Assange’s UK Legal Battle Will Take 2 Years – His Chances of Winning Are Good – by John Helmer (Dances With Bears) 16 April 2019

Reversing their campaign to block the Swedish extradition warrant between 2010 and 2012, Assange’s lawyers are also mobilizing to have the Swedish prosecutors return to London with a new warrant, so that this can stretch out the legal wrangling in London for long enough to reach a new British election. If won by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party forms a new government, Assange may benefit from a decision to move Assange’s prosecution to the UK courts, and then to release him.


The case for and against Julian Assange (lead image, 3rd from left) will keep him in the UK for at least eighteen months, probably two years, possibly three, according to leading London lawyers.  The UK will have a new government by then; the US too.

In the interval, Assange’s lawyers are preparing to prove the US indictment for conspiracy to commit computer hacking will be superseded by espionage charges. That, they will argue, requires the Westminster Magistrates’ Court to throw the US extradition application out. In addition, their  evidence for American  political motivation in the prosecution of Assange, and of US violations of the UK and European standards for a fair trial in an independent and impartial court, will be presented. The Chief Magistrate, Emma Arbuthnot, is likely to preside. The hearing is unlikely to start before December of this year.

Assange Wizard

The more UK and US Government officials take sides in…

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COVER-UP: ‘Killing Me Softly’, Glyphosate Worse Than We Could Imagine – By F. William Engdahl

Glyphosate (Roundup) not only kills the gut microbiome (the source of human immunity), it also destroys soil fertility.

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“…What is becoming clearer is the colossal and obviously deliberate official blind eye given to potential dangers of glyphosate-based pesticides by regulatory bodies not only in the EU and the USA, but also in China, which today produces more glyphosate than even Monsanto. Since the Monsanto Roundup patent expired, Chinese companies have emerged as the world’s major producers of the chemical as well as largest consumers”

Glyphosate Worse Than We Could Imagine – By F. William Engdahl

As new studies continue to point to a direct link between the widely-used glyphosate herbicide and various forms of cancer, the agribusiness lobby fights ferociously to ignore or discredit evidence of human and other damage. A second US court jury case just ruled that Monsanto, now a part of the German Bayer AG, must pay $ 81 million in damages to plaintiff Edwin Hardeman who contracted non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer…

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Australia’s recycling industry now ‘mostly a con’ after China closes doors to plastic waste -by Sammi Taylor (60 Minutes) 14 April 2019

Tonight on 60 Minutes, reporter Liam Bartlett exposes our national recycling lie: that the majority of our plastic waste is not being reused or recycled at all. Instead it is ending up dumped, buried or even burned in illegal processing locations in Southeast Asia.


Most Australians think they’re doing the right thing when they take their recycling bins to the curb every fortnight. 

But our belief that we’re doing our part for the environment is somewhat misguided: Australia’s plastic recycling industry is largely a con.

Tonight on 60 Minutes, reporter Liam Bartlett exposes our national recycling lie: that the majority of our plastic waste is not being reused or recycled at all. Instead it is ending up dumped, buried or even burned in illegal processing locations in Southeast Asia.

‘Plastic, Not so Fantastic’ airs at the special time of 7pm tonight on Channel 9. For more on 60 Minutes, visit theofficial website.

For over 20 years, Australia’s plastic recycling industry was reliant on China, which bought our mixed and often contaminated plastic waste, and melted it down into new plastic products to sell back to us and the rest of the world.

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Anonymous Warns UK: “Release Assange or pay the price”


After a weekend of cyber attacks on Ecuador for expelling Assange, Anonymous is threatening to take it to the next level. They intend to take it to the UK government sites. Threatening the worst attacks in history by Anonymous, they warn England to beware.After Assange was arrested last Thursday when Ecuador let the British police into the embassy, there has been a huge public outrage as well as smears by the press.

The demands of Anonymous are clear. UK BEWARE!NOTE: Wikileaks and Julian Assange are not associated with Anonymous.Wikileaks and Assange are publishers, not hackers […]

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5G: The Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

Lawmakers hitting the brakes on 5G.

New Human New Earth Communities

Long-time United Nations staff member Claire Edwards summarizes worldwide developments in the 5G situation. While still far from a victory claim, there is much to be hopeful about as millions around the world deepen involvement and take a stand for our shared future.

How do you stop the rollout of a 12 trillion dollar technology promoted by one of the most profitable industries on the planet and bulldozed through by the EU, FCC and the whole UN, most notably its WiFi enablers, WHO and ITU?

Many people have said it’s impossible. But even as the Trump administration attempts to ram through 5G in the United States, the dominoes are indeed falling around the world, as cities and entire nations are coming to their senses and putting the brakes on 5G.

Want to know more about 5G? Go here:

Lawmakers hitting the brakes on 5G:


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Toxic Waste From Across the Country Dumped in Poor, Black, Rural Communities


A small group of people can make a lot of money when they find a poor rural community, take advantage those people and turn their farming land into a dumping ground. Politicians are poisoning and selling out the people to corporations so they can have somewhere cheap and far away to dump their toxic waste.

The extreme poverty of Alabama makes it a perfect location for unscrupulous dumping, with toxic waste from across the country brought in to the state and dumped for as little as $1 a ton. Alabama has a total of 173 operational landfills, more than three times as many as New York, a state with a population four times larger than Alabama. California has just a handful more landfills than Alabama even though the state is three times larger than Alabama and has eight times the population.

Alabama has a stark racial disparity in terms of exposure to pollution. A landfill near Emelle in Sumter county, a community that is about 75% black and 90% closest to the landfill, at one point accepted 40% of all of the hazardous waste disposed of in the US. The landfill is owned by Waste Management Inc. (WM), a company Bill Gates owns 33 million shares of. WM is the largest company in the hazardous waste industry. Among WM’s customers are major corporations and more than 150 military bases.

In Anniston, Alabama, where half the residents are black, residents won a settlement from Monsanto after the company dumped so much PCBs, chemicals linked to cancers and liver damage, that it turned a local creek red with the toxic waste. In order for residents to receive the settlement, so they could afford to leave their toxic neighborhood, they had to sign away any right to sue in the future for what so much toxic exposure could have done to them or their children.

Many homes near Stone’s Throw landfill have been abandoned. The landfill accepts as much as 1,500 tons of asbestos, sludge and other materials everyday. It is located in a community that is around three-quarters black and there is pressure placed on those residents to sell their devalued land to the expanding landfill.

Uniontown, is a place with ninety percent black residents and the median household income is $14,000 a year. Uniontown is also home to the Arrowhead landfill, twice the size of New York’s Central Park. It can accept up to 15,000 tons of waste a day, from 33 states. A group of residents have spent the past decade complaining about the site’s coal ash, causing an array of health problems, such as sore throats and nosebleeds […]

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Hemp is the New Oak: America’s First Hemp “Wood” Factory is Being Built


“HempWood” is 20 percent harder than oak, and grows 100 times as fast. It’s a sustainable alternative for hardwood furniture, flooring and more.

Now that it’s legal to grow hemp in the United States, a man who’s spent the last decade developing hemp “hardwood” is building a $6 million factory to manufacture  the product en masse. His patented product called “HempWood” is made out of compressed hemp pulp fibers, held together with a soy-based glue.

While that may sound like some newfangled version of particle board, it’s not.

It looks and feels like oak, but is actually 20 percent harder than the famous hardwood tree.

It also grows 100 times as fast. While it takes an oak tree at least 6 decades to mature, it takes hemp 6 months […]

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