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white bramhall photoDr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee describes how FBI harassment led a 54 year old psychiatrist, single mother activist, to close my 25 year Seattle practice to begin a new life in New Zealand. It begins by describing the fifteen years of covert harassment I experienced when I used my financial and social position, as a doctor, to assist two former Black Panthers who had occupied an abandoned school to transform it into an African American Museum. What began as unrelenting phone harassment and illegal break-ins, progressed to six attempts on my life and an affair with an undercover agent who railroaded me into a psychiatric hospital.

My main motivation for writing the book was the murder of a black postal worker and union activist named Oscar Manassa. The US government comes down hard on dissidents, whistleblowers and activists. As I recount in my memoir, Oscar also experienced extensive covert harassment prior to his brutal murder. Moreover immediately following his death, the US Postal Inspectors (an intelligence arm of the federal government blocked a homicide investigation by seizing the evidence file from the Seattle police.

The whole experience was a personal epiphany, leading to the frightening discovery that the democratic institutions of power have been taken over by an invisible shadow government.

At the beginning of 1987, I was a naïve hard working private psychiatrist concerned with growing joblessness and homelessness in Seattle’s African American community. By the end of the year, I had been intimately acquainted with America’s shadow government and the criminal activities US intelligence is notorious for – illegal narcotics trafficking, arms dealing, money laundering and covert assassinations of foreign and domestic leaders and activists.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFdm6VZHfrA&feature=emb_logo

My personal experiences would eerily foreshadow the burgeoning of the US intelligence state after 9-11. Any activist over fifty will tell you that the US government has targeted dissidents, whistleblowers and activists as far back as World War I with illegal wire taps, surveillance, break-ins, indefinite detention and extrajudicial assassination. Ironically all these previously illegal activities are totally legal under The Patriot act and the National Defense Authorization Act.

The Most Revolutionary Act won a 2011 Allbooks Review Editor’s Choice award.


Dr Bramhall on radio:

  • TheHigherSideChats (June 2020)

Greg and I discuss links between my work with the Seattle African American Museum and Cultural Center and my targeting for harassment and the current US political turmoil. Two hour podcast.


Jim and I discuss the Arab Spring, the recent takeover of the State Capitol in Madison Wisconsin, left gatekeeping foundations, and how the destruction of the middle class will hasten revolutionary change.

Click here to listen (fast forward through music):


We talk about the New Zealand political climate, the 911 Truth Movement and Noam Chomsky’s puzzling stance that there was no US government involvement in either 911 or the JFK assassination. We also discuss the role of insurance lobby and Big Pharma in blocking the establishment of universal single payer health care in the US, as well as Climategate and the BP oil spill. Finally we discuss my involvement with Seattle’s African American Museum and the resulting government harassment that I describe in The Most Revolutionary Act. I talk about the murder of a postal worker named Oscar Manassa and the rip-off of the federal worker compensation program to fund the Contra war against Nicaragua.

Click here to listen (fast forward through music):


E.G. and I talk about my harassment by the FBI and my decision to emigrate to New Zealand. We also discuss the demise of child psychiatry in the US – owing to the unwillingness of private insurance companies to cover mental health services for children and adolescents. And the failure of Obamacare to address this serious issue and the need for the US to create a true national health care system. We finished with a lengthy discussion about bullying, a special interest of mine as a child and adolescent psychiatrist.

(click on link)

Chris and I discuss how I was first targeted, following my decision to support the occupation (of an abandoned school)  that led to the formation of Seattle’s first African American Heritage Museum – as an alternative to the crack cocaine epidemic among the city’s African American teenagers. We also talk about my research into HIV AIDS, my hospitalization and the Veterans Administration psychologist I worked with who also helped GIs illegally stationed in Cambodia in the sixties and seventies (and terrorized into keeping quiet about it).

(click on link  – show is syndicated – fast forward the music to hear interview)

Rob and I discuss the phone harassment, break-ins, attempts to run me down – and my psychiatric hospitalization. We also talk about the political activities that seemed to lead the government to target me – including my research into HIV AIDS – and my inability to get help from the Seattle police. Then we cover the whole area of conspiracies in general, which are more accurately called State Crimes Against Democracy (SCADS)



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    • 53 years ago the Mafia and America’s corrupt government murdered President Kennedy. In this explosive new book I prove these dark forces did in fact assassinate President Kennedy on 11/22/1963. This 351 page book has over 100 photographs and countless links insuring you will be convinced Harvey Oswald was what he claimed and that was he was in fact just a patsy. This fascinating new book hopefully will force our fascist government to, release all the countless documents their hiding under NATIONAL SECURITY before the 2039 deadline they now cling to…WAKE UP!

