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‘Death Sentence for Millions’: WHO, EU Launch New Global Vaccine Passport Initiative

Technology expert Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D., told The Defender that, under the guise of preserving freedom, a digital passport system “means restraints on movement and living for the unvaccinated and forced vaccination to participate in life.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Commission — the executive branch of the European Union (EU) — on Monday launched a “landmark digital health partnership” marking the beginning of the WHO Global Digital Health Certification Network (GDHCN) to promote a global interoperable digital vaccine passport.

Beginning this month, the WHO will adopt the EU’s system of digital COVID-19 certification “to establish a global system that will help facilitate global mobility and protect citizens across the world from on-going and future health threats, including pandemics,” according to Monday’s announcements by the WHO and the European Commission.

The WHO and European Commission claim the GDHCN initiative, which has been in the works since 2021, “will develop a wide range of digital products to deliver better health for all.”

The organizations said the WHO will not collect individuals’ personal data via these digital passports — stating that such data collection “would continue to be the exclusive domain of governments.”

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus lauded the new agreement:

“Building on the EU’s highly successful digital certification network, WHO aims to offer all WHO Member States access to an open-source digital health tool, which is based on the principles of equity, innovation, transparency and data protection and privacy.

“New digital health products in development aim to help people everywhere receive quality health services quickly and more effectively.”

However, experts who spoke with The Defender said the ramifications of such a system for human liberty and freedom of movement raised concerns.

Independent journalist James Roguski told The Defender the WHO is not waiting for a successful conclusion of these negotiations in order to implement initiatives such as a global digital vaccine passport. He said:

“The announcement by the WHO and the European Commission regarding the launch of their digital health partnership was hardly a surprise. Over a month ago, the WHO quietly published that they were working on ‘operationalizing’ the very things that were being ‘negotiated.’

“This is just one example that clearly shows that the super-secret ‘negotiations’ regarding the International Health Regulations (IHR) are a charade.”

Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D., author of “Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom,” told The Defender that, under the guise of preserving freedom, a digital passport system “means restraints on movement and living for the unvaccinated and forced vaccination to participate in life.”

The announcement of the WHO-European Commission collaboration came just days after the conclusion of the WHO’s annual World Health Assembly (WHA).

While the pandemic treaty and IHR amendments were not finalized at this year’s meeting, high-level WHO officials warned of the risk of a future pandemic and spread of a deadly “Disease X,” and expressed the need to “restrict personal liberties” during a future health emergency.

The EU has been a strong proponent of digital vaccine passports, first launched for its member states in late 2020 — concurrent with the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccines — under the name “Green Pass.” The EU’s experience with the digital passes is noted in Monday’s announcement, which states:

“One of the key elements in the European Union’s work against the COVID-19 pandemic has been digital COVID-19 certificates. To facilitate free movement within its borders, the EU swiftly established interoperable COVID-19 certificates.

“Based on open-source technologies and standards it allowed also for the connection of non-EU countries that issue certificates … becoming the most widely used solution around the world.”

Roguski told The Defender the EU also was among the strongest proponents of vaccine passports during ongoing negotiations for the WHO’s “pandemic treaty” and amendments to the IHR.

“They really want the global digital health certificate,” Roguski told The Defender in March. “Primarily, that’s coming from the European Union.”

‘Pandemic passports a death sentence for millions’

According to Roguski, the EU, during negotiations for the IHR amendments, put forth proposals that seek to “‘normalize’ the implementation of a global digital health certificate.”

The Czech Republic called for Passenger Locator Forms “containing information concerning traveller’s destination,” preferably in digital form, for the purpose of contact tracing.

They also proposed that the WHO’s Health Assembly “may adopt, in cooperation with the International Civil Aviation Organization [ICAO] … and other relevant organisations, the requirements that documents in digital or paper form shall fulfill with regard to interoperability of information technology platforms, technical requirements of health documents, as well as safeguards to reduce the risk of abuse and falsification.”

The WHO lists ICAO as an officially recognized “stakeholder.”

