The Impending Mass Firing of America’s Unvaccinated Essential Workforce And Ensuing Chaos

“It’s unclear what the contingency plan for mass firings of essential works looks like. Firefighters and paramedics are not easily replaced anywhere in America. Even before the pandemic, localities across the country were battling shortages of medics and firefighters. The same goes for police departments. Indeed, amid the ongoing crime surge, dismissing cops over vaccine noncompliance is a bit like playing Russian roulette with public safety. “

Easy Money

The government isn’t allowing natural immunity exemptions to their vaccine mandates because that’s what keeps you alive, healthy, strong and free.

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Unvaccinated Hospital Staff Only Ones Telling the Truth Regarding Vaccine Injuries as They Prepare to Leave the Medical System

California Hospital Workers Preparing to Strike. Image source.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

We are looking at a total breakdown and failure of America’s hospital system.

Ethical nurses and doctors are being censored and fired, while those who remain face horrific work conditions due to shortages of staff, and many of them are about to go on strike in California and other places.

The unvaccinated nurses and hospital staff who have not yet left, are coming forward to describe the horror scenes they are witnessing in the hospitals, where the majority of the patients now are fully vaxxed and suffering terrible side effects from the vaccines.

And all of this, other than the coming strikes, is being censored in the pharma-owned corporate media.

The Conejo Guardian, a non-profit independent news publication in Ventura County, California, has just published an article from hospital staff whistleblowers stating that doctors are covering up COVID-19 vaccine injuries, and failing to report them to VAERS.

“They don’t want to report that they’re seeing 80 percent of the people in the ER are vaccinated, but only 40 percent of the county is vaccinated,” says one nurse.

Ventura County Nurses Blow the Whistle on Crisis in Local Health Care

by Joel Kilpatrick
The Conejo Guardian


Ventura County nurses from differ­ent sectors and specialties are coming forward to blow the whistle on what they deem serious lapses in local health care practices, mostly related to COVID-re­lated protocols, “vaccine” mandates and politically and financially motivated bul­lying of medical staff, which these health care workers say is seriously compromis­ing the general quality of local care.

The Guardian spoke with multiple nurses of various ages and at different stages in their careers, all of whom work in medical care settings or hospitals in Ven­tura County. Each preferred to speak un­der a pseudonym for now. Each described seriously declining standards of care, atmospheres of intimidation and fear in hospitals, and distrust and disillusionment among medical professionals.

“Before COVID, nurses, staff and the community were confident in treatment modalities and in doctors’ competencies,” says one nurse. But now, “People are con­fused.”

“They’re very confused,” agrees a veter­an Ventura County nurse. “I think doctors are confused. … I don’t think the commu­nity’s confident. I’m not. … Because where’s the truth?”

Most shocking, perhaps, is how doctors and administrators refuse to report the rising number of unexplained medical problems in otherwise healthy people as potential adverse reactions to COVID-19 experimental vaccine shots.

To suggest that these shots are the cause of any medical problem — or that they are contributing to the alarming rise in non-COVID-related hospital populations — invites professional ridicule.

“Nobody is considering that [these medical problems] could be vaccine-re­lated,” says an ICU nurse in a county hospital.

“It’s not even in question. You might as well say you want to start treating people with crystals and burning sage. If you say it’s the vaccine, they look at you and say, ‘It’s the safest thing ever produced. Why would you say that?’”

Yet, doctors are at a loss to explain the increase in non-COVID-related ailments, including a reported increase in heart at­tacks in young people, mainly men, who received the COVID-19 vaccines.

Doctors “just chalk it up to genes,” one nurse says.



Hidden History: The Original Ponzi Scheme

Charles Ponzi: The Documentary

Directed by Patrick A Boyle (2019)

Film Review

This fascinating documentary concerns quirky entrepreneur who launched the world’s first “Ponzi scheme”* in Boston in 1920. Charles Ponzi was an Italian immigrant who spent most of his life launching phantasmagorical business schemes. Despite the common portrayal of Ponzi as a swindler and sociopath, the filmmakers paint a very sympathetic portrait.