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  1. Hello Stuart, I’ve read and posted some comments on your thread re: the CIA’s influence on feminism over time, and have appreciated your work with that topic. However, I only yesterday came across some articles you had written several years ago while doing some web surfing: – The Cointelpro Role of Left Gatekeeping Foundations; The CIA And Nonviolence; and Does the CIA Fund Both the Right and the Left? Wow! Great work.

    I just want to tell you how much I appreciate and admire your research and writing. These topics are very close to my heart and interests also, and seldom to I find such well reasoned and researched discussions regarding these critically important issues. Given the absolute credibility free fall of MSM that we have witnessed over the campaign season, on everything from the election itself to the West’s attacks on Syria, I think these articles have even more importance than at the time they were written. For example Democracy Now’s Syria coverage, like its Libya coverage, make it virtually unwatchable and renders it simply another State Department mouthpiece. The same could be said for other “progressive” media sites that run the usual mix of information combined with disinformation, such as Counterpunch (in my opinion).

    As more people turn away from MSM and they “discover” such “progressive” sites, they tend to be very vulnerable to the more subtle propaganda presentation offered. For example Democracy Now’s Dakota Access coverage was quite welcomed and appreciated by many of us, however, by combining it with State Department propaganda on Syria, it no doubt confused many who are less familiar with that issue than with say domestic environmental issues. There lies the real danger in these “gatekeeper” sites, and there lies the real importance of your articles I’m referring to.

    I have not been able to find links to these particular articles through your blog site, but that may just be my own web site knowledge deficits. These are important articles and I hope they are read widely. Again, thank you for your work Stuart. Warm regards. – Gary Weglarz

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  2. Hi Gary, thanks for the very flattering comments. I, too, was very disappointed in Democracy Now until I discovered that they were getting substantial funding from CIA-linked foundations. I haven’t posted the articles you mention on my blog – mainly because they seem a bit long and academic to me.


  3. Hi SJB; just ordered yr ‘most rev…” and can’t wait to read it. I’m an anarchist in Seattle and have never heard of you or your problems with the Bureau. Discovered you by accident when a friend did a search at Dissidentvoice looking for siomething I’d written and found yr MvG piece.

    Signed up for yr e-mail subscription and it told me I was subscribed but never asked me for my address, so this is a very special blog indeed…

    Sincerely. Dave Fryett

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    • Ordered it thru Amazon.

      Never written/published anything longer than an essay, so I’m wondering what yr publisher’s motive would be in making the book unavailable? Being of conspiratorial bent: pressure from our friends at the Bureau?

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      • Purely pecuniary. I’m with a print on demand publisher – which means I paid for cover, layout and publicity. My contract includes making the book available to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Ingraham and two years ago they tried to collect $100 a month from under performing others to continue these listings. I refused and they took my listings done until I threatened legal action for breach of contract.

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  4. Amy who makes $2M/year – I think you live in fantasy land or just don’t know the difference between real and alternate facts (aka lies). Suspect you know very little, if anything about George Soros other than that he is rich!

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  5. Great links, metrobusman. I especially like the post about Chris Hedges. I wrote something for Dissident Voice once about the hatchet job he wrote in 2012 about the black bloc. In my view, he’s far more open in his attacks on the left – and more dangerous. I also note how quick the so-called alternative media was to suppress Harper’s accusations of plagiarism against him in 2014: https://newrepublic.com/article/118114/chris-hedges-pulitzer-winner-lefty-hero-plagiarist

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  6. Hi Stuart;

    Finally got around to TMRA, which I enjoyed. The general harassment you describe was all too familiar. While your case is unique in detail, it’s formulaic in general outline–every case is. Yours does, however, contain some absorbing features. The account of your difficulties on Capitol Hill was moving, even harrowing. And the struggle with the RTC was a bit of a surprise, not in the sense that they were your adversaries–of course they were–but that it was they and not some better camouflaged outfit which obstructed you.

    The most unusual aspect, at least in my experience, is that your case is more of a why-was-it-done than a who-done-it. And you do a laudable job of taking your readership through the various possibilities. I have little insight to offer (I’ve never experienced anything like what you endured), but that won’t stop me from tendering some unsolicited opinions. That’s what comment sections are for, no?