The Czech Republic and the EU proposed documentation not just for vaccination, but “test certificates and recovery certificates” in cases “where a vaccine or prophylaxis has not yet been made available for a disease in respect of which a public health emergency of international concern has been declared.”

Plans for the WHO’s GDHCN have been in the works since at least August 2021, when the WHO released a document titled “Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates: vaccination status: technical specifications and implementation guidance, 27 August 2021.”

The GDHCN framework made its way onto the agenda of this year’s WHA, which stated:

“The Secretariat has developed SMART (Standards-based, Machine-readable, Adaptive, Requirements-based, and Testable) Guidelines on the digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates, comprising recommendations on the data, digital functionality, ethics, and trust architecture needed to ensure the interoperability of immunization and health records globally.”

The WHO also announced the successful completion of a “technical feasibility study for establishing a federated global trust network, which tested the ability to interoperate the health content and trust networks across existing regional efforts.”

EU officials have frequently praised themselves over the launch of the bloc’s “Green Pass,” touting how individuals’ privacy would be protected on the app. The introduction of the “Green Pass” was accompanied by statements by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen calling for a “discussion” on mandatory vaccinations in the EU.

One of the EU’s stated priorities as part of its 2019-2024 five-year plan is to create a “Digital Identity for all Europeans.” Namely, each EU citizen and resident would have access to a “personal digital wallet,” which would include national ID cards, birth and medical certificates, and drivers’ licenses.

These proposals and initiatives appear to be closely aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and in particular, Target 16.9, which calls for the provision of a digital legal identity for all, including newborns, by 2030.

Tedros said the SDGs are “our north star,” while addressing this year’s WHA.

Rectenwald called “pandemic passports” a “death sentence for millions.” He told The Defender:

“Despite the studies demonstrating that vaccines to curb pandemics have been deadly and useless, the WHO is doubling down on vaccine mandates.

“Pandemic passports equal a death sentence for millions and the abrogation of rights for the non-compliant. The WHO should be stopped before it completes the construction of a global totalitarian system.”



India’s Epic Literature: the Ramayana

Episode 6 Epic Literature: the Ramayana

A History of India

Michael Fisher (2016)

Film Review

Because Indian had no classical historians similar to those of Greece and Rome, scholars rely on mythological/literary texts to follow the chronology of kings and priests who ruled North India’s emerging kingdoms between 500 BC and 400 AD. Fisher compares the Ramayana, one such text (written been 800 BC and 400 AD), to Homer’s Iliad and Virgil’s Aeneid. Both recount the involvement of two semi-gods (Ulysses, the son of Mercury, and Aeneas. the son of Venus) in the Trojan War.

An epic poem, Ramayana recounts the story of Rama (a human incarnation of the god Rama) and Sita (a human incarnation of Vishnu’s wife Lakshmi), who is abducted by the demon king Ravana. Valmiki,* a former bandit and forest dweller who reformed and became an ascetic, is the purported author of the Ramayan. He composed it in 32-syllable Shloka meter and is revered as India’s first poet.

In the Ramayana, the demon Ravana, who has no power against human beings, nearly enslaves all the gods. To thwart him, the chief god Vishnu incarnates as the four sons of Dasaratha, the ruler of Ayodhya. After the eldest son Rama marries Sita, Dasaratha abdicates and arranges for Rama to be crowned king. Rama’s stepmother thwarts him by substituting her son Bahrata as king and persuading Dasaratha to exile Rama and Sita.

Rama and Sita wander the length of India and in South India, the demon iRavana carries off Sita. To rescue her, Rama recruits the help of numerous bears and monkeys, including the divine monkey Hanuman, who leaps across 1200 kilometers of ocean to Sri Lanka to find her. Building a bridge from south India to Sri Lanka, Rama kills Ravana and forces Sita to pass through sacred fire to prove her purity. After she conceives and gives birth to twins, she and Rama return to their divine forms.

