP to take their oath of office on a Koran. He was also highly critical of the National Radio decision to play the Muslim call to prayer to honor slain Christchurch victims.

The film also reveals that two complaints were made to New Zealand police about the Dunedin gun club the Christchurch shooter attended. Visitors to the gun club were concerned about members wearing camouflage (equated here with militia activity), talk about NZ defense forces needing to shoot Muslim terrorists in the street, and references to New Zealand’s 1990 mass shooting at Aramoana (1990)

In both case, the police dismissed the complaints without acting on them.

Bernie Sanders Calls for Release of Brazil’s Ex-President Lula

The Intercept’s three-part story revealed documents showing how Brazilian prosecutors privately admitted their was insufficient evidence to condemn Lula in the wide-spread ‘Carwash’ (Lava Jato) corruption case for which he has already served over a year in a now eight year, 10 month sentence. The authors also showed how prosecutors and Moro collaborated to ensure Lula was found guilty on embezzlement charges.

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teleSUR| June 12, 2019

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S. March 9, 2019. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S. March 9, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Senator Bernie Sanders: ‘Lula da Silva was imprisoned in a politicized prosecution that denied him a fair trial and due process.’

Brazil’s former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva should be released from prison and his conviction annulled, said United States Senator Bernie Sanders Tuesday.

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Black Communities Bear ‘Pollution Burden’ While White Communities Have ‘Pollution Advantage’ Despite Their Higher Consumption

Particulate matter pollution can result in health issues affecting the lungs and heart, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The problems include decreased lung function, aggravated asthma, irregular heartbeat and nonfatal heart attacks.

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Black and Hispanic people bear the brunt of breathing the most polluted air despite not emitting the majority of it, a recent study found.

Findings published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in March revealed that Black communities have a “pollution burden” of 56 percent excess exposure of what they consume, while that of Hispanics is 63 percent relative to what they consume. Meanwhile, the study stated that non-Hispanic whites have a “pollution advantage” where they are exposed to 17 percent less air pollution exposure than their consumption causes.


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Kim’s half-brother was working with CIA before his death

A new book published on Tuesday by a Washington Post reporter, and an article that came out in The Wall Street Journal on the same day, allege that Kim Jong-nam was working with the CIA and was in fact in Malaysia to meet with his American spy handler when he was killed.

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Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, held regular meetings with American intelligence officers before he was assassinated with VX nerve gas at a busy airport terminal in Malaysia. Two women approached Kim Jong-nam as he was waiting to board a plane at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on February 13, 2017.

The estranged half-brother of the North Korean leader was about to travel to the semi-autonomous Chinese territory of Macau, where he had been living in self-exile since 2007. Soon after his encounter with the two women, Kim collapsed and eventually died from symptoms associated with VX nerve agent inhalation.

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But a new book published on Tuesday by aWashington Postreporter, and an article that came out inThe Wall Street Journalon the same day, allege that Kim Jong-nam was working with the United States Central Intelligence Agency and was…

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