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white bramhall photoDr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee describes how FBI harassment led a 54 year old psychiatrist, single mother activist, to close my 25 year Seattle practice to begin a new life in New Zealand. It begins by describing the fifteen years of covert harassment I experienced when I used my financial and social position, as a doctor, to assist two former Black Panthers who had occupied an abandoned school to transform it into an African American Museum. What began as unrelenting phone harassment and illegal break-ins, progressed to six attempts on my life and an affair with an undercover agent who railroaded me into a psychiatric hospital.

My main motivation for writing the book was the murder of a black postal worker and union activist named Oscar Manassa. The US government comes down hard on dissidents, whistleblowers and activists. As I recount in my memoir, Oscar also experienced extensive covert harassment prior to his brutal murder. Moreover immediately following his death, the US Postal Inspectors (an intelligence arm of the federal government blocked a homicide investigation by seizing the evidence file from the Seattle police.

The whole experience was a personal epiphany, leading to the frightening discovery that the democratic institutions of power have been taken over by an invisible shadow government.

At the beginning of 1987, I was a naïve hard working private psychiatrist concerned with growing joblessness and homelessness in Seattle’s African American community. By the end of the year, I had been intimately acquainted with America’s shadow government and the criminal activities US intelligence is notorious for – illegal narcotics trafficking, arms dealing, money laundering and covert assassinations of foreign and domestic leaders and activists.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFdm6VZHfrA&feature=emb_logo

My personal experiences would eerily foreshadow the burgeoning of the US intelligence state after 9-11. Any activist over fifty will tell you that the US government has targeted dissidents, whistleblowers and activists as far back as World War I with illegal wire taps, surveillance, break-ins, indefinite detention and extrajudicial assassination. Ironically all these previously illegal activities are totally legal under The Patriot act and the National Defense Authorization Act.

The Most Revolutionary Act won a 2011 Allbooks Review Editor’s Choice award.


Dr Bramhall on radio:

  • TheHigherSideChats (June 2020)

Greg and I discuss links between my work with the Seattle African American Museum and Cultural Center and my targeting for harassment and the current US political turmoil. Two hour podcast.


Jim and I discuss the Arab Spring, the recent takeover of the State Capitol in Madison Wisconsin, left gatekeeping foundations, and how the destruction of the middle class will hasten revolutionary change.

Click here to listen (fast forward through music):


We talk about the New Zealand political climate, the 911 Truth Movement and Noam Chomsky’s puzzling stance that there was no US government involvement in either 911 or the JFK assassination. We also discuss the role of insurance lobby and Big Pharma in blocking the establishment of universal single payer health care in the US, as well as Climategate and the BP oil spill. Finally we discuss my involvement with Seattle’s African American Museum and the resulting government harassment that I describe in The Most Revolutionary Act. I talk about the murder of a postal worker named Oscar Manassa and the rip-off of the federal worker compensation program to fund the Contra war against Nicaragua.

Click here to listen (fast forward through music):


E.G. and I talk about my harassment by the FBI and my decision to emigrate to New Zealand. We also discuss the demise of child psychiatry in the US – owing to the unwillingness of private insurance companies to cover mental health services for children and adolescents. And the failure of Obamacare to address this serious issue and the need for the US to create a true national health care system. We finished with a lengthy discussion about bullying, a special interest of mine as a child and adolescent psychiatrist.

(click on link)

Chris and I discuss how I was first targeted, following my decision to support the occupation (of an abandoned school)  that led to the formation of Seattle’s first African American Heritage Museum – as an alternative to the crack cocaine epidemic among the city’s African American teenagers. We also talk about my research into HIV AIDS, my hospitalization and the Veterans Administration psychologist I worked with who also helped GIs illegally stationed in Cambodia in the sixties and seventies (and terrorized into keeping quiet about it).

(click on link  – show is syndicated – fast forward the music to hear interview)

Rob and I discuss the phone harassment, break-ins, attempts to run me down – and my psychiatric hospitalization. We also talk about the political activities that seemed to lead the government to target me – including my research into HIV AIDS – and my inability to get help from the Seattle police. Then we cover the whole area of conspiracies in general, which are more accurately called State Crimes Against Democracy (SCADS)



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  1. Thank you so much for following Tubularsock. I haven’t had time to review your work but what I have seen I like. I only follow those that I can really have the time to read and it looks to me that you’ll be a full time task! Thank you, Tube.