Originally written in Sanskrit, the Ramayana has been translated numerous times over the centuries:

  • In 870 AD it was translated into Javanese in Indonesia.
  • In the 13th century the poet Kaban translated it into Tamil (a south Dravidian language presently spoken by 75 million).
  • In the 16th century the Mughal empire Akhbar supervised its translation to Persian.
  • Tulsigas translated it into Hindi in the 16th century.
  • In 2016, Robert and Sally Goldman completed a 40-year project translating it into English.

Over time the teachings of the Ramayana spread to the Southeast Asian countries of Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia.

* Under India’s traditional caste system, Valmiki would have been classified as Untouchable. However after Untouchability was outlawed following Indian independence (1948), Valmiki’s descendants proudly declared themselves. In South India’s Tamil speaking region, E V Ramasamy (1879-1973) founded and led the Dravidian Organization (aka the DK Movement) campaigning against the Ramayana as a history of the unjust invasion of South India by Indo-Europeans. His movement particularly objected to the representation of the inhabitants of South India as monkeys and bears and those of Sri Lanka as demons. They organized protests where Rama and Sita idols were paraded without clothes and beaten with shoes.

Film can be viewed free with a library card on Kanopy.

Robert F Kennedy Jr Banned by Major Social Media Sites and Campaign Pages Blocked

Posted BY: | NwoReport

Twitter owner Elon Musk invited Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for a discussion on his Twitter Spaces after Kennedy said his campaign was suspended by Meta-owned Instagram.

Interesting… when we use our TeamKennedy email address to set up @instagram accounts we get an automatic 180-day ban. Can anyone guess why that’s happening?” he wrote on Twitter.

An accompanying image shows that Instagram said it “suspended” his “Team Kennedy” account and that there “are 180 days remaining to disagree” with the company’s decision.

In response to his post, Musk wrote: “Would you like to do a Spaces discussion with me next week?” Kennedy agreed, saying he would do it Monday at 2 p.m. ET.

Hours later, Kennedy wrote that Instagram “still hasn’t reinstated my account, which was banned years ago with more than 900k followers.” He argued that “to silence a major political candidate is profoundly undemocratic.”

“Social media is the modern equivalent of the town square,” the candidate, who is the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, wrote. “How can democracy function if only some candidates have access to it?”



Climate Change: Revisiting Temperature Trend Analysis

Jørgen Peder Steffensen, of Denmark’s Niels Bohr Institute, is one of the most experienced experts in ice core analysis, in both Greenland and Antarctica. In this video he explains a coincidence that has misled those alarmed about the warming recovery since the Little Ice Age.  And if you skip to 2:25, you will see the huge error we have made and the assumptions and extrapolations based on that error.  Transcript below is from closed captions with my bolds and added images. H/T Raymond

What do ice cores tell us about the history of climate change and the present trend? 

This ice is from the Viking age around the year one thousand, also called the medieval warm period. We believe that in Greenland the Medieval Warm Period was about one and a half degrees warmer on average than today

NorthGRIP the Greenland ice core project is being reopened to drill the last few meters through the ice sheet to the rock beneath the research station. The ice core over three kilometers in length has been hauled up to the surface piece by piece, and contains important data on the history of the climate of the earth. It bears the fingerprints of climatic conditions over more than 120 thousand years.

When we remove a drilled ice core we leave a hole, and we insert a thermometer in the hole. We are able to map out the temperature through the three kilometer ice sheet. Now that temperature, if we do it precisely enough with a thousandth of a degree accuracy, then the ice has not forgotten how cold or warm it was on the surface at the time the snow fell.

So using those temperatures we have been able to reconstruct the temperatures of the last ten thousand years. Here we have our picture of the temperature reconstructions that we have from Greenland in the graphical form. And if we go back along this axis it’s going back in time. This is the last 8 000 years we have plotted here. On this axis we have the temperatures at the site in Greenland, and we can see that if we go back from now about 4000 years ago, we would have temperatures up here for about 4 000 years in the past that on average were two and a half degrees warmer than today.