    You are quite right in observing that unions act as agents of the state, indeed they do. But they could not have organized your ordeal. They may have played a part, but your alleged psychiatric problems are well out of their area of disorganizational expertise. They did yeoman work in disrupting OccupySeattle, but their skill set and area of influence stop well short of the medical and bureaucratic machinations which befell you.

    A bit off topic but: My union newspaper recently rejected a piece I wrote. A co-worker had written an excellent article on the so-called right-to-work legislation crisscrossing the US. I wrote a piece which sketched the history of class conflict from the advent of the plow to the present. It was 8000 words. It was rejected. I suggested serialization. They countered that I would have to break it into “two or three stand-alone, 1000-word pieces” if I wanted them to print it. It was quite an effort to keep it under 8000–it’s a big subject. Needless to say it wasn’t length but content that got it squashed.

    That your being from a working-class background I don’t believe played any part in your ordeal. It was surprising to learn that about you though, considering what you told us about your mother.

    Your suggestion that your race may have been the catalyst is better, but still not convincing. Black leaders who draw mass white support, particularly radical ones, are a greater threat than white radicals who draw a lot of black support. The bloody history of the former scenario speaks for itself–think Walter Rodney, MLK, Fred Hampton etc.

    Your AIDS work gets warmer still, particularly the timing of it. (BTW, if you haven’t read Dr. Mary’s Monkey then you ought.) But the harassment precedes your involvement with AIDS.

    I suspect your targeting was the result of all of the above.

    Great book all in all, been recommending it to anyone who will listen. I wasn’t at every moment content that you were being, if you will permit me, completely honest. (If I’m wrong, please forgive me; if correct, no worries, I understand.) But I’ve never read a memoir which was. Most importantly, in the end you came to all the right conclusions regarding those whom you encountered along the way. You now understand, and can function as a transmitter of useful information, which you have done in writing the book.

    I also wonder if the campaign for the museum was worth the time, money, and effort, however heroic it was. I also wondered if there wasn’t a touch of misandry informing some of your actions and conclusions. But no matter, the first order of business is, as Luxemburg suggested, to see the world as it is. There is a thin, transparent, yet seemingly impermeable, Gramscian cognitive barrier between the masses and their emancipation. And you have, if not punctured, then at least drawn attention to it, and in a powerful, effective way. So my hat is off to you.

    Did some web searching for Jabari Sisulu and discovered that you are a candidate of some sort for the Green Party in NZ. I wish you well but I hope you understand that that party has the same geneology as the RCP. Good luck.

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    • Thanks for the very thoughtful analysis Metrobusman. I was as much describing a state of mind as I was historical events – I spent most of the years scrambling to find some explanation of who was targeting me and why. And this was the first half of the book. I devoted the second half to exploring the massive penetration of Seattle grassroots organizations by saboteurs and my struggle to understand how that worked. It’s only since I retired and had time to do more research that I gained some understanding of left gatekeeping foundations and how they deliberately sabotage grassroots groups. Webster Tarpley paints a really good picture how this happened with Obama and Bill Ayers (a long time federal agent) in Chicago in The Unauthorized Biography of Barack Obama. And all my research on the Internet bears this out – Australian Researcher Michael Barker has done some excellent research into left-gatekeeping democracy manipulating foundations.

      That being said, I am (and former members of the CP) are absolutely certain that Robby Stearns was a paid federal agent long before he came to work for the State Labor Council. As was the late Craig Salins. And Jabari Susulu is a pseudonym for Omari Tahir. It’s hard to say how the Museum occupation would have turned out if it hadn’t been infiltrated from the very beginning.

      There’s no question that the NZ Green Party is infiltrated at the present time – we’ve identified at least 2 of the saboteurs by name. But there seems to be a fairly strong cohort that’s pulled together to address the problem.

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  7. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it is more than a case of infiltration. The plutocrats cannot prevent concerned people from coalescing around a given issue and taking action. In such cases they infiltrate, but they are more proactive than that. In the US, the state CREATED many of the NGOs; it’s keeping the CPUSA alive long after it would have dissolved. It did resurrect the KKk–twice. This ‘survivalist’ city where Tim McVeigh allegedly lived is another state creation masquerading as an anti-state organization. The point is to herd the disillusioned into groups which they control and can misdirect. The people who join the CPUSA no doubt have good intentions, but they will be betrayed in the end.

    Gramsci said that “The challenge of modernity is to live without illusions without becoming disillusioned.” That’s a tall order!

    More info on Barker please, web search didn’t yield anything.