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  2. Hi. I think you left a comment on my blog, and I just want you to know that I lost several comments re. that post. Please feel free – or not – to re-comment, and know that I really appreciate your following and Liking my blog. You have caused me to shift (not change 🙂 my political position on the veracity and function of psychiatry, and I also thank you for that.
    Finally, you have been very brave. I salute you.

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  3. Thank!. I’ll be sure to read it. Don’t worry about searching for your comment.

    Re. psych drugs: yes, they are the evil intersection of profit and behavior control, but this could not have developed without a premise of pathology that is rooted in class, race, and gender bias. When one considers the blatant political basis of, say, the number of Black boys diagnosed with ‘Oppositional Defiance Disorder” (a route straight to Special Ed, crude behavior modification techniques, and prison) or sexually abused girls given the incredibly deadly label of “Borderline Personality Disorder” , the rehabilitation here in the U.S of electroshock therapy, the lack of a proven biological basis of most diagnosis, and the recent utterly ignorant conflation of “crazy” people with mass shootings, it’s clear that the last group to gain a few civil rights in America is going to be the first to lose them.
    Sorry for the rant, and thanks for allowing me to get on my soap box. I’m really glad to hear that things are different on your side of the planet – and that you and your comrades are there in the trenches. You guys are my favorite kind of class traitors: you have the credibility that’s impossible for your corrupt peers and colleagues here in the APA to dismiss (it must really drive them crazy heh heh)

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  4. That would be fantastic Dr. Bramhall, we would publish it immediately.

    Looks like Colorado is a winner, now for the rest of the world. Thank you for your vital work on this, we know what it cost you.

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  5. Dr. Bramhall,
    I’ve just read your article at Dissident Voice – http://dissidentvoice.org/2014/01/population-and-sustainability-addressing-the-taboo/ . In it, you give the USA and New Zealand total fertility rates as 2.6, and the French one as 2.8. But, if you follow your links, you’ll find they are 2.06 and 2.08 respectively. I hope you’ll agree this makes a world of difference in terms of population growth – the actual figures are more or less at replacement level, rather than far above it. Does some of your article need to be rewritten in light of this?

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  6. Just found your site having read your article in Veterans Today, re Syria.
    Just one clarification – the British Government didn’t vote against bombing because they knew about Wesley Clark’s admission: they knew all about the plans for themselves (see ‘Dumas, “Top British Officials Confessed to Syria War Plans Two Years before Arab Spring” – http://nsnbc.me/2013/06/16/dumas-top-british-officials-confessed-to-syria-war-plans-two-years-before-arab-spring/ ) – unfortunately they were up to their necks in it. But for whatever reason, thank God the Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband, fought the rush to bomb (and got a roasting from a lot of the MSM for his brave stand).

    When I have more time, I will put some of your stuff up on our UK 9/11 Forum ( http://www.911forum.org.uk/ ); looks like you’ve made a very good site – keep up the good work. !A Luta Continua! as the Timorese would say (I campaigned for them for years).

    Paul Barbara, London UK

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  7. Hi,
    I have been reading your blog for more than couple of months now and have learned a lot. It is really good and you are maintaining it very well. I would like to submit my post on your blog (as guest post) with my website link. Please let me know if you are accepting guest posts for free of cost and I’m ready to discuss my contents with you, I promise you with unique, quality and 100% plagiarism free content. I am looking forward to get your reply.
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  8. Hello Dr., What an amazing story you have to tell. I look forward to eagerly reading it in its entirety. Thank you for the follow, I hope to inspire as many as you seem to have in your life. Just a brief reading of your posts and your novel subjects, including the one above, and i have been inspired, for lack of a more elaborate term. Thank you and I look forward to reading your posts and books in future.