Thanks to the rollout of miraculous new technologies (eg the internal combustion engine, the electrical grid, the telephone, radio, moving pictures) that made their inventors fabulously rich, in the 1920s wealth ceased to be a monopoly of the well-born.

Ponzi’s first two (failed) ventures were a magazine and an import-export business. In the scheme that finally brought him to public attention, he proposed to buy large numbers of discounted international postal reply coupons overseas and exchange them for stamps worth ten times the cost of the coupons.

Ponzi sold his scheme to the public by selling Ponzi certificates to be cashed in for 50% profit within 45 days or 100% profit within 90 days. After opening offices in more than 20 states, by June 1920 Ponzi had taken in more than $32 million. He was so busy taking in new money and using it to pay off initial investors that he never got round to buying any international reply coupons.

Instead he invested most of the money he collected in Boston banks. For example, he used $2.7 million he deposited with Hanover Trust to buy 3/4 of new stock the bank issued in 1920. For this reason, the collapse of Ponzi’s scheme would lead to the failure of Hanover Trust and three other banks.

In August 1920, the scheme began unraveling after the Boston Post published articles exposing Ponzi’s criminal history (ie he was successfully prosecuted for check fraud and helping immigrants enter the US illegally). After regulators and law enforcement officials demanded to see Ponzi’s books, it became clear his liabilities exceeded assets by $3 million.

After he completed a four-year sentence on a “Common and Notorious Thief” charge, Massachusetts convicted him on new fraud charges, for which he received a 5-8 year conviction. Appealing the conviction, he fled to Florida, where he changed his name to Charles Borrell and started a real estate scheme in which in promised to triple investors’ money in 60 days. After serving a years for violating Florida’s security laws, he boarded a ship attempted to flee to Italy. He was rearrested after bragging to fellow passengers about his exploits in Boston.

On his release in 1934, he was deported to Italy. In 1939, he relocated to Brazil in 1939, where he ran a rooming house.

*A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures subscribes by paying out to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors.

**An international reply coupon (IRC) is a coupon that can be exchanged for one or more postage stamps representing the minimum postage for an unregistered priority airmail letter. Because European postal rates were much lower than those of the US, Ponzi could buy a $1 IRC in Italy and exchange it for $10 worth of stamps in the US.

Is US Response to COVID Pandemic an Official Government Psychological Operation?

The possibility that U.S. government psychological operations, or PSYOP, have been engaged to sway the public to accept COVID vaccines should be investigated thoroughly.

“Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home — so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world. Yet they are the world of the individual person; the neighborhood he lives in; the school or college he attends; the factory, farm, or office where he works. Such are the places where every man, woman, and child seeks equal justice, equal opportunity, equal dignity without discrimination. Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere. Without concerted citizen action to uphold them close to home, we shall look in vain for progress in the larger world.”  — Eleanor Roosevelt

Vaccination proponents don’t want to see or hear anything contradicting their very confident, though most questionable position: that a benevolent government, supported by a monolithic, knowledgeable, scientific community, is successfully dealing with the crisis.

In addition to the challenges of an uncompromising public debate, some of us face a personal crisis: The compassionate principles of long-term relationships are being tested.

With entrenched devotion to vaccines, loved ones and friends who were once willing to discuss most other topics, refuse to engage. At a minimum, they express disappointment in our lack of understanding and compliance. When forthright they confess their judgment — our unwillingness to conform causes continuing affliction.

Many people have been persuaded that anyone who has doubts about the infallible words and irrefutable facts presented by somber leaders and an impartial press corps are infecting others with dangerous information.

Failures of the pandemic response are increasingly laid at the feet of the unvaccinated.

However, the furious indignation is often irrational, inordinate and out of character, suggesting it is driven by a set of external stimuli designed to create the response.

A looming crisis, initially presented with expectations of horrific consequences including widespread severe disease and millions dead, can be viewed as the beginning of a prescribed government response to the pandemic.

The intentional amplification of the threat, unjustifiable by any scientific defense, was never diminished, even as ominous predictions of suffering and mortality proved to be greatly exaggerated.