    BTW, I envy your living in NZ. I thought I would go there when I retired for at least a year or perhaps permanently. Still years away for me but was looking into it and discovered that one had to be young a/o a professional a/o rich to get in. The criteria for a retirement visa are sky high, unbelievably so. So I guess it will be South America…

    Here’s something you might find amusing:

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  8. Dear Dr Stuart, I’m a special investigative correspondent Sophie Mangal. I’m a member of Inside Syria Media Center.
    Having a lot of links (with poor Syrians, with some of refugee camps inside Syria and even with people in Aleppo and Syria civil defense organizations) I monitor the situation in Syria and Iraq, Aleppo and Mosul, the Middle East in general and write articles. I have some good sources. Sometimes the information is very interesting, I’m into the problem for a long time in fact. I can share the information in English if you would like so you could publish it and much more people could know about the problems of Syria. Also I compose a summary of armed clashes in Syria every week and try to analyze the changes. I really express concerns about the situation. And I think it would be great if we together could open the eyes of the world. It would be very kind of you if you write me your answer.

    By the way, “The Amnesty Decree at Work for Syrian People’ Benefit” was my article, posted by Duff. You can read it here: https://en.insidesyriamc.com/2017/06/05/the-amnesty-decree-at-work-for-syrian-people-benefit/

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  9. Dear Dr. Bramhall,

    I could not find your email on this blog, so I am taking the liberty of posting here.
    You were so good as to cite my blog in your e-book. Thank you. However, that domain name unfortunately has been snatched up by GoDaddy, after a wave of bot attacks on my blog that had it down most of the year. The site is back up under mindbodypolitic.ORG not dot com. You could help me immensely by altering those three letters.

    I believe you might have linked me elsewhere in other articles as well. If you could change the links to the current site, I would much appreciate your help.

    I have no doubt that the take-down was orchestrated and not just another example of egregious domain snatching by spam blogs.

    I would love to send you a piece on what is happening in India right now.
    The country is under biometric surveillance through the outrageous aadhaar ID.

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  10. Hello Miss. BramHall, would you consider possibly helping me in any form what so ever? Its the Carmen Naomi Watson V. Mylan Pharmaceuticals suit. The company openly admitted not to providing all the required warnings yet, local KS Judge Carlos Muguia dismisses case, and fellow Judges of KS at the 10th Circuit backed him, currently waiting on verd. for rehearing. Thanks so much, Said With Love

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  13. Hey, hope you are doing well.

    I invite you to read a post of mine where I am gathering links of warriors facing mental health challenges 1st hand to educate people, to raise awareness and acceptance.

    I need help from you in fighting stigma.

    Here is the link to post..

    Your participation can change life of someone.

    Thank you 🙂

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  14. Wow, Dr. Bramhall, I just became aware of your story here, and read the comments. This is all amazing or mind blowing. As a unionized and shop steward worker for a too-well known Atlanta based corporation for 42 years, I agree with much of what metrobusman says about unions fronting for government and by default, for the corporations. They had their day and like all things, became totally corrupt over time.

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    • Much has been written, Sha’Tara about the CIA historically putting AFL-CIO officials on the payroll. In Washington State the president of the State Labor Council and his assistant had a long history of infiltrating and sabotaging grassroots movements.


  15. Hi Dr. Bramhall,

    I came across an article in which you discussed Gloria Steinem’s connection to the CIA. You also posted a link about her role in an operation to build black feminism. That link is no longer functioning so I wanted to ask you to share that information with me.

    I am part of a group challenging white feminism and queer politics role in the black freedom struggle. You may find our latest article interesting: https://forpositivepeace.org/2020/03/30/queerness-as-whiteness-beyond-identity-politics/?fbclid=IwAR2LMeYVXQIrjFQuGlQ3fbgkUDqndlrcPY3D3J3pAvNLInpRNt3fONP90yM

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  16. Hello there Dr. Bramhall,

    I listened to your interview with Greg on the Higher Side Chats – well done!

    Question – about the one hour, five minute mark you mention a British blog “Spivey” that went over the CNN. Footage of the George Floyd murder and I can’t seem to find it – could you please provide me that link – thanks!