Reconstructed temperatures for Greenland ice cores Dye3 and GRIP. (A) The temperature from 8000 BP to present; (B) the temperature from AD 0-2000 (after Dahl-Jensen et al., 1998). The observed difference in amplitude between the two cores is a result of their different geographic location in relation to the variability in atmospheric circulation. Source: Reconstructed-temperatures-for-Greenland-ice-cores-Dye3-and-GRIP-A

Now as we go forward to approach our time, we can see that in the period after four thousand years ago and up to the two thousand years ago (which is actually the Roman Age) the temperatures have been decreasing in Greenland by two and a half degrees. Then temperatures increased gradually up to a maximum point around a thousand years ago, we call it the Medieval Warm Period. And then temperatures declined and go down to minimum around 1650 a.d., before coming back up a little in the 18th century.

And then around 1875 we have right here the lowest point in the last 10,000 years.
And that matches exactly the time when meteorological observations started

Other core samples from elsewhere in Greenland confirmed that the little ice age ended about 140 years ago at the coldest point in the last 10,000 years. The natural pronounced alteration of warm and cold periods back in time has also been confirmed elsewhere in the northern hemisphere. Carbon 14 dating of organic matter from peat bogs and tree rings confirms the pattern. Also the data from stalactite caves in China and measurements from North Africa.

The problem is that we can all agree completely that we have had a global temperature increase in the 20th century. Yes, but an increase from what? It was probably an increase from the lowest point we’ve had for the last 10,000 years. And this means it will be very hard indeed to prove whether the increase of temperature in the 20th century was man-made or it’s a natural variation. That would be very hard because we made ourselves an extremely poor experiment when we started to observe meteorology at the coldest time in the last ten thousand years.

Dr. Syun Akasofu 2009 diagram from his paper Two Natural Components of Recent Warming.


Robert F Kennedy Jr: We’re Being Lied to About Ukraine


Putin’s Truth Bomb

By Dmitry Orlov

On February 24, 2022, in the midst of launching the Special Military Operation, Putin dropped a truth bomb:

«Сами американские политики, политологи и журналисты пишут и говорят о том, что внутри США создана в последние годы настоящая империя лжи. Трудно с этим не согласиться, так оно и есть.»

“American politicians, political scientists and journalists themselves write and talk about the fact that a real empire of lies has been created inside the United States in recent years. It’s hard to disagree with that, that’s the way it is.”The only part of this statement with which I might take issue is “in recent years.”

The US has been fed on a steady diet of lies since its inception: that the Plymouth Plantation was created by Pilgrims rather than colonizers; that they celebrated Thanksgiving with the local Algonquians (whose kitchen gardens they looted and who despised them); that the American revolution was anything more than a tax revolt and that the Boston Tea Party was over tea rather than opium; that the American Civil War was over slavery rather than industrialization (British vs. North American); that the Americans rather than the Soviets won World War II; that Americans had been to the moon five times rather than zero…

It’s possible to go on in this vein virtually ad infinitum.Over the years I’ve tackled a lot of these hoaxes one by one, including such novelties as the Ozone hoax (which disappeared as soon as the Dupont patent on non-CFC refrigerant expired), the CO2 hoax (still going strong while we wait for the collapse of the Green Energy scam). The gender scam (the notion that normal, healthy mammals can be anything other than male or female) is still a bit too hot to handle, although it is showing signs of being ready to implode on its own (Bud Lite™, anyone?).


What definitely got Putin’s attention was the statement issued by the White House on September 2, 2020, on the 75th anniversary of the ending of World War II, part of which read as follows: “The American victory on September 2, 1945, marked the end of the most devastating war in history, securing peace and freedom across the globe.” What?! Americans won World War II? Who knew?