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  9. Hello Dr. Bramhall — Thanks for following New Earth Paradigm. I’m just beginning to poke around here on your site and finding some very interesting things. I’m going to follow you also. Sounds like you are doing well in New Zealand. My husband and I just came to Morocco in April and are beginning to see the USA from an “outsider” position. I’ll probably be commenting on other posts I read of your shortly. Blessings and appreciation, Alia

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      • I have looked at Ecuador and Iceland, I was somewhat surprised to see a dissident in NZ because they are a member of the “Five Eyes Alliance” with the United States. But upon further examination there are such instances were the other anglophone countries do permit American dissidents. I however am in a position much different than Assange or Snowden, I was targeted because of things I said and complaints I filed. Even though there might be a warrant issued were I to leave the US (because of them forcing me onto probation) I highly doubt they would try to extradite me, because in all honesty they don’t really want me here… they don’t want to punish me, and they’d probably welcome having me out of their hair. Problem is they are trying to make my probation very hard and controlled and I do not want to tolerate it… They are trying to force me to move from NY to TX away from all my family and friends where I have no support. Also to live down in TX which is essentially a fascist state is not something I think would benefit me.

        So I am open to more options because of the fact they probably won’t try to extradite me. I am more concerned about a country willing to accept me based on a political asylum claim.

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  10. I’m lucky to have been granted NZ residency based on a skills shortage (I’m a doctor), so I didn’t have to apply for asylum. I’m a bit skeptical about Iceland owing to their refusal to grant Edward Snowden refugee status. Based on a recent speech Morales gave about human rights, I think Ecuador’s your best bet – unless he’s a total liar and hypocrite: http://onenessofhumanity.wordpress.com/2014/06/25/global-brotherhood-evo-morales/


    • I agree Ecuador seems to be a good bet. Iceland now has some right leaning USA friendly politicians in power but their are still a large number politicians there sympathetic to him, but they don’t want to handle Snowden because he is such a political “hot potato”, I however am not. If the feds found out I left they would probably issue a warrant but I doubt they would try going through the trouble of extradition, because even if they got me back the legal struggle would ensue and it would only draw attention to the fact that they pressured my ex-girlfriend into filing false charges and framed me for 7 felonies just to give me deferred adjudication and 2 years probation.

      I’m no doctor of course, I have a BA in business, and stopped short of finishing my masters in criminal justice. I have 8 years experience in investigations and intelligence work for the state and federal government… apart from private security this usually isn’t a field countries need to import people for. Though I suppose I could look into starting my own business in a place like Ecuador. Thanks for your input.

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  11. Hi Dr. Bramhall, I was co-founder of Friends of the Article V Convention and am still working in that area. I was wondering if we could do an internet segment on my channel, as I feel any discussion of the issue is vitally important at this time. Please let me know if/when this is possible. –John

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  12. Psychiatry uses DSM4 in the way the Holy Inquisition used Maleus Malificorum, according to a European Psychiatrist that I recently found on Youtube. I understand his observation, but friends of mine that work in psychiatry do not. For them it may be harder to understand, because they must make a living from DSM4, Maleus Malificorum, the Holy Inquisition. Nazi’s would also have a hard time to understand that Jews are innocent to the Treaty of Versailles.

    In other words, I was shocked to read your background, after I found this blog in research behind some murders by the Holy Inquisition, that was leaded by the Jesuits since 1542. Psychiatry has not only destroyed several other friends of mine, it is used by the CIA to train murderers and spies using Trauma based mind control, just another word for forced discipline by fear. MK-ultra, Monarch, very well known and published about subjects.

    I don’t judge Miss, I believe the Lord will judge us.
    People do not have the knowledge to judge an one else.
    But I wonder why you may have a interesting articles on murders outside psychiatry, while I see no publications on the horrible corruption that all psychiatry is. If you hadn’t figured that your yet, and your comment above on it hardly covers it, you may be grateful for me explaining it. My background is more like in Theology, and ethics is my approach here.

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  13. Hi Dr. Bramhall, thanks for the “like” and the “follow”. You really didn’t have to, my Blogs are about SEO, no, not the subject SEO but the manipulation of Search Engines. As such, they are just a loose collection of “things” with the occasional article thrown in when I actually have something to say. Your site, on the other hand, is very interesting to me, so thank You for making me aware of it’s existence.