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    J Edger Hoover – Abraham Zapruder – Earl Warren!
    What had they in common?
    They were 33 Degree Shriner Freemasons!
    Do pause and ponder that for a moment. 33. This puts Zapruder in the same league as agent Mark Twain, both President Roosevelt’s, Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Confederate General Albert Pike. Take all the time you need.
    The Zapruder film was a psyop.
    You will not get the truth from this film.
    It has been spliced & edited.
    The book you need is:
    By Fred T. Newcomb
    Remember the “suicide” of Henry Marshall in Dallas, Texas?
    They said he committed suicide with a BOLT-ACTION RIFLE, shooting himself 5 TIMES!
    On 3rd June, 1961, Marshall was found dead on his farm by the side of his Chevy Fleetside pickup truck. His rifle lay beside him. He had been shot five times with his own rifle. Soon after County Sheriff Howard Stegall arrived, he decreed that Marshall had committed suicide. No pictures were taken of the crime scene, no blood samples were taken of the stains on the truck (the truck was washed and waxed the following day), no check for fingerprints were made on the rifle or pickup.

    Marshall’s wife (Sybil Marshall) and brother (Robert Marshall) refused to believe he had committed suicide and posted a $2,000 reward for information leading to a murder conviction. The undertaker, Manley Jones, also reported: “To me it looked like murder. I just do not believe a man could shoot himself like that.” The undertaker’s son, Raymond Jones, later told the journalist, Bill Adler in 1986:

    “Daddy said he told Judge Farmer there was no way Mr. Marshall could have killed himself. Daddy had seen suicides before. JPs depend on us and our judgments about such things. we see a lot more deaths than they do. But in this case, Daddy said, Judge Farmer told him he was going to put suicide on the death certificate because the sheriff told him to.”

    As a result, Lee Farmer returned a suicide verdict: “death by gunshot, self-inflicted.”

    Sybil Marshall hired an attorney, W. S. Barron, in order to persuade the Robertson County authorities to change the ruling on Marshall’s cause of death. One man who did believe that Marshall had been murdered was Texas Ranger Clint Peoples. He had reported to Colonel Homer Garrison, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, that it “would have been utterly impossible for Mr. Marshall to have taken his own life.”

    Peoples also interviewed Nolan Griffin, a gas station attendant in Robertson County. Griffin claimed that on the day of Marshall’s death, he had been asked by a stranger for directions to Marshall’s farm. A Texas Ranger artist, Thadd Johnson, drew a facial sketch based on a description given by Griffin. Peoples eventually came to the conclusion that this man was Mac Wallace, the convicted murderer of John Kinser.
    Mac Wallace was LBJ’s hitman!

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  18. I just updated this article with information.


    I keep fighting with myself over why it’s so irksome for people to describe something so horrific from the standpoint of no experience. And how it’s only gotten worse despite that “help.” I don’t think the help we injured are getting is help at all–I think it’s a help-urself mentality.

    I just wish more vaccine-injured would break free of the chains of controlled opposition and speak up.

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  19. Thank you for your support. I no longer follow you because I find your research lacking and I just get aggravated. So I avoid you. For instance, Kary Mullis had some nasty things to say about Montaigne and as far as I’m concerned he lies too damned much.


    And they all lie about the fact that all the shots are harmful–even the people [scientists] I consider friends.
    You just don’t inject these things into little babies.

    Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary

    Click to access 2013excipient-table2.pdf

    I’m scared now–terrified. The CDC head and newspaper writers are whipping the vaccinated crowds into a frenzy against the unvaccinated. Watch them start killing us in our beds. Did you see this video where they force vaccinate the Argentinian?


    ‘This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ CDC director says

    There was a writer for the Boston Globe who is going to get people like me killed.

    “Billionaire adventurers are a good thing,

    the plague of the unvaccinated,

    Cuomo to be questioned, and weekend movies

    By Teresa M. Hanafin, Globe Staff

    I can’t believe I’m writing this, but COVID-19 cases in the US have soared 121 percent in just the past two weeks. Hospitalizations have jumped 26 percent, and deaths are up by 9 percent.

    Infections have more than doubled in 22 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico in 14 days. The counties with the biggest jump in new cases are overwhelmingly in Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia, and Louisiana.

    In fact, cases are on the rise in every single US state. Los Angeles County has reimposed an indoor mask mandate.

    Call it the plague of the unvaccinated.

    Ignorance is going to ruin this country. Look at what so many conservatives believe: The coronavirus vaccine is either harmful, useless, or a government plot to control our bodies; that the 2020 election was rigged and you-know-who actually won; and that the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol actually was more like a stroll in the park. How do we wrest the tinfoil hats off these people?”

    So most of us know it’s the vaccinated that are dying and that isn’t going to matter in the end.

    I did call the paper and express my concern. Then my friend and I left for the rest of the day because she was afraid they might actually come looking for us.