Here, the case that the Americans are lying (again) is quite easy to make. There were two major theaters of war in World War II: Europe and Asia. In Europe the war ended when the Red Army entered Berlin and mounted the victory flag on the Reichstag on May 1, 1945. In Asia the war ended when the Red Army flushed the Japanese Kwantung Army out of the mainland and accepted Gen. Yamada Otozo’s surrender on August 16, 1945, a day after Emperor Hirohito capitulated. The idea that American or British participation in either of those conflicts was somehow consequential or decisive is fanciful.In the east, Hirohito’s signing of the “Instrument of Surrender” on September 2, 1945 was pure theater. It was the Soviet blitzkrieg on the mainland, not the American island-hopping, aerial bombardment or even the two atomic blasts, that made Japan’s surrender inevitable. Here is a nice map of the main event:

re, it is sufficient to look at some dates. The fate of the Third Reich was sealed at Stalingrad on February 2, 1943. After that, all that remained was for the Red Army to liberate a huge amount of territory. Only 16 months later, on June 6, 1944, did the US and Britain saw it fit to enter the conflict by staging the Normandy invasion. Since most of the German troops, along with plenty of other Western Europeans who had volunteered to fight for Hitler, were tied up on the eastern front, the American and British takeover of everything west of Berlin was pretty much a cakewalk. Nevertheless, they took care to bomb quite a few German medieval cities, barbarous destruction being a calling card of theirs. Here is how matters stood on the eastern front on the day of the Normandy invasion: the entirety of the USSR had already been liberated and the liberation of Warsaw was in progress.

There are all sorts of lies, from the ridiculous (“I didn’t know the homework was assigned, so I didn’t do it, then I lost it, and then my dog ate it!”) to the sublime (“You are the most beautiful woman I have every laid my eyes on!”). But some lies are existentially important, to the point that no further dialogue, polite or otherwise, is possible, and “Americans won World War II”, if you happen to be Russian, is just such a lie.You may want to find out the truth yourself, just to become clear in your own mind as to what really happened.

Alas, the vast majority of what you can read about World War II in English is, again, packed with lies. If your country, from its inception, has subsisted on a steady diet of lies, then attempting to find out the truth becomes something of a fool’s errand. All that’s left to do is to process the consequences of that great, existential lie.nd the consequences are guaranteed to be dire. The Russians sat up and took notice, and an entire great raft of lavishly financed American propaganda went up in smoke. All of those American lies, many more than the ones I listed here, have been put on display, bantered about and laughed at.

  • They suddenly remembered that the Americans make pathetic soldiers and have consecutively lost Korea, Vietnam, Iraq (to Iran), Afghanistan, Syria and are now busy losing their proxy war in the former Ukraine.
  • They realized that the American military (and all of NATO with it) is a hopeless, pathetic, overpriced boondoggle, still capable of causing wanton destruction and dangerous because of all of its toys that go “Bang!” but utterly incapable of winning the peace.They have been watching with great interest the overwhelming criminality and corruption of the American (and with it the European) ruling class that’s been bubbling up to the surface of late and taking note of the fact that nothing is being done about any of that: the Clintons, and the Bidens, and a whole mob of crooked Feds, are still not in jail!
  • They remembered that it is the Russians who are the best soldiers in the world, followed by the Ukrainians (since they are also Russian, but they made the bad mistake of turning on Russia and most of their great soldiers are now dead). If you have any doubts about this, take a look at this map. It shows the extent of the Russians’ natural habitat. Only the Russians, with a population smaller than Bangladesh, are capable of defending such a vast area.

  • From publicly available documents they learned what it is that the Americans want to do with them: the Americans want to break up Russia into small, easily digestible pieces. Needless to say, they didn’t much like the idea. But this gave them an idea they did like: what if the US were broken up into individual states and counties? Of course, they wouldn’t be the ones to do it, being otherwise engaged. But what if the Americans were to do this to themselves?
  • And then they noticed, to their great surprise, that the Americans do seem to be heading in that general direction all on their own, without anyone’s help: bankrupting themselves by making their dollar toxic and imposing ridiculous economic sanctions on themselves, stirring up rancor and disunity over silly issues such as “gender” and losing friends and influence left and right through their arrogance, ignorance and deceit. They even provide their enemies with teachable moments, such as holding a G7 meeting in Hiroshima, like a criminal returning to the scene of a crime, while refusing to apologize for the entirely unnecessary atrocity they had committed there.
And then the Russians realized what it is they have to do to achieve their desired end: they have to wait.