From the moment vaccines were released, anyone who doubted their importance and efficacy has been depicted as a hostile deviant entranced by fantasies or blindly following aberrant leaders.

And although so-called anti-vaxxers are belittled for their ignorance, there is no indication those rejecting enforced protocols are doing anything but defending their inalienable rights — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The extreme aggressive tactics of the government and media to promote vaccines — including a campaign to humiliate those who refuse to comply — have the earmarks of psychological warfare, with manipulation of citizens on a grander scale than any effort in recent history.

The continuing prevailing mindset of many people appears to be the reaction to a calculated induction of a mass hypnotic trance.

Of all aspects of pandemic response, this is one of the most troubling, and should cause us to consider its probability, provenance and rectification.

‘My honor is my loyalty’

The government’s use of a psychological operation — aka PSYOP — to promote immunization follows standards and practices for engendering a cult mentality to reach its objectives.

The central technique for initiating and maintaining an obedient population is developing an “us versus them” mindset. The demonization of outsiders is essential.

Demands and sacrifices are made of the members, solidifying their involvement and ensuring they see themselves as superior to those who don’t participate.

These mesmeric psychological operations can be identified in groups small and large, including mass populations.

The most dramatic example of a PSYOP engendering a cult is the rise of fascism in Nazi Germany. An elite propaganda machine entranced a nation into believing they were a superior race, arousing a blind loyalty to their cause, with a loss of moral parameters unmatched in modern history.

Hitler’s most loyal troops, the SS, closely associated with forced labor and death camps, and deemed a criminal organization by the Nuremberg tribunals, wore belt buckles and kept daggers engraved with the words, “my honor is loyalty.”

More recently, less-militarized cults have made some dramatic impact in the United States.

The religious organization, the People’s Temple, in its early days gained the support of politicians and manipulated the media to project a positive spin on its activities.



17-Year-Old Develops Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome and Myocarditis After Pfizer Vaccine, Report Shows

A peer-reviewed brief report published Oct. 7 in Acta Paedatrica describes a case of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in a previously healthy 17-year-old male who developed fever, vomiting, myalgia and chest pain five days after his second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

A peer-reviewed brief report published Oct. 7 in Acta Paedatrica described the first known case of multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) in a child (MIS-C) following administration of a COVID vaccine.

According to the report, a previously healthy 17-year-old male developed fever, vomiting, myalgia and chest pain five days after his second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

After two days, he was admitted to the hospital with high levels of inflammatory parameters and multisystem involvement of the gastrointestinal tract, skin, central nervous system, kidneys, liver, coagulation, lungs and heart.

The patient developed myocarditis — inflammation that results from the body’s immune reaction to initial heart damage — with a severely reduced ejection fraction of 20%.

He was then placed in the ICU for six days with norepinephrine infusion, high-flow oxygen therapy, steroids, intravenous immunoglobulin and antibiotics. He was discharged after 10 days of hospitalization.

“To our knowledge, this is the first reported case of an adolescent who developed fever and multisystem inflammation following an mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccination,” the authors said. “He fulfilled the diagnostic definition for a level-one definitive case of MIS-C after COVID-19 vaccination.”

The authors concluded Pfizer’s COVID vaccine could not be established as the cause of this case of MIS-C, but “it was compatible with the known spectrum of vaccine reactogenicity.”

“In conclusion, this case raises suspicion of a rare association between the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and MIS-C in a male adolescent,” the authors said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), MIS-C occurs when different parts of the body become inflamed, including the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes or gastrointestinal organs.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, MIS-C was first identified in April 2020 by doctors at children’s hospitals in the U.S. and UK. MIS-C mostly affects school-age children and can occur after severe COVID infection.

While the syndrome is rare, it can be dangerous.

“If the inflammation in our patient was caused by the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, it still remains an extremely rare condition as no other cases fulfilling the criteria for MIS-C after COVID vaccination have been reported in adolescents, despite nine million vaccinated children in the USA,” the authors said.

However, the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) shows 34 reports of MIS-C, with 18 reports occurring in adolescents 12 to 17 years old.