    Greetings from the Netherlands, Onno.

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  14. Lou, I suspect it is. It has troubled me for quite some time that both Duff and Allen constantly use their intelligence “sources” as evidence for their views without ever elaborating (even anonymously) on what that evidence looks like. If they’re that tied in with US intelligence, I think it’s safe to assume that they’re not as independent as they make out.


  15. Dr., this is quite an interesting about, albeit tragic. I’ll review the links as time permits and I look forward to reading your books.


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    • Thanks, Peter. In the late eighties when I first had these experiences, it was my sense that only the most extreme activists were harassed by the government in this way. Following the enactment of the Patriot Act, it seems to have become commonplace. In that way, the US has become like East Germany or the Soviet Union, where government persecution seems to be the default setting.

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    • Interesting article. It seems to assume that people are born with inherent moral rights. My life experience has been that people only have rights under monopoly capitalism if they fight for them.


      • We are all born with equal rights, but our ruling classes are under the misapprehension of a misunderstood (Social) Darwinism: “If you want cake come and get it!” They don’t want any leaders standing on a moral platform, they either kill them (Kennedy) or turn them around (Obama).

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  16. Doc,

    Wow, that is too wild. I hadn’t had the time to really look at your “About” page here. I had come around to thank you for your latest “Likes” to my posts. Sometimes I have a bit of a time finding where to do that at. So, I figured putting it here, you would see it. I read “About” you, and all I can say is WOW! I had wondered why you in New Zeland knew intimately so much about America, you could not have gotten the “intimately” part of the information, never living here. Then I was curious as to why you left. I now know. And it is Wow! That is the only way I can express my surprise.

    Damn I am sorry to hear what you have been through. The powers that be are not what the sleepers tend to think. I hope they awaken soon…

    Thanks for the likes, and I appreciate you all the world more after reading “About” you.


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  17. I’d like to send you an email about something that happened to you back in the states – involving tangentially a project I’m working on. Write me if possible. 🙂 Thanks. Best of luck in any case.

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  18. What an extraordinary and unexpected course your life took. It’s horrifying that these things happen in the USA and, no doubt, it is becoming worse. I’m glad I live in Australia and that you have found a new home in New Zealand.

    Thanks for the follow on my travel blog. I will follow your blog with interest and some trepidation, and share it with anyone I think will be interested. You are doing a great service and providing excellent insight.

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    • Thanks for commenting leggypeggy. The hardest thing for me to get my head around was that the US government was a criminal gang that was secretly assassinating dissidents who opposed them. It was totally contrary to everything I had be taught about US democratic processes.


  19. How heartening to see how many people you have inspired! As a problematic “old-school” mouthy teacher with opinions, I have been pushed out of the inner-city teaching assignment I loved and into a small sort of exile myself. I now sit in my very small apartment and try to write my ever-boiling rebellion into words. You inspire me to believe that I might be heard!

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    • Thanks for your highly flattering comment Ciedie. Your situation sounds very similar to my mother’s. She was also pushed out of an inner city teaching assignment she loved after 17 years of hassles with principals and administrators.


      • When I sat down to start writing about “me” and my own teaching experiences, my motivation turned out to be that I hoped to be speaking not only for me, but for your mother — and for ALL of the so many other women who have been abused by the Public School teaching system. One of my more personally painful book sections was the one I titled “Recycling The Cycle Of Abuse” — it’s about how those who belittle teachers use emotional abuse as a tool to keep them silent.

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  20. Hi Stuart, if you have the time, can you please detail where you find the docs and blogs and books you share and expound on? One writer to another, for the few years I’ve been following you, I’ve always wondered what your “procedures” and go-to sources are. Aloha

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    • Ah–I knew there’d be a link or two to visit–thanks Stuart!

      Everything is going OK; don’t know if you saw/heard, but there is House Resolution 5306 currently with the House Judiciary. It directs the head of the National Archives and Records Administration to go back into congressional records to retrieve all prior state applications for a convention. If this makes it to the floor for a vote and is passed/implemented the Congress will find the call is overdue. This is a different scenario then a few years ago and reports that enough states had applied https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/5306/all-info?resultIndex=1

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