The Tiananmen Square Hoax: Massacre or Failed Color Revolution?

By Matthew Ehret

In this episode of The Multipolar Reality on Rogue News, I take a deep dive into the truth of Tiananmen Square and prove that everything you’ve been taught about this Massacre on June 4, 1989 is a lie covering up a CIA-driven attempt at color revolution more akin to Ukraine’s Maidan in 2014.

This presentation will also introduce the origins of the National Endowment for Democracy from the bowels of the Trilateral Commission, Open Society Foundations, the Malthusian takeover of the trans-Atlantic, the Club of Rome and the hive of transhumanists who were more successful with their program to destroy Russia during the 1980s-1990s than they were to achieve their takeover of China.

The deep state of China is here mapped out taking us into the network around disgraced Communist Party chairman Zhao Ziyang and his nest of technocratic fifth columnists who tried to turn China into a slave colony under the thumb of the Trilateral Commission social engineers. And yes, Miles Guo, Jimmy Lai and Falun Gong play a role in this sordid tale.

Watch on Rumble here or Soundcloud here:

Supplementary reading:

The Comprehensive Tiananmen Square Massacre Hoax Dossier

How China’s Gorbachev was Flushed… in 1989

Tiananmen Square: The Failure of an American-instigated 1989 Color Revolution

How China Banned Soros [a Canadian Patriot Documentary]

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The Vedic Origin of India’s Castes

Cosmic Man

Episode 4 Indo-European Vedic Culture

A History of India

Michael Fisher (2016)

Film Review

The word caste is from Portuguese “Casta” (meaning breed), which explorer Vasco Da Gama applied to the social divisions he observed when he arrived in India. The correct Hindu term for the four “orders” of human beings  is “Varna.”

According to the Vedas,* the earliest Vedic clans were herders. Their priests had a role sacrificing animals, as well as reciting the Vedas from memory. Later clans developed specialized military skills to fight other clans, as well as Indus Valley descendants and Adavasi whose land they coveted. Others remained pastoralists and farmers.

The creation of the four Varnas is described in a late Vedic hymn describing the sacrifice of the cosmic man with 10 arms and legs. Each part of cosmic man became an order of human beings.

  • His mouth became the Brahmins (priests and later bards with the emergence of janapatta**)
  • His arms became the Kshatriya (rulers)
  • His thighs became the Vaishya (the people who produce children and material goods)
  • His feet became the Sudra (people who serve others)

At present the first two Varnas comprise 20% of North India’s population and the last two 55%. The remaining 25% are non-Varna Indians known as Untouchables. According to Fisher, most Untouchables are of Adivasi descent.

The Jati are more localized hereditary groups reflecting regional industries and conditions. Common Jati include weavers, goldsmiths, herders, warriors and professional priests. Farmers tend to come from several Jati. Each Varna contains thousands of Jati, with an estimated 10,000 – 20,000 Jati overall. People tend to marry within their own Jati.

Jatis are also associated with specific diets. Some are pure vegetarians and some also eat fish or specific types of meat. The Brahmans discontinued animal sacrifices in the 10th or 11th century AD and substituted plant-based materials.

During the Vedic period (1500-600BC), India was divided into five to six hundred janapatta, each with their own raja (who could be a king, prince or temporary war leader). Many janapatta also had councils representing leading clans. Janapatta traded with one another, especially following the creation of silver and copper coins and shuni (trade guilds) in the 6th century BC.

This led to the emergence a new Jati for transporters, who loaded goods on the backs of bullocks (heavy rains made it too difficult to maintain roads for cart transport).

There was also some trade with Adivasi (who also engaged in period raids) for forest products.

*Written between 1500 and 500 BC, the Vedas form the basis of the Hindu religion.

**It became common for the raja who ran janapatta (aka majajanapatta) to hire bards to sing their praises.

Film can be viewed free with a library card on Kanopy.