“I’m surprised the authors of this study didn’t look at VAERS in their literature search,” said Dr. Brian Hooker Ph.D., P.E., Children’s Health Defense chief scientific officer and professor of biology at Simpson University.

“MIS-C is consistent with spike protein pathology which could cause non-specific inflammation of organs due to tissue damage caused by the spike protein ACE2 receptor interaction.”



Physicians and the Vaccine Tyranny

Source: Blaise Edwards, M.D.

I find myself in the position that I must use an alias for fear of reprisal.  Those days may be quickly coming to an end, as hospitals are denying requests for vaccine exemptions with impunity.  I will likely soon be out the door, with nothing to lose.  Even if I survive this round, if the “pandemic” continues, it won’t be long before I am shelved like a can of spam.

Doctors need to be called out.  From early in the pandemic, it was like a mass hypnosis or forgetfulness of everything we had learned in medical school.  Immune system knowledge was shelved and replaced by government dictates.  The thought of early outpatient treatment with “off label” drugs that could modulate the immune system was forbidden.  We essentially told patients that they had to go home and wait until they were sick enough to be hospitalized, then treatment would begin.  Imagine telling all diabetics that there is no metformin, Glucophage, or insulin.  Would we really wait until patients are in diabetic ketoacidosis, and then treat them only at the hospital?  It is medical malfeasance of a grand scale.

We physicians gave up our training and our reasonable medical thought process.  The reasons are multiple.  First, it was the easy way out.  Second, many of us are employed and fear reprisal.  Third, despite what the public thinks, we physicians are not bold leaders, we tend to be sheep, and are afraid of having an entire institution ostracize us or our colleagues to think us crazy.

As we got to the point of vaccine rollout, doctors were not using the scientific method, questioning and challenging prevailing hypotheses.  They kept their heads down, closed clinics, converted to telemedicine, and pushed only the jab.

I had conversations with doctors who are supposed experts in virology and immunology denying the lasting immunity of natural infection.  Conversations about natural immunity:

“I have antibodies.”

“But they will wane.”

“But I have memory cells.”

Dumbfounded look.

Really, are these the leaders we want?

Other conversations about the safety of vaccines:

“The vaccine is safe.”

“No, we would have shut down any trial in the past after even 100 deaths.”

“This is more serious.”

“But the survival rate is about 99.6%.”

“It’s killing people.”

“So is the vaccine”

“You can’t believe VAERS.”

“It was set up to help protect the public, and if anything, it is underreporting side effects.”

“You’re a conspiracy theorist.”

Or conversations about early treatment

“You must get the vaccine, it is the only “proven” treatment, there are no other treatments.”

“Really, ivermectin has eradicated COVID in India, parts of Mexico, Japan….”

“It is a horse dewormer.”

“It won a Nobel Prize in medicine, is a WHO essential drug, and has been around for decades with a great safety profile.”

“No, only the vaccine works.”

“But it is failing”

              “You are a denier and a conspiracy theorist.”



Are the Covid jabs responsible for rising mortality trends?

Data from 23 countries reveal the number of new COVID cases (i.e., positive tests) after the start of the COVID jab campaign is 3.8 times higher than it was before the rollout of the shots, and the daily COVID death rate is 3.82 times higher.

Justice Truth News

by Dr. Mercola


  • According to all-cause mortality statistics adjusted for population growth, the number of Americans who have died between January 2021 and August 2021 is 14% higher than 2018, the pre-COVID year with the highest all-cause mortality, and 16% higher than the average death rate between 2015 and 2019
  • Did COVID-19 raise the death toll despite mass vaccination, or are people dying at increased rates because of it?
  • The COVID jab killed an estimated 1,018 people per million doses administered during the first 30 days of the European vaccination campaign
  • When counting only deaths categorized as COVID-19 deaths, the death toll from the jabs is estimated to be between 200 and 500 deaths per million doses administered. With 4 billion doses having been administered around the world, that means 800,000 to 2 million so-called “COVID-19 deaths” may in fact be vaccine-induced deaths
  • Data from 23 countries reveal…

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Southwest Airlines backs down from vaccine mandate after massive protests

Southwest Airlines backs down from vaccine mandate after massive protests

Dr Eddy Betterman

Hundreds of employees with Southwest Airlines are pushing back against the federal government’s unlawful vaccine mandate, and the company is beginning to accommodate their employees, instead of firing them. Southwest Airlines is considered a federal contractor. The Biden administration believes all federal contractors are now property of the federal government. In this delusion of power, the Biden administration requires all federal contractors to give up their medical privacy and body autonomy and submit to selective vaccine mandates.