    I’m resigned to the fact that they will finish off what’s left of my sons off and finish off what’s left of me, too.

    So I now spend every day in abject fear.


  20. Thanks for your comment, Joyce. I guess I’m really lucky that we have a strong anti-Covid vax group here in New Plymouth and we give each other a lot of support. Re: your question about conservatives and tinfoil hats – I find it helpful just to try to find common ground among people who oppose the bullshit Covid narrative. For example, I think there probably was election rigging (just like there was in 2000, 2004 and the 2016 and 2020 Democratic primary). If so, I would expect it to take at least 2 years to be fully documented. I personally believe that the Jan 6 riot was organized by FBI agents who infiltrated various pro-Trump groups.


    • I think you’d actually have to be expert in a few things to be able to see just how badly that attitude destroyed us all. Oh boy–did they have us pegged to perfection.

      I take it you didn’t watch the video of the man in Argentina. I don’t think any group at all will stop an assault of numerous people willing to hold you down and give you the shot.

      So I will tell you now–people will jam you to the floor if they have to and hold you down to give you the shot.


  21. Hello, and thank you for the courage you have shown, and the example you set for others–all of us actual targets out here share our admiration for you and your journey. I have written about you at my blog, and hold you out as an example of an actual targeted individual, as opposed to all of those psychobabbling fruitcakes online.

    I want to ask some advice, about a man who is going through gang stalking right now, due to a topic that is not kosher: sex offenders and being targeted.

    I am currently chronicling the way that one man–Richard Moore of Mississippi, is being targeted by “community policing”and actual KKK who work in policing and the community. The cause is “gang stalking”and he is an intergenerational target–his cousin Charles Lee Moore was the civil rights era’s most famous photographer, who had MLK on speed dial.

    To be clear, I do not generally stick up for sex offenders, but I have read his case front to back, charge to appeal, and the whole thing reeks like a frame job. But what I seek in you is your heart–how can such people being targeted mercilessly (as all of us have experienced, they try to kill us, run us off the roads, get us evicted, phony police charges, etc.) survive?

    Unlike yourself, and I, he doesn’t have the means to escape the USA. I am struggling with how to help him, and have hit many roadblocks, not least of which are these very well organized right wing (and co-opted left wing) bullies who do everything in their power to stop causes like his going forwards.

    Currently, he is facing eviction and this well organized mob is even denying him food bank resources.I have seen videos of them shooting guns in front of his house–the police will not take his reports!

    I took up his case because a good journalist, Teri Webster of the Fort Worth Weekly and Dallas Morning News, wrote about his case–she brought him to my attention.

    And what an eye opener–the police/sheriffs in his area act with a type of impunity I have never seen before.

    What to do?!

    Regardless, stay strong, and again–I appreciate your story on every level, as we all do. It resonates as truth to those who know it, and have experienced it first hand.

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    • I think the best way to support your friend Richard Moore is to make sure he doesn’t become socially isolated. It’s good that he gets emotional support from you and hopefully from others. For me what was most important was finding ways I myself could get involved with the community and make important contributions.


      • I appreciate the feedback. And yes, isolation is the enemy. He uses a lot of social media, but even then these mobs get him “shadow banned” and so on.

        They intervene in all of his activities, and destroy any possibility for positive contributions to society.

        It’s really hard to watch, this stuff. I never imagined such monsters easily these community mobs exist!

        Seeing it in action, and the police refusal to prosecute people that he films driving trucks, and shooting in his front yard—even running him off the roads is just stunning.

        I am still at a loss…


        • You make it sound like he’s giving his power away. Other people can’t control our emotions unless we allow them. He needs to decide what he wants to do and just keep doing it. He also needs to get off social media. Social media makes it very difficult for people to maintain a positive self image.


          • Well, he has no power. The guy lives on social security, and mobs actually hunt him down, steal his belongings, home breaking, and so on.

            The community slander campaigns stop him from any kind of employment, the false arrests drain whatever funds he has.

            Where’s the power in that?

            While I agree on social media, that’s all the guy has left. Take that away, and he is not only isolated, but under physical threat- I have seen the guys videos-death threats, and more.

            It’s unreal. The system is just that corrupt—again, all resources in his area are controlled by Baptist church/ Ku Klux Klan. It’s Mississippi!

            They are trying to kill the guy in every way.

            I have written to all of the “good” organizations, and so on, no reply from most. No one will assist these guys….

            But thanks for your advice.

            Best regards,


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