Pressure mounts against US occupation of north-east Syria

Reports are coming of a sizeable Russian military convoy heading for the east of Deir Ezzor governorate in the north-east of Syria. This deployment of Russian troops coincides with reports of the arrival of Iranian military equipment to the area and the extensive build up of Syrian Arab Army 17th Infantry Divisions on the banks of the Euphrates river.

On the 1st of June the CIA-aligned Washington Post published an article entitled ‘Iran plans to escalate attacks against U.S. troops in Syria, documents show’. WAPO claims that the discord leaks exposed a ‘covert plan to kill Americans [which] is seen as part of a larger Russian-backed strategy to oust the US from Syria’. According to WAPO:

Iran is arming militants in Syria for a new phase of lethal attacks against U.S. troops in the country, while also working with Russia on a broader strategy to drive Americans from the region, intelligence officials and leaked classified documents say.

Of course we should ask why WAPO needs leaked documents or intelligence officials to inform them that Syrians do not appreciate the illegal occupation of one third of Syrian territory, unlawful US military bases, regular kidnap and killings of Syrian civilians by US military, theft of oil and agricultural resources on top of a twelve year hybrid war to topple the Syrian government using terrorist proxies. Could WAPO or other US media outlets not figure out for themselves that a push back against US violation of international law was inevitable using the alliances that have supported Syria throughout history? I guess not.

The article goes on:

Iran and its allies are building and training forces to use more powerful armor-piercing roadside bombs intended specifically to target U.S. military vehicles and kill U.S. personnel, according to classified intelligence reports obtained by The Washington Post. Such attacks would constitute an escalation of Iran’s long-running campaign of using proxy militias to launch rocket and drone strikes on U.S. forces in Syria.

Drone attacks have wounded six U.S. service members and killed a Defense Department contractor, and the new explosive devices could add to the toll of U.S. casualties, risking a wider military confrontation with Iran, current and former intelligence analysts and weapons experts say. The same type of weapon, called an explosively formed penetrator, or EFP, was used by pro-Iranian insurgents in lethal attacks against American military convoys during the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

‘Iran’s long running campaign of using proxy militias’ to force US military out of Syria – the US should not be in Syria and it is using proxy terrorist groups to force an internationally recognised Syrian government out of power while economically suffocating the Syrian people and sadistically depriving them of their essential resources.

The so-called Iranian “proxy-militias” would presumably include Iraqi Hash’d Al Shaabi and Hezbollah. Both groups have been instrumental in preventing ISIS expansion in Iraq and Syria while the US is known to have recruited, trained, equipped ISIS to destroy and destabilise both countries for the benefit of the US alliance of neocolonialists.

The article continues:

Officials with Iran’s elite Quds Force unit directed and oversaw testing of one of the explosives, which reportedly sliced through a tank’s armored plating in a trial run conducted in late January in Dumayr, east of Damascus, the Syrian capital, according to one of the intelligence reports. The document, part of the trove of classified materials leaked on the messaging platform Discord, appears to be based on intercepted communications by Syrian and Lebanese militants allied to Iran. One apparent attempt to use such devices against U.S. forces was apparently thwarted in late February when three bombs were seized by U.S.-allied Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syria, a second document states.

“There has been a sea change in their risk-acceptance in killing Americans in Syria,” said Michael Knights, an expert on Iranian-backed militia groups and a founder of the website Militia Spotlight. Noting the devastating toll exacted by EFP bombs during the Iraq War, he added: “This will definitely kill people. And they’re thinking very hard about how to do it.”

If Americans allow their military to be used to commit crimes in Syria, what do they expect? Americans will be killed eventually and rightfully so. There has been a Kurdish Contra/US-led blockade on information exiting the north-east to detail the US crimes against Syrian civilians but once the US grip on Syrian territory is loosened (and it will be) these crimes will start to be documented and recorded just as they were in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam – anywhere the US hegemon invaded, destroyed and pillaged. Back to WAPO:

Another document in the trove describes a new and broader effort by Moscow, Damascus and Tehran to oust the United States from Syria, a long-sought goal that could allow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to reclaim eastern provinces now controlled by U.S.-backed Kurdish forces.