Dozens of pilots, flight attendants and other employees came together to protest the human rights abuses carried out by their employer, which have been enforced by the federal government and the threat of extortion. Employees were set to be terminated by December 8. However, over two hundred employees gathered outside the company’s Dallas headquarters on October 18 to publicly oppose the unlawful vaccine mandate.

The discrimination and human rights violations must come to an end

Southwest’s senior vice president of operations and hospitality, Steve Goldberg, sent out a memo to staff, alerting them of a significant change in the company’s vaccine mandate policy. It turns out the company will not terminate employees on December 8 while the company reviews employee exemption forms. The memo states that employees may continue to work as long as they follow masking and distancing guidelines. “This is a change from what was previously communicated. Initially, we communicated that these Employees would be put on unpaid leave and that is no longer the case,” the memo states.

Southwest Airlines currently discriminates against new-hire employees by demanding proof of covid-19 vaccination as a precondition to employment. Current Southwest employees are profiled and segregated based on their private medical decisions. Over the past several months, the medical privacy of each employee has been violated, as the workforce is segregated into “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” groups, with the “unvaccinated” employees were scheduled to be put on unpaid leave after December 8th. Labor unions sided with the employees. Hundreds gathered outside company headquarters, rallying for medical freedom.

A federal judge in Fort Worth, Texas blocked a similar discriminatory plan put in place by United Airlines back in August. According to the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, American Airlines “indicated that, unlike the approach taken by United, they were exploring accommodations that would allow employees to continue to work.”



Michigan Woman Died From Blood Clots After J&J Vaccine, Autopsy Confirms

Sandra Jacobs “appears to have succumbed” to a “rare but nevertheless documented” complication associated with the viral vector vaccine — cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) — Caplan wrote in the summary.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, CVST occurs when a “blood clot forms in the brain’s venous sinuses,” preventing blood from draining out of the brain. “As a result, blood cells may break and leak blood into the brain tissues, forming a hemorrhage.”

This condition brought about “hemorrhagic cerebral infarct,” or stroke caused by brain bleeding, and brain swelling, Caplan wrote.

The death certificate, obtained after some difficulty by Jacobs’ daughter, Tatum Strieter-Byron, lists the cause of death as “complications of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis” and “recent administration” of a COVID vaccine as the contributing condition.

Caplan deemed the manner of death “natural.” It may also be considered a “therapeutic complication” since this is a known vaccine issue, he wrote. Under “final diagnosis,” Caplan first listed the COVID vaccine.

Jacobs died 13 days after receiving the single-dose J&J vaccine at a CVS pharmacy on April 8 — just five days before federal health agencies temporarily paused the vaccine while they examined an unusual blood-clotting disorder, Michigan Live reported.



Study by Harvard Researcher Finds Countries with Lowest COVID-19 Vaccination Rates Have Fewer Cases of COVID than Fully Vaccinated Countries 

Comparing countries with various rates of percentages of their population fully vaccinated for COVID-19, they found that “countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.”

The Tatty Journal

By Brian Shilhavy (via Health Impact News)

A new study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology proves what we “conspiracy theorists” have been saying all along about the COVID-19 shots: They cause symptoms leading to COVID-19 diagnoses rather than prevent them.

The study,Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States, was conducted by S. V. Subramanian, who is affiliated with Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies, and also the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

The study looked at data from 68 countries and 2947 counties in the U.S.

Vaccines currently are the primary mitigation strategy to combat COVID-19 around the world. For instance, the narrative related to the ongoing surge of new cases in the United States (US) is argued to be driven by areas…

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