Another document in the trove describes how Iran and allied militias were preparing to retaliate for Israeli strikes on their forces by hitting U.S. bases in Syria.

The leaked documents describe plans for a wide-ranging campaign by U.S. opponents that would involve stoking popular resistance and supporting a grass-roots movement to carry out attacks against Americans in eastern and northeastern Syria. High-ranking Russian, Iranian and Syrian military and intelligence officials met in November 2022 and agreed on establishing a “coordination center” for directing the campaign, according to a classified intelligence assessment prepared in January.

The article reiterates US claims that they are in Syria to ‘prevent a resurgence of ISIS’ but this is palpably untrue. There have been multiple local reports of the US storing ISIS fighters in the various prison camps dotted across the north-east – aided and abetted by the Kurdish Separatists who act as alleged prison guards for these camps. The Kurdish role in enabling ISIS break-outs is investigated here. The true role of the Kurds in Syria and their crimes are investigated here, here and here. An estimated 15000 ISIS terrorists and their families are being held in these makeshift camps, the biggest being the infamous Al Hol camp.

The danger of the ISIS card lies in the large numbers distributed among 9 prisons in the US-backed SDF-controlled areas, which are potential targets for similar attacks, especially the “Kamba Al-Bulgar” prison, east of Al-Shaddadi city in the southern countryside of Hasaka, which includes 5,000 ISIS militants.

In addition to Al-Sina’a prisons, Al-Shaddadiyah, Derek/ Al-Malikiyah, Al-Kasra, Al-Raqqa Central Prison, Rmelan and Nafker in the Qamishli city, from which 60 ISIS militants were transferred to a prison in Al-Hasakah last September – Ibrahim Mohammad Wahdi (Syrian researcher)

Since the double earthquake struck Syria on the 6th February there has been an increase in ISIS attacks, particularly on Syrian civilians to the east of Homs. There have been reports that the Pentagon is forming a rebranded military brigade that will comprise the so-called Free Syrian Army and ISIS fighters to carry out attacks on Syrian Arab Army and Russian positions.

The Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergey Naryshkin, has warned that the US occupation army is concocting a plan to sow chaos in quake-struck Syria by training and arming members of ISIS and other extremist groups.

“[The US army plans] to form several groups of radicals with a total number of about 300 people. After special training, they will be involved in attacks on military facilities in Syria and Iran,” Naryshkin said in an SVR statement released on 20 March.

ISIS is another proxy of the US alliance in Syria and this has been clear since John Kerry was recorded in a UN closed session describing how the Obama administration allowed ISIS to flourish in the hope it would topple the Syrian government in Damascus. The WAPO article then states:

The Pentagon has declined to comment on the leaked documents and did not respond to questions about the intelligence detailing the new plots against U.S. forces in Syria. But the move by Iranian-backed militias to escalate attacks against Americans with roadside bombs was confirmed in interviews with two current officials and one former official with access to sensitive intelligence from the region.

However one day after the WAPO article was published, the Times of Israel made the claim that the Israeli attacks on 28th May had targeted the Hezbollah Golan File training base in Dumayr to the north of Damascus – where the Iranian Quds Forces had allegedly run trials on the explosive devices in January according to WAPO. [Dumayr town is north of Damascus, Al Dumayr airfield is to the east – the WAPO article mentions the east.]

According to the Times of Israel:

Last week, it was reported that Golan File Hezbollah operatives were conducting military exercises at the Dumayr base in preparation for an attack on American troops in Syria. The report was first published by the Al-Hadath network and later confirmed by two US intelligence officials to the Long War Journal, a daily publication of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a Washington-based think tank.

However the Syrian Ministry of Defence statement suggested that Israeli missiles had only succeeded in material damage to buildings ‘in the vicinity of Damascus’.

Of course the US is responding to the threat to its illegal military presence in Syria by doubling down on the economic pressure on Syrian civilians and fury at their Arab allies normalisation of relations with Syria ending in President Assad’s defiant speech at the recent Arab League Summit in Jeddah